Is Simeon Panda A Natural Bodybuilder or Using Steroids?

Simeon Panda Is The Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

Simeon Panda the british competitive bodybuilder has an amazing physique and has almost 7 million followers on instagram.

Simeon has been involved in the fitness industry for a long time.

With a massive Youtube channel Simeon Panda has shared his workout and diet advice to over 2 million subscribers.

Simeon Panda Stats:

Simeon is 34 years old, 230 lbs (105 kg) and 6’1 (185 cm)

He is probably under 8% bodyfat and pretty much stays lean all year around.

Simeon has amazing proportions huge arms, chest and back, slim waist and big legs.

Is Simeon Panda A Natural Bodybuilder?

Simeon has always claimed being a natural bodybuilder and that hasn’t changed. Even in his bio on instagram he claims being a natural bodybuilder.

He has gone through a polygraph and drug test to claim his natty status.

He even posted a video of himself going through a polygraph and drug test, many people do not believe that he could have such a massive and shredded physique without the help of performance enhancing drugs.

Greg Doucette has made a video over this controversy and he says Simeon Panda is lying about being a natural bodybuilder.

However, Simeon Panda has always denied having used any type of steroids, he has been firm on that for years.

There is no proof that Simeon Panda uses steroids, you cannot prove it but many experts in the fitness industry strongly believe he cannot be natural.

Simeon isn’t a monster bodybuilder he is very big but not crazy big.

We wonder if it is in fact possible to achieve a physique like he has without any performance enhancing drugs, compete in shows and doing well like he has for the last few years.

With bodybuilders such as Calum Von Moger coming forward and admitting to using steroids, who arguably look similar to Simeon Panda is it really possible for him to be natty?

Well no one has proof that he is not natural but if he is in fact using steroids he is a controversial liar.

Maby it is too late for him to come out of the steroid closet as there are multiple videos of him saying he is natural even on life TV.

If Simeon Panda would now come and say that he has used steroids how could you believe anything he says?

He has denied these accusations for years and maby it is just too late for him to admitting that he used drugs.

One thing is for sure, Simeon Panda has worked has for his physique and he looks great regardless if he is natural or not.

The thing is that many young people look up to him and believe what he says.

If he is lying about his natty status he is selling a fantasy dream to a lot of young men out there that believe that they can look like him without steroids.

However if he is not lying about his natty status he is simply proving that the human potential is greater than we thought.

You can check Simeon Panda out on his instagram and youtube channel:

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