Skinny Guys Need to Eat These 9 Foods

Skinny Guys Need to Eat These 9 Foods

Are you one of those skinny guys who, no matter how much they eat, never puts on a pound? Also known as hardgainers or ectomorphs, these guys have no trouble staying lean yet struggle to put on mass. Guys like these really need to pay attention to their diets and make sure they are eating the right foods and plenty of them. You see, it doesn’t matter how effective your training program is – if you are a hardgainer you need to shovel down a lot of calories. Check out the list below for the top foods that skinny guys need to eat if they want to get huge.

1 – Ground Beef

The great thing about ground beef is that it is relatively cheap and easy to chew. That means you won’t have to worry about your jaw getting tired from processing all that food. Ground beef also has lots of protein and saturated fat. Now, we know why protein is important but people often overlook saturated fat. It helps boost testosterone levels which means you will have an easier time putting on mass without compromising your cut physique. There are tons of recipes online for ground beef and it pairs well with all kinds of veggies and carb sources. Next time you are at the grocery store make sure you pick some up!

2 – Butter

Wait, what? Butter? Yes, we are serious – but make sure you buy the grass-fed kind. Butter is loaded with helpful saturated fats not to mention it improves the taste of your foods. Next time you are preparing your potatoes, veggies or steak throw in a tablespoon of butter to improve the taste, add in extra calories and boost the fat content.

3 – Steak

Since you are a naturally skinny guy feel free to treat yourself to the fattier cuts of steak, such as ribeye. Don’t fear the red meat – it has valuable saturated fat content and is higher in calories making it easier to hit your daily macro target without feeling full. Steak goes great with veggies and potatoes making it a staple bodybuilding food.

4 – Rice

Hardgainers typically need to consume a lot of carbs in order to gain mass – that’s where rice comes in. It’s cheap, easy to prepare and goes well with just about everything. It’s also easy to chew and process so you won’t get tired eating it. In fact, rice goes well with mixed in ground beef and veggies!

5 – Bacon

Ok, don’t go overboard with this one. If you are a bacon lover feel free to work a few pieces into your diet. It’s a great way to improve the taste of salads or sandwiches and is very high in calories which will help you hit your macros. Make sure you don’t dump out the bacon grease!

6 – Almond Butter

Almond, pecan, peanut and other nut butters are a great source of healthy fats. They are extremely versatile and can be added to oats, a smoothie, or even straight up! If you are a bit short on calories, help yourself to a tablespoon of peanut butter to make up the difference. Just make sure to have the natural kinds that only contain nuts as the ingredient. Many natural food stores have machines that let you make your own butter from raw peanuts.

7 – Take a Testosterone Booster

If you are a skinny guy with very little muscle mass it’s possible you have low testosterone levels.  One of the biggest benefits of having high testosterone levels is the ease with which you put on muscle. Compared to low-t guys, high testosterone men tend to have much more muscular physiques. The reason testosterone boosters are so effective is that they use natural ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone production. As a result, you get faster muscle gain without any of the nasty side-effects. We recommend checking out our dedicated testosterone booster page – click here to learn more about testosterone boosters and to see which products we recommend.

8 – Pasta

Pasta is both calorie-dense and delicious. In other words, it’s exactly what we are looking for in order to put on size. As a hardgainer you need to take in a ton of calories each day and obviously you are going to have a much easier time doing that if the foods you are eating taste good. Pasta is relatively inexpensive and easy to prepare – you can even make a huge pot of it in advance and package it in individual containers for the week. If you get tired of the regular whole-wheat ones try the vegetable pasta or spinach pasta for some variety.

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9 – Smoothies

There’s a reason so many bodybuilders drink one or more smoothies per day – liquid calories are easier to consume. You will have a much easier time hitting your daily calorie target if you are getting your nutrients in liquid form. Just grab a blender, throw in some oats, protein, peanut butter and whole milk – you will have yourself a delicious, calorie-dense meal. Just make sure you don’t eliminate whole foods completely!


Just because you have been skinny all your life doesn’t mean you can’t get big. In addition to lifting heavy with compound exercises make sure you are hitting your daily calorie target. The foods listed above are helpful because they are simple to prepare, relatively inexpensive and easy to consume in low quantities. Now head out to the grocery store and buy these foods!

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