Steroids Effects On The Body - The Positive & Negative

Steroids Effects On The Body – The Positive & Negative

It’s no secret that anabolic steroids effects the body both in a good and a bad way.

Most lifters and athletes have probably considered using them at some point to get an advantage.

We know that:

Steroids are mostly used by bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts because of their anabolic and muscle building properties.

They can help to increase speed, muscle mass, strength and power in a matter of weeks.

Steroids are very powerful and that’s why using them is considered cheating in may sport organisations.

Anabolic steroids, such as dianabol, are not legal in most countries but they are still being used illegally by many people.

Steroids Effects On The Body

In this article we will discuss the effects steroids have on the body.

Both the negative steroids effects and also the positive muscle building effects.

We also have to keep in mind that there are many different kinds of steroids in circulation.

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So some of them might work differently than the most common ones we will cover in this article.

Steroids Effects On The Body

Positive Effects Of Steroids

Steroids Effects On The Body

These steroid effects are responsible for the effectiveness of anabolic steroids and their muscle building properties.

The positive effects of steroids are usually short lived.

Here’s the deal:

They will only last as long as the user is using steroids so they are considered short term steroid effects.

Once users stop using steroids they may not be able to maintain the muscle they built while using steroids.

  • Increases Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis is responsible for replacing damaged proteins with new and stronger ones.

Which means that your body will be able to recover faster and build more muscle in a shorter period of time.

  • Increases Nitrogen Retention

The more nitrogen your body can hold the more muscle it can build.

Steroids boost nitrogen retention and as a result more muscle can be built.

  • More Testosterone

As most of is know, higher testosterone lead to more muscle growth, higher sex drive, speedier recovery after workouts and overall well being.

High testosterone makes the process of building muscle both faster and easier.

  • Enhanced Red cell production

With more red cell production the body gets more oxygen flow.

This is especially beneficial to increase stamina and power during workouts.

  • Reduced recovery times

Steroids reduce recovery times in between workouts , this means steroid users can train more frequently, build muscle faster without feeling fatigued.

Side Effects Of Anabolic Steroids

Steroids Effects On The Body

Even though anabolic steroids sound really good when we only talk about the muscle building effects, they are not as good as you think.

Keep in mind that some of these side effects we are about to discuss can be long term.

Steroids can come with both negative effects and dangerous side effects.

  • Gyno

Many steroid users get man boobs or gyno when using steroids.

This is because steroids can suppress natural testosterone production that can lead to high estrogen levels.

  • Acne

One of the most common side effects from steroid use is acne.

Steroid users are sensitive to acne because the androgenic effects of steroids can cause the sebaceous glands of the skin to produce more oil.

  • Hypertension

Steroids can raise blood pressure and cause hypertension.

Hypertension can be a life threatening condition.

  • Faster Hair loss

Steroids can cause you to lose your hair faster if you were already going to lose it at some point.

They will however not make you lose your hair if you were never going to get bald.

  • Testicular atrophy

When taking anabolic steroid your testosterone production can shut down.

Since testosterone is produced mostly in your testicles they can shrink in size when using steroids.

  • Lower libido

Since steroids are capable of reducing your testosterone production your libido may suffer as well.

Our sex drive depends strongly on testosterone and without testosterone it will be hard to get a hard on.

  • Liver Damage

Some studies show that steroids can have bad effects on liver,  damage it and possibly cause liver cancer.

How To Get The Muscle Building Effects Of Steroids WITHOUT Using Steroids.

Steroids Effects On The Body

As you know by now  the steroids effects can have harmful and dangerous risks involved.

But what if you could get the muscle building effects of steroids without having to worry about the risky part?

Well, you can… The legal steroid alternative industry has evolved fast in the recent decade and a handful of companies now have their hands on legal steroid alternatives that can mimic the effects of steroids WITHOUT the side-effects.

They are very effective, deliver similar muscle building effects as real steroids, 100% legal and safe.

These are the kind of supplement for those who don’t want to risk their health by using steroids but still want to get the muscle building benefits.

They called the supplements closest to steroids

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