Why It’s Impossible to Spot Reduce Fat

Why It’s Impossible to Spot Reduce Fat

So you want to spot reduce fat?

Generally speaking when guys talk about losing fat they are focused on losing stomach fat.

It’s no surprise given that this type of fat accumulates quickly and is very unsightly and makes it hard to fit into slim-fit clothing. Not to mention having six pack abs is one of the top indicators of having a great physique.

Unfortunately despite most people’s best efforts it’s actually impossible to reduce fat on your stomach specifically. Not difficult, not challenging – just impossible.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should give up your fat-loss pursuit.

You can definitely still get that shredded physique you want – you just can’t choose specifically where to lose the fat from.

Instead, stick to a solid training program and you can gradually lose fat all over your body.

Unfortunately there is a lot of bad information out there convincing people that they don’t need to lose fat all over their bodies, so this article will expose that myth.

See below why it is impossible to spot reduce fat.

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Why It’s Impossible to Spot Reduce Fat

Why It’s Impossible to Spot Reduce Fat

Targeted Fat Loss

If you open up any fitness website, TV infomercial or health magazine there is likely to be some sort of article that claims to reduce fat on the love handles.

There will be a program targeted at tightening up the waistline claiming you can get rid of that fat directly.

We’ve all fallen for this at some point and were all disappointed to see the fat was still there.

Those TV infomercial products that promised to give you six pack abs by simply wearing a belt for 30 minutes each day.

We should have known those products were too good to be true but we are always looking for a shortcut to getting those coveted six pack abs.

Do you know anyone who had any success with a product like that?

We didn’t think so.

How to Lose Fat

As we have discussed it is impossible to spot reduce fat, you can however lose fat all over your body.

In order to lose fat you need to be in a state of calorie deficit for an extended period of time.

That means burning more calories each day than you consume.

You can use cardio to help achieve that deficit but the majority of the work has to come from your diet.

You can do as many crunches and leg raises as you want but that won’t speed up the stomach fat-loss progress.

In fact, you are better off spending that time performing compound free-weight exercises that will boost your testosterone and metabolism making it easier to achieve your calorie deficit.

When you do all those crunches all you are doing is strengthening your abdominal muscles.

The problem with this is that your ab muscles are like any other muscle – they get bigger when you work them.

As a result, you now look like you have a bigger gut because your bigger ab muscles are just pushing the body fat further out.

Stop trying to lose fat on your stomach instead of all over your body.

Design a training and nutrition program that focuses on consuming a calorie deficit while performing compound free-weight exercises.

Over time you will lose fat all over your body including your stomach. It might be frustrating when that stubborn stomach fat is the last bit to disappear but this is simply the reality unless you have amazing genetics.

Why It’s Impossible to Spot Reduce Fat

Do you want to get rid of that stubborn stomach fat faster?

Chances are that you would like to get rid of that last bit of stomach fat faster if you are already going through pain in your cutting.

A great way to help you lose that faster is supplementing with a proven fat burning formula.

You might be asking “Do I need a fat burner to get shredded”?

Absolutely not,

But is it going to help?

Yes, it is going to help you burn off that list bit of fat faster.

These products are designed to help you maximise the fat burning effects in your body.

Those who use a fat burning formula that contains the right ingredients are taking advantage of these benefits.

Burning more calories throughout the day,

Suppressing hunger cravings,

Higher energy levels during workouts

So you will definitely have a slight edge using a fat burning formula in your cutting process.

These products are however no magic pills.

In order to fully take advantage of these products you have to eat healthy and train hard.

These products are NOT for you if you are not already on a good diet and exercising regularly.

You can see in our free guide which ingredients and fat burning formulas work the best.


Remember that the farther you go, the harder it is to lose more fat. Since the stomach fat is the last bit to go you really want to give yourself that edge and use a fat burner to get down into the single-digit bodyfat %.

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