Six Star Testosterone Booster Review - Before After Results

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review – Before After Results

To truly get an idea on how powerful Six Star testosterone booster is we decided to compare it to the best testosterone booster in 2020.

Unfortunately for Six Star it is lacking in many areas compared to Testofierce such as in effectiveness, ingredients and dosage size.

six star testosterone booster
Overall Rating
Overall Rating

Since testosterone boosters are currently the most talked about supplements on the market, it’s the perfect time for this Six Star Testosterone Booster review!

Although, before you get down into the detail, let me put something to you.

We are all aware that, without hard work, there are no results

This is what separates us from the average guy on the street. We are willing to spend time, energy, pain – and indeed money – to get the physique we want. We put in a damn lot of effort, but we usually see results.

But listen up.

Sometimes, despite pushing ourselves to the limit, we hit a plateau. Muscle gains either stop or dramatically slow. We are still putting in the hard work, but seeing no more improvement.

You’re with me on that, yeah?

Well, testosterone boosters can be the answer to this problem!

These supplements have taken guys off the plateau and racing up that mountain to greatness again. Muscle stacks on easily, fat is dropped and strength improves much faster than what can be considered ‘natural’.

But, there’s an issue.

Not wanting to lose out on a buck or two, companies have been knocking out testosterone boosters to service the huge demand. Sadly, the decent testosterone boosters can get lost among the garbage.

So, here’s my deal for you.

This Six Star Testosterone Booster review will give you all the information you need about this T-booster. Is it a keeper, or one to be discarded into the trash?

Let’s see!

Warning! Dear Six Star reader: Click here to see why this booster did NOT make it to the list of Top 5 Test Boosters.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review

Broscience Six Star Testosterone Booster Review bottle

I want to kick off this Six Star Testosterone Booster review with a swift outline of this product.

Six Star is an offshoot of the supplement company, MuscleTech.

Chances are, you already know this firm. They make a fair amount of decent bodybuilding nutrition products.

Let me make this clear.

This is not a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ company. 

These guys have pedigree in the supplements market, so for a start you know you are not going to be totally ripped off.

But, past glories do not mean every supplement is going to be amazing!

Six Star Testosterone Booster is designed with the serious bodybuilder in mind. They claim that this testosterone booster will:

  • Increase testosterone levels within 7 days
  • Improve testosterone to cortisol ratio
  • Enhance training
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Build muscle and drop fat
  • Improve libido
  • Raise muscle tone

Now you know a little more about the product in this Six Star Testosterone Booster review, let’s see who it is designed for.

Who Should Use Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Broscience Six Star Testosterone Booster Review thumbs

Let me guess. you are reading this Six Star Testosterone Booster review as you are considering using a T-booster?

But this product, and testosterone boosters across the board, are not for everyone.

Six Star Testosterone Booster is for guys who:

  • Want athletic performance enhancing stamina
  • Desire larger and firmer muscle tone
  • Require more energy
  • Have low T-levels either through genetics or age
  • Want to increase bedroom libido, performance and satisfaction

There’s probably not one of us who doesn’t dream of most of those! But seriously, testosterone boosters are not for everyone.

Who Should Not Use Six Star Testosterone Booster?

I don’t want to sound negative in this Six Star Testosterone Booster review, but this product is not suitable for every guy.

If you fit into any of the below categories, it’s probably best to give this supplement a miss.

  • Guys under 18 – testosterone boosters are for the big boys!
  • Ladies – there are supplements designed with the female body in mind which will be much more effective
  • Sex machines – if you are constantly wandering around like a dog on heat, you probably have huge T-levels already
  • New guys on the block – if you have just begun your gym journey, learn the techniques and equipment first. Supplementation can wait
  • Sloths – Testosterone boosters are designed for guys who want enhanced results from the hard training they are already putting in. This is not a magic pill. No effort, no rewards.

Hopefully, none of the above apply to you!

So, let’s discover in this Six Star Testosterone Booster review how the damn thing works!

How Does Six Star Testosterone Booster Work?

Broscience Six Star Testosterone Booster Review work

These are the biological processes behind the supplement, according to Six Star themselves.

Boosts Active (Free) Testosterone

Get this fact:

Most of the testosterone in your body is currently unusable.

Let me explain.

About 2% of your total testosterone is available, or ‘free’. It’s sitting there ready to build muscle, increase libido and improve strength.1

The rest?

Around 60% is tied to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and the remainder handcuffed to albumin.

The 60% tied to SHBG is generally kept under lock and key and cannot be utilized by the body.

Six Star Testosterone Booster promises to release this bound testosterone. Raised levels of testosterone mean:

  • Improved muscle protein synthesis – your muscles will rebuild faster and stronger 2
  • Increased libido – as testosterone increases, your desire to hit the bedroom raises too 3
  • Improved nitric oxide production – nitric oxide opens up the blood vessels. This means more oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles. Not only does this help the muscles build, but the increased oxygen improves stamina and reduces lethargy 4 5

Improves Testosterone to Cortisol Ratio

Broscience Six Star Testosterone Booster Review blood

Six Star claim that their testosterone booster ensures cortisol does not become the boss!

Let me explain why this is important.

Cortisol is the hormone which is released when we are under stress. It is the enemy of the bodybuilder.

This hormone has been proven to reduce testosterone levels. Hence it is important to ensure testosterone is always in control in the testosterone/cortisol ratio.6

If cortisol takes hold, it can push the body into a catabolic state.

Which means:

The muscles you worked so hard to build will begin to break down! 7

In summary:

Six Star Testosterone Booster aims to raise T-levels and keep cortisol in check.

Let’s see what the formulation contains to achieve these claims.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Broscience Six Star Testosterone Booster Review ingredients

Want to see the ingredients that actually work? Visit our ultimate guide to Test Boosters here.

A Six Star Testosterone Booster review would be worthless without a serious look at the ingredients behind the product.

Something I noticed straight away:

This product only has 4 ingredients. That is a very low count for any testosterone booster. But, if they are all powerful and proven T-boosters, it could still be a winning formula.

Here we go with the detail:


It’s no surprise what I am going to begin with!

Calcium is essential for strong bones. If you are seriously into lifting the heavy iron, you don’t want those arms giving way! 8

There has been some research that calcium can improve testosterone production in rats. In humans, there is little evidence that it has any effect.9

But get this:

Some studies have shown that calcium supplementation can increase levels of cortisol. This is the exact opposite of what Six Star Testosterone Booster aims to achieve!

And a final fact.

Nothing to do with T-boosters, but I think it’s interesting. Calcium is the most abundant metal in the human body! Amaze your friends with that one over a couple of cold ones!


Broscience Six Star Testosterone Booster Review rhodiola

A herb which has been proven to increase endurance. By improving oxygen uptake, it enables more O2 to be utilized by the muscles and improve stamina.10

But a couple of provisos to take into account:

  • The guys showing improved endurance in this trial consumed 1080 mg per day – Six Star Testosterone Booster contains 386 mg
  • The study also checked cortisol/testosterone ratios and reported no improvement at all

Ginkgo Biloba

Popular in Chinese medicine, this herb has been shown to improve blood circulation.11

In doing so, it could improve energy and stamina and also lead to some impressive erections.

Although some bad news:

Studies show that, despite traditional claims, this herb has no effect on testosterone levels.12

Boron Citrate

When researching for this Six Star Testosterone Booster review, one thing stood out.

The marketing makes a great deal of its ‘massive 100 mg Boron Citrate’ ingredient.

Let me put this into perspective:

Be careful when checking ingredients for boron. It is the ‘active boron’ level you should be looking for, in this case, 5mg. That’s the element that will make this difference.

Anyway, some good news!

Finally in this supplement, a real T-booster! Boron has been scientifically proven to raise free levels of testosterone in the human body!

It is a genuine ingredient that should be in any testosterone booster you buy! 13

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients Breakdown

Broscience Six Star Testosterone Booster Review mix

When looking at the ingredients in this Six Star Testosterone Booster review, we really need to ask one simple question:

Do the ingredients stack up to a powerful T-boosting formula?

To make this easier, I have compiled a checklist below. These are the ingredients that you should look for in a really serious testosterone booster.

I have indicated how Six Star Testosterone Booster performs:

  • ✘D-aspartic acid
  • ✘Vitamin D-3
  • ✘Fenugreek
  • ✘Zinc
  • ✘Vitamin B6
  • ✘Vitamin B2
  • ✘Vitamin B5
  • ✘Selenium
  • ✘Ginseng
  • ✓Boron
  • ✘Bioperine

With just one tried and tested testosterone booster in the formulation, it’s a rather weak supplement.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Broscience Six Star Testosterone Booster Review side effects

I searched testimonials, including forums and the Six Star Testosterone Booster reddit, to see if I could locate any side effects.

To be honest, there were few reported. Although I did find some complaints of guys suffering from:

  • Migraine
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia

In general terms, as it is a 100% natural product, there are no reasons to believe it would have any serious health implications.

In short, the Six Star Testosterone Booster Elite Series side effects are negligible.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Before After Results

According to the claims made by Six Star Testosterone Booster, results which should be expected are:

  • Improved muscle gain
  • Raised fat loss
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved performance

Here is what guys have been saying about this supplement:

“It is not expensive and it works

Wing Lai

it does work. I am a living witness”

Mark E. Martin

“With this test booster, I was able to maintain pumps, shredded appearance, and vascularity

Jeremy J

“It does nothing to me. It doesn’t even improve my energy level.”

Devin Griffin

“I didn’t notice any benefits in workout recovery”

Mato Ska

It did nothing for me – and a waste of money”


Where to Buy Six Star Testosterone Booster?

After reading this Six Star Testosterone Booster review, are you still interested in buying this supplement? If so, I have detailed below where it is available.

First, you can buy it direct from the official Six Star website.

There is also a Six Star Testosterone Booster Walmart page.Additionally, it can be purchased from Walgreens, Amazon and eBay.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

Broscience Six Star Testosterone Booster Review not approved


Our #1 recommendation is TestoGen. Click here to read our TestoGen Review

If you recall the beginning of this Six Star Testosterone Booster review, I said we would investigate whether this was a keeper or to be resigned to the trash can.

Well, trash is probably too harsh.

I’ll tell you why.

This T-booster does contain Boron, a proven and effective testosterone boosting ingredient. That’s great to see.

There’s more.

Six Star, for a theoretical testosterone booster, is cheap.

But, they are the only Six Star Testosterone Booster benefits.

Listen to this:

I wouldn’t call Six Star a real testosterone booster. It’s basically a boron supplement. The other ingredients have little to no effect on testosterone at all. And I could see no evidence of any cortisol reducing effects.

You can buy boron supplements cheaper than Six Star.

Here’s the bottom line.

There are some powerful T-boosters on the market, with the same 5 mg boron level as Six Star Testosterone Booster. But, they are also packed full of other proven T-boosting ingredients!

Even if you bought Six Star testosterone booster, for real results you would need to take other supplements in addition!

That’s complicated and expensive!

My advice:

Look for a testosterone booster which contains the powerful ingredients I listed above, and you will reap those rewards fast!

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review FAQ

“How to Take Six Star Testosterone Booster?”

Take 2 capsules with a glass of water twice daily.

“How Much Does Six Star Testosterone Booster Cost?”

One bottle (60 capsules) costs $12.99.

“Is Six Star Testosterone Booster Safe?”

I searched for Six Star Testosterone Booster reviews side effects and found a few reported. These included headaches and stomach upsets. With a natural formulation, it is unlikely to cause any serious adverse health issues.

“Where Can You Buy Six Star Testosterone Booster?”

Six Star Testosterone Booster is available on the official Six Star website.

There is also a Six Star Testosterone Booster Amazon page, and it is available from eBay, Walmart and Walgreens.

“Does Six Star Testosterone Booster Really Work?”

For this Six Star Testosterone Booster Elite Series review, I researched customer testimonials. Some guys have reported results, many more have seen no effect at all.

Only one ingredient – boron – is proven to boost testosterone.

“Does Six Star Testosterone Booster Have Estrogen Blocker?”

In examining the ingredients, it appears there are no estrogen blockers.

“Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

There is no money back guarantee. Although you can receive a full refund if you return the product unopened.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Six Star Testosterone Booster Before Seeing Results?”

Six Star Testosterone Booster claim improvements in T-levels after 7 days. Some guys have reported energy gains in this time, other guys have taken it for 6 weeks and seen no results at all.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

Six Star Testosterone Booster do ship worldwide.



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