Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition Review – Does It Work Quickly for Weight Loss? – Side Effects

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hum skinny bird fat burner

Skinny bird did not make it to the top list of fat burners ; See complete list here


  • Contains some proven ingredients
  • No proprietary blend
  • Missing most key fat burning ingredients
  • Low dosed
  • Few ingredients

Before I get down to the serious detail in this Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition Review, I’m going to put something to you:

Dropping that unwanted body fat is a tough task.

You’re with me on that, yeah?

Despite watching the diet, sleeping well and getting exercise the damn stubborn pounds will not shift. It can be really disheartening.

But here’s the good news!

Guys and girls have discovered that by using fat loss pills the weight has literally fallen off! Outfits that had been confined to the back of the wardrobe are now seeing the light of day again, and that body is ready to go out hit the beach!

Life suddenly seems a whole lot better!

But is Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition a supplement that is amongst the best women’s best fat burning pills?

Quick Summary

Broscience Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition Review stomach

Skinny Bird is a weight loss pill created and retailed by Hum Nutrition. They are fairly new to the market and manufacture a variety of female supplements.

Get this.

The guys at Skinny Bird claim that by taking this supplement daily, both weight loss and control is easy!

In this Skinny Bird review, I will look at how this product works, what it contains, and most importantly whether it will drop the pounds!

Does It Work?

Broscience Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition Review pills

First, let me make one thing perfectly clear.

By taking the RIGHT fat burner you will see quicker weight loss and more effective results than through diet and exercise alone. See Top 8 Fat Burners for Women here.

That’s a fact.

But not all fat burners are created equal! The best supplements women’s weight loss are incredible, others are no better than placebos.

Who Is It For?

Specifically, this product is designed for women. Its all-natural vegan formulation is designed to target the female body.

Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition is aimed at women who:

  • Are struggling to drop the belly fat
  • Find controlling those sugar cravings difficult
  • Have hit a plateau in dieting and exercise
  • Want a perfect beach body

These sound familiar, yeah?

Well by taking an effective weight loss supplement these targets can be achieved!

Let’s look a little deeper in this Skinny Bird HUM Nutrition review to see whether it can do it!

How Does It Work?

Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird is designed to target four main areas of weight control, what it calls SMAC (Stress eating, Metabolism, Appetite, and Chromium)

Broscience Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition Review work

Stress eating

It has been proven that stress can cause overindulgence in food. Skinny Bird aims to block cravings. 1


When the metabolic rate is raised, the body requires more fuel to power this energy requirement, which it finds in body fat! 2

Skinny Bird is designed to rev up metabolism and thus burn off the pounds.


How many diets have you started and simply felt darn hungry all the time!

It’s really frustrating!

Skinny Bird claims it can suppress appetite and therefore reduce caloric intake.


By supporting healthy blood sugar levels through chromium supplementation, Skinny Bird is designed as a diet pill to reduce cravings for those sugary snacks.

Which means.

Unessential calories are not piled into your body!


Broscience Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition Review ingredients

Any female fat burner is only as good as it’s ingredients. It can make all the claims, but the formulation has to have scientific facts to back it up.

This is how Skinny Bird performs.

1. Chromium Picolinate

As mentioned earlier in this Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition review, Chromium is known to promote healthy blood sugar levels.

Here’s the science.

Chromium reduces the rate that glucose is released into the blood. This means that a steady flow of this sugar is maintained, avoiding the ‘highs and lows’ that can trigger a sugar craving.3

No cravings = no donuts = less calories!

Chromium is a proven ingredient that you should look for in any serious weight loss supplement, and it’s reassuring to see it here.

2. Caralluma Fimbriata Extract

This Indian plant has been used by tribesmen for centuries to stave off hunger during long hunting trips!

But listen.

Although there is some generic evidence of it being able to reduce appetite and assist in weight loss, in studies it performs no better than a placebo. 4

3. 5-HTP

This natural amino acid (5-Hydroxytryptophan) found in some West African shrubs is claimed to improve mood, reduce stress, and suppress the appetite.

Here’s the deal.

As a mood enhancer, studies have indicated that it might have some limited benefits in boosting serotonin levels. Although it was also indicated that more investigation is required for conclusive proof.5

There’s more.

Although researchers have found a link between 5-HTP and appetite, definite results for actually reducing food intake are still unproven.6

In summary, it lacks any real scientific kudos at all.

4. Green Tea Extract

Broscience Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition Review green

A quality ingredient to have in a weight loss supplement.

Green tea contains caffeine which is proven to send the metabolism into overdrive, leaving you feeling energized and burning those calories! 7


The low dosage of 65 mg in Skinny Bird may not provide much impact. In serious weight loss supplements, the dosage needs to be at least 200 mg for a noticeable effect.

Ingredients Breakdown

With just four components, it’s an underwhelming formulation.

Credit where it is due.

Chromium and green tea are important in any weight loss pill that wishes to be taken seriously. But the lack of any other proven and potent ingredients makes it a weak product.


A real weight loss supplement should contain amazing and powerful extracts such as Garcinia Cambogia, Turmeric, or Glucomannan – all scientifically backed fat burners and appetite suppressants.

HUM Nutrition Skinny Bird Results

As the official Skinny Bird website, unfortunately, has no before and after images, I have researched genuine customer testimonials.

These are the results that girls have been seeing:

“Found myself eating much less and feeling fuller longer. Will continue to use”


“I felt zero effect from taking this.”


Doesn’t do anything. Took it religiously for a month or however long the entire bottle supposed to last. Nothing, nada, zilch.

Astarita Smith

“I fell for it out of desperation, but yeah. Forty smackers down the drain.”

Kelly Aarons

In general, the results from Skinny Bird are around 80% negative, with women seeing no results from the product at all.

Does It Work?

One thing is certain.

Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition is not a product that appears to work for everyone. Whilst there are some women who have sung its praises, the consensus was not strong enough to make this a genuine player.

It’s like this.

When you are paying for a premium-priced fat burner you want guaranteed results.

There’s more.

Just by looking at the ingredients behind this product, it is difficult to see how it could be anything more than just a fairly average blood sugar regulator.

The Bottom Line?

First of all, Skinny Bird did not make our list of the top 8 fat burners on the market for women.

They are genuinely the benchmark for experiencing safe and effective weight loss.

But here’s the key.

The Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition lacks power, punch, and too few proven ingredients.


“Are There Any Skinny Bird Side Effects?”

Broscience Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition Review side effects

As a natural product, Skinny Bird is not a product that comes with any serious health implications.


A few customers have reported side effects including:

  • Headaches
  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach

If you experience any of those I would suggest you cease using the product.

“Where to Buy Skinny Bird?”

Skinny Bird is available on the official Skinny Bird website. It is also possible to find this product for purchase on Sephora.

How Do I Take Skinny Bird by HUM Nutrition?”

Take one capsule, three times a day – thirty minutes before food.

“Skinny Bird vs Ripped Rooster?”

Both of these supplements by Hum Nutrition are designed to assist with weight loss, although they work in different ways.

Skinny Bird claims to work as an appetite suppressant, Ripped Rooster is designed to burn fat and boost metabolism. Neither of them works as a carb blocker.

What’s Better than Skinny Bird?”

The best product I have seen with serious and proven ingredients is Shredfierce.

This supplement really is at the top of the fat burner market.



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