Start doing these 3 moves to sculpt your shoulders in the gym

Start doing these 3 moves to sculpt your shoulders in the gym

When you go to the gym a lot, it is easy for your routine to become stale and boring. The key is to ensure that your body is always being shocked and kept guessing.

Shoulders is always a fan favourite day in the gym. However, once you have done enough presses, lateral raises and reverse flyes to last you a lifetime, you will want to start mixing things up.

Here are three less well known exercises that you can use for your shoulder workouts.

Aherns Press

This move originates to way back to the 60s and was always utilised by the reclusive lifter known as Chuck Ahrens. He was known to have the biggest shoulders at the time.

This is a variation on the press, where you press the dumbbells up and out in a V shape instead.

This creates a unique type of stress and really hits the lateral delts well.

Z Press

This exercise originates form the four time winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition, Zydrunas Zavickas which is how you know it’s gonna be a tough one!

The Lithuanian’s most standout lift was the overhead press which he holds the record for. This showcased the pure strength he had in his triceps, core and shoulders.

To perform this exercise, you sit down in order to remove any use of your legs and back when doing it. Therefore, you are completely focusing on your shoulders and the core.

Make sure the legs are kept stretched out with the knees locked and a straight back so you don’t hurt yourself.

The Klokov Press

As one of the strongest people in the world currently, Russian Olympian Dmitry Klokov has amazing technique, strength and intriguing training methods.

The Klokov Press is a key part of his training program. It is a variation of the overhead press, with the press being done while in a squatted position and with a wide grip.

The wider your arms are placed on the bar, the less triceps action there will be. This place more stress son the shoulders.

It is a great exercise for building your lateral delts and upper traps.

You will also be working on your shoulder mobility and strength at the same time.

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