Skinny Gal Rockstar Review – 3 Reasons Why It’s Not Very Effective

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skinny gal rockstar fat burner

Skinny Gal Rockstar did not make to the top list 8 list of fat burners; See complete list here


  • Contains some proven ingredients
  • Reasonably priced
  • Low dosed ingredients
  • Contains a proprietary blend
  • Missing some key ingredients

Who else wants an honest, unbiased Skinny Gal Rockstar review?

Well, you’re in the right place.

This review will give you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

There are lots of Rockstar Skinny Gal reviews that you can read online.

This Skinny Gal Rockstar review is different from the rest.


Because I take a product and inspect it from the view of someone who uses the supplement.

This review looks at the ingredients and breaks them down to see if they are proven to do what they say.

Will they give you that amazing body you’re looking for?

We check out what Skinny Gal Rockstar before and after results people are seeing.

So if you want the real truth about Skinny Gal Rockstar weight loss pills, stick with me.

Let’s get down to business.

Quick Summary of This Skinny Gal Review

skinny gal rockstar review product

Should be spending your hard-earned dollars on Skinny Gal?

Is it going to work and help you burn off that unwanted fat?

This Skinny Gal Rockstar review is going to lift the lid on the product and reveal what’s inside.

We’ll give the ingredients the once-over to check out if they are proven to work as an aid to weight loss.

Is the Rockstar Skinny Gal dosage given to each ingredient enough to get the result you’re looking for?

We’ll be looking at what the reviews say and how it works.

Leaving you with our verdict to the burning question you want to be answered.

How Does It Work?

skinny gal review

So you want to know how Skinny Gal will give you that beach body to turn the heads of all the guys?

Here’s the deal.

It’s made from thermogenic fat burning ingredients.1

Used to supplement your diet, this will aid weight loss.

The ingredients are designed to:

  • Increase in metabolism
  • Increase energy
  • Suppress appetite

Some great claims, right?

All the things you are looking for in a fat burner.

It also claims it will work fast to help you lose that weight.

So if you have a holiday coming up and want the perfect bikini body, maybe this is the one!

But, we observe these claims time and time again with most fat burners on the market.

The official Skinny Gal website claims this is the #1 best selling weight loss product on Amazon.

Can the supplement live up to all these great claims?

Do the ingredients back up the results?

We want more than just words, right?

We want proof from studies that show us the ingredients do work to aid weight loss.

So let’s take a closer peek at the ingredients.

Can they live up to all these claims?


skinny gal rockstar review ingredients

Skinny Gal has an incredible 19 ingredients!

That’s a whopping amount of ingredients, right?

But, it probably means that the dosage of each one is going to be small.

Even though it has some great ingredients, I can’t imagine the supplement will be very effective due to the tiny doses of each one.

But before we write if off we need to take a closer look at the ingredients.

Garcinia Cambogia

This is an ingredient we like and one we definitely like to set eyes on in a fat burner.

A great ingredient for appetite suppression due to the extract  hydroxycitric acid (HCA). 2

The downside is it only contains 40 mg per serving. Such a tiny dose of a great ingredient.

5 htp

Used for sleep problems and depression but also marketed as an appetite suppressant.

As an appetite suppressant studies do show that it has the potential to help with weight loss. 3

The study uses doses of 900 mg a day so the amount in Skinny Gal falls way below this and is unlikely to be effective.

African Mango

This is not an ingredient we like as it has no real effects in helping with weight loss.

Skinny Gal only contains a very small amount though so there is not much of an issue.


This is a great ingredient to help with weight loss and one we like.

Turmeric helps to raise body temperature and speed up metabolism naturally.

Also contains curcumin. Known to reduce metabolic inflammation which is often associated with obesity. 4

White Kidney Bean

Not one of our favorite ingredient for a fat burner.

Studies do show it helps with weight loss when taken with meals containing carbohydrates. 5

Yet, there is no evidence to show the dosage required to achieve significant weight loss.

As Skinny Gal contains such a small amount, it is unlikely to have any great effect in reaching weight loss goals.

Those are some ingredients.

As you can see from the ingredient label, there are many more.

Some good ones like green coffee and cayenne pepper.

It’s also packed with a lot of stimulants too, like:

  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Guarana
  • Green coffee

Good thing they are only in small doses.

You would be awake for weeks with all those stimulants!

So what are we going to get from Skinny Gal that we can’t get from other fat burners?

Let’s break this down and take a closer peek to examine what these ingredients are going to give us.

Ingredients Breakdown

Skinny Gal has some good ingredients which we like to spot in a fat burner.

Are the ingredients going to boost our energy and push us towards that goal?

Will they help us achieve that perfect beach body?

It could increase our energy with all the stimulants, but the doses are low.

So it’s unlikely to have us turning into a beast at the gym.

There’s more.

The supplement has some good ingredients proven to help with weight loss such as:

  • Turmeric
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Green coffee
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Raspberry ketones

But, it also has some good ones missing like:

  • Green tea 6
  • Glucomannan
  • B vitamins
  • Piperine
  • Acai berry

Plus, the dosage of each ingredient is very small.

It also contains a proprietary blend. Which means the label doesn’t give us the individual doses of the ingredients in the blend.

The measurement is just 335 mg per dose!

Compare that to LeanBean which is a top fat burner at 8100 mg per dose.

Easy to see which one will be more effective, right?

Plus LeanBean has all those good ingredients that Skinny Gal has missing.

Let’s not quit on it just yet!

What are the ladies using it saying?

Skinny Gal Rockstar – What Do the Skinny Gal Reviews Say?

skinny gal rockstar review feedback

There are hundreds of Rockstar Skinny Gal pills reviews to look at online.

To find out the truth of what people using Skinny Gal think I trawled my way through them.

Some ladies are leaving great customer reviews.

Get this:

I actually found out that in return for a good review Amazon would send you a free bottle!

Are people giving it a good review because it is a good supplement?

Or are they doing it to get a free bottle?

Let’s inspect some reviews to find out more.

“Been about a month. Really can’t say if these have helped or not. Nothing dramatic and I think the modest weight I have lost is due to other lifestyle changes I have made. With the first bottle I received a notice from the company offering a free bottle stating “no review needed.” Low and behold after emailing them they do require a public review. I did this just to see if they would even send the free pills at this point. They did. The pills have not given me any side effects as far as I can tell, but I don’t think I can justify spending $30 for these. I really did not experience any energy boost either.”


“I Would honestly NOT buy this. Please don’t waste your money. The only reason it has good reviews is because it promises a free bottle in exchange for that review. I thought this was going to be a huge life saver but in my case, it was the opposite! It completely messed with my hormones and I was crying for two days straight for no reason until I stopped taking it. This is just my experience and how it affect my body (because everyone is different) but don’t waste your money.”

Traci Lagein

“These did nothing for me. Did not curb my appetite at all and had no effect for me. I paired these along with my 21 day fix diet and these didn’t help at all.”


“Skinny Gal has helped me curb my snacking and eating huge meals. I get full quicker and am less hungry throughout the day.”

Marie Raber

“I love that this had enough caffeine that I could give up my full pot of coffee and did not give me jitters. Everything else makes me feel as though I will freak out. It did not do much for curving my appetite, but it did give me energy.”


We could go on forever with customer reviews. Those are just a few examples.

As you may notice some are good and some not so good.

Customers also seem to have picked up that good reviews were being given in exchange for a free bottle!

Good reviews may have been given so they can get a free bottle.

That is something we can’t answer.

What we can do is give you our verdict on Skinny Gal Rockstar.

The answer to the question raised at the beginning of this review.

Skinny Gal Rockstar – Does it Work?

skinny gal rockstar review not approved


The bottom line is this.

It has some good ingredients but the dosages are so small it is unlikely they will be effective.

Great ingredients that we like in a fat burner are missing, such as green tea and glucomannan.

Then there is the customer feedback.

The feedback is quite good and Skinny Gal is one of the top-selling weight loss supplements on Amazon.

Yet, the credibility of the reviews is questionable.

Finding out customers will be given a free bottle for a good review really makes you think.

Is it a sincere Skinny Gal Rockstar review?

Or one just done to get the free bottle?

Who knows.

Either way, it definitely puts doubt in my mind about those reviews being sincere.

There are lots of other Rockstar Skinny Gal thermogenic reviews you can read.

Check out if they say anything different from what you found out here.

Ultimately the decision is yours, you now have the information to help you decide.


“Are There Any Skinny Gal Side Effects?”

The ingredient are made of all-natural products so side effects are unlikely. Some users reported having heartburn and some anxiety issues. It is unsure if this was purely related to Skinny Gal.

“Where to Buy Skinny Gal?”

It’s available to buy from the Rockstar Sport Nutrition website or Amazon and other places like eBay.

“How Do I Take Skinny Gal Rockstar?”

The bottle suggests you take one capsule each day before a meal.



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