Skinny Guy Became Ripped Without Steroids, Following This Plan:

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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What is up BroScience readers.

This is Charlie one of the founders of BroScience.

I want to share with you how I went from a skinny fat(mostly fat) guy into the most ripped and strong guy in my gym.

Starting at 68kg’s (150lbs) 17 years old,  after 2 years of hard training I went up to 84 kg’s (185lbs) while getting shredded to the bone in the process.

I am actually 25 years now but this time will always have a special place in my heart

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When I started I was a young guy with no real knowledge on training nor nutrition, I was determined to get a shredded fitness model physique.

In this article I will share with you on how I got there with will power and determination.

I did A LOT of cardio

At this time I didn’t have a car so I had to run to the gym while holding my lifting belt.

I always enjoyed this run it mentally prepared me to crush it in the gym.

The distance was about 1,5 km to my gym so I was running 3km every time I went to the gym.

I was lifting almost every day( at least 5 days a week.)

I even did more cardio than just this and I could run 10km’s like it was nothing.

You probably hear all the time that “too much cardio kills gains” this was definitely not the case for me.

I loved running and it did make me feel good.

When you are good at cardio, 3km is nothing, you don’t even feel tired after that so it did not have an impact on my lifting sessions.

Cardio I did in a week:

  • Back an forth to the gym 3km each run about 5 times per week – 15kms in total of a week.
  • 1  other more long distance run about 6km.
  • 1 HIIT cardio session. Sprints for 1 minute, jog for 1 minute did that about 10 times so 20 min in total


Heavy Lifting

I enjoyed strength training.

Improving my PR’s in the bench, deadlift and squat motivated me.

Getting stronger in these exercises was my main goal.

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I deadlifted, squatted and bench pressed every week.

I don’t recall having a “light day” for these exercises I always did the absolute max weight I could perform at 5-8 reps for about 3-5 sets depending on how I felt.

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Doing this type of training made me stronger quick.

When I was 19 years old I deadlifted 485lbs for 2 reps with solid form.

I was shredded to the bone only weighing about 83kg’s (183lbs)

I always started my chest, back and leg days with these exercises (squat,deadlift and bench) after that I did more of a pump work.


Example chest day:

  • 3-5 heavy sets in the bench press
  • 3 sets sets in incline dumbell bench press
  • 3 sets of dips to failure
  • 3 sets of cable crossovers
  • 1 bicep exercise of choice
  • 1 tricep exercise of choice

Example Back day:

  • 3-5  heavy sets in the deadlift
  • 3 sets pullup till failure
  • 3 sets dumbell back rows
  • 4 sets reverse fly light weight till failure
  • 3 sets dumbell back rows

Example Leg Day:

  • 3-5 sets heavy squats
  • 3-4 sets lunges while holding 2 heavy dumbbells to absolute failure
  • 4  pump sets quad extension
  • 4 sets of some kind of a calf exercise

Example Arm Day :

Pretty much did 3 exercises on triceps and 3 exercises on biceps.

I actually wanted huge arms so I trained them separately 2 times per week as well as working them after chest and back workouts.

Focusing more on volume and right form.

I  never tried to lift heavy in the arm workouts I purely focused on pump and good form and they grew like crazy

I started out with small chicken arms.

These were my arms at 18-19 years oldarms-at-18

Shoulder day:

I lifted shoulders heavy but ended up injuring them at an early age due to stupid lifting.

So I kept it light for about 3-4 exercises with good form when I could.

I actually still today can’t train them properly without feeling pain.

So what was my diet like?

Clean, clean and clean.

I seldom ate candy or other unhealthy foods.

Occassionaly I went for a pizza or ice cream but no more than 3 times per month.

I did not had a specific diet plan to follow just purely focused on eating clean protein rich foods.

Example diet day:

  • Breakfast: oats and protein shake.
  • In between meal: High protein yogurt (about 25 grams protein) with no carbs or fats.
  • Lunch: Chicken, veggies and pasta.
  • Pre workout meal: 3-4 pieces of crispbread with peanut butter, a banana and a protein shake.
  • Post workout(dinner): Fish/beef/chicken with rice or potatoes
  • Late night snack: 4-5 Eggs and some almonds

This is an example on how my diet was like. It was not always specifically like this but I definitely aimed to get those or similar meals in.

What Supplements did I use?

I always knew that supplements would not work if my diet was not in check.

I’ve actually never been a huge fan of supplements but there are a few worth mentioning.

  • Whey protein and I liked it a lot because how easy and simple it is to get protein in.
  • Creatine tried it a few times and I could lift with more repetitions when I was on it. I did not like it because I always felt bloated and got disgusting acne when using it.
  • Pre Workout my absolute favorite was Jack3d the old formula it is not available today unfortunately. I think I might have been addicted to it,  it worked like magic.
  • Fat Burner loved it, I’ve always loved fat burners I got more shredded every time I used them. – See fat burner guide here.

Supplements won’t work unless you are actually following a solid routine, I know a lot of guys who bought all the fancy supplements when starting out but never got any real results.

You have to be consistent in your diet and training before even thinking about supplements.

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed my article.

Now go out there and make some gains.

Take care.


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