Stay Vascular All Day By Using Water the Right Way

Stay Vascular and Shredded Using Water the Right Way

So you want to know how to look more vascular and shredded by using water the right way?

The importance of water to both our body and our planet is a given, so we won’t bore you with a biology lesson on what it is and why everyone (and everything) needs it.

We will take the time to enlighten you on how water can help you to stay vascular all day every day along with some other basic principles that can bring your fitness to the next level.

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stay vascular all day using water

Stay Vascular Using Water

Flush Out Toxins

There’s no protein shake or supplement to replace some of the tasks that water is best at.

One of those tasks is flushing out toxins from your body.

We acquire toxins through the things we eat, the environment we live in and the products we use. It’s normal to have toxins, but there is value to flush out as much as possible.

Water does a great job of removing ketones and nitrogen which ensure your muscles get the protein they need.

Everything Moves Smoothly

Bluntly put – water will help to keep you regular.

Not getting enough water throughout the day will signify to your body that it has to go elsewhere to other organs to get what it needs.

One of the places it will draw from is your colon. When your body draws water from your colon you can find yourself having problems with constipation but also general digestion.

Digestion is key to dispersing nutrients back to your muscles and body after a workout, not hindering this process is extremely important.

To relate back to the first point, being regular also aids in the toxin elimination process.

How Much Water Do You Need?

The Institute of American Medicine did a study in 2013 and found that up to an alarming 75% of Americans are most likely dehydrated.

On a mild level, dehydration can result in headaches, muscle cramps and thirst. On a more severe level, dehydration can be the cause for shock, unconsciousness, dizziness and irritability.

The easy way to make sure you are getting enough is to shoot for half of your body weight in ounces per day (ex. A 200lb man would drink 100 ounces of water).

Remember, coffees, teas and sodas all dehydrate your body even more. Be smart with consumption!

Water Weight

Some fitness buffs shy away from water for the dreaded term of water weight.

It can be easy to skip out on water just to see a lighter number on the scale.

It’s time for a reality check: water will actually help you shed excess water weight! One of the infamous causes for abnormal water retention is a diet that is too rich in sodium. Check the labels of what you eat, as salt is lurking in the most seemingly innocent of items.

Something as simple as a jarred pasta sauce could be packing a salt punch you’d never see coming.

Send Fat Packing

The superhero that is water will also help to metabolize fat within your body.

We don’t give our kidneys enough credit sometimes. They are always working overtime with our liver to filter and metabolize stored fat for energy.

If you don’t help them out and drink enough water, they will simply not work as hard and process less fat.

More fat within your body with the added water weight consequences that can surface from not drinking enough water is going to kill your physique.

Did you know this?

Did you know most guys are not maximising their body’s potential to burn off fat and are losing less fat in their cut because of that?

Some ingredients are proven to help the body burn fat at it’s maximum potential, some fat burning supplements contain these ingredients. – see the ingredients by clicking here

Taking in a fat burning supplement packed with the right ingredients (see the best fat burners here) can help you to look more vascular and lose that unwanted water weight that makes you look fat.

By supplementing with a legit fat burner you can literally feel the fat melt away from your body.

It is probably imaginary but I like the effects these supplements give me and they work right away!

I am more energised, I don’t have those hunger cravings for junk food even though I am on a strict diet, look more vascular and I don’t feel as hungry.

All contributing factors to fat loss.

So I would definitely recommend taking in a fat burning supplement if you are cutting and trying to lose weight and look more vascular.

If you are not cutting or trying to lose weight these supplements are not for you.

Just make sure you use a well researched product that contains scientifically proven ingredients to burn off fat.


If you are not sure which ingredients work you can see the fat burning ingredients that work in our completely free guide here.

Final words:

Drinking enough water will do wonders for your body. For those of you who aren’t used to drinking so much water, do yourself a favor and constantly have some on hand. Even a few sips at a time is helping more water to get into your system. You don’t need to pound it all after one workout to stay vascular all day!

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