Signs Of Low Testosterone in Men - Treatments and Supplements

Signs Of Low Testosterone in Men – Treatments and Supplements

Looking for signs of low testosterone is vitally important, and in this article I will make clear why.

But first, listen to this.

Being a modern 21st century guy is not that easy. We want to look amazing, have the physique of a Greek god, and possess the energy to both work and play hard.

It’s tough, yeah?

OK, life and the pressures it brings takes its toll. We might be hitting the gym to try and get ourselves physically fit. But in general we are simply not the person we want to be.

Our energy is flagging, our sex-drive may be dropping, the confidence we once had is diminishing and our bodies seem to be carrying more fat than they were a few years ago.

You know what I mean, right?

Many of these factors can be down to one essential hormone – testosterone. If it drops, our manhood starts slowly ebbing away.

But don’t get too disheartened!

Broscience Signs Of Low Testosterone muscle

Keeping check on your testosterone levels (T-levels) isn’t difficult! Guys who have grabbed testosterone by the horns and taken control have seen their lives turn around!

Muscle increases, fat drops off, energy goes through the roof and the general lust and desire for life goes stratospheric. It’s that simple!

Here’s the deal.

In this signs of low testosterone article, I will spell it all out. I’ll explain what this important hormone does, the effects and symptoms of having both low and high T-levels, and how to treat low testosterone. 

What’s more, it can all be done naturally!

What Is Testosterone?

When talking about the signs of low testosterone, it’s important to briefly understand what this hormone is.

Here we go.

The majority of your testosterone is produced by the leydig cells in your balls. 1

This incredibly important hormone is mainly responsible for:

  • The development of your downstairs equipment during puberty. 2
  • ‘Manly’ characteristics – deep voice, facial hair etc.3 4
  • Muscle growth, gain and retention. 5
  • Maintaining a healthy libido. 6
  • Preventing abdominal fat storage and assisting in lipolysis (fat breakdown). 7
  • The creation of fertile and healthy sperm. 8

Looking at the above illustrates why this hormone is important to us guys. It’s simply what makes us into men!

Testosterone makes that muscle mass possible, gives us a hirsute look and drives us to get between the sheets as often as possible.

But that only happens when our T-levels are at optimum!

Here’s comes the issue guys.

Testosterone Declines With Age

signs of low testosterone

None of us exist in a vacuum.

We are all aware that as we become older, our bodies are not quite as efficient as they used to be. Like an automobile, things gradually show signs of wear and tear.

But here’s a scary fact.

Dropping testosterone levels is not just a problem for guys in their 40’s and 50’s. As soon as you reach the age of 20, those T-levels are already beginning to decline.

Seriously. It’s like this.

When you are going through your teens, your body absolutely requires testosterone. All those physical, especially sexual, changes require this hormone to literally be oozing through your bloodstream.

Here it is in number context.

During teenage years, typically you can be hitting around 1200 ng/dl (nanogram/decilitre) of testosterone. That’s some serious hormone bro’! But that’s the peak. Hit 20 and it’s a different story – it just plummets.

Ten years later, your T-levels (if you are lucky), could be around 700 ng/dl. A further ten years when you are 40 years old, you could be down to 500 ng/dl.

That’s a 50% drop!

Believe it or not, these are best case scenarios!

Let me explain.

It’s not just age that determines our T-levels. It can be affected by:

  • Diet – Eating unhealthy food has been shown to reduce testosterone, especially processed meat. 9
  • Alcohol – Having a drink with your bros is a great way to let off some steam, but don’t overdo it! Studies have shown that even moderate alcohol consumption can reduce testosterone by 7%! 10
  • Stress – In today’s busy world, it’s difficult to avoid at least some stress. But this can have more implications that just your blood pressure. Stress can release cortisol which acts as a testosterone destroyer. 11
  • Genetics – Some guys are born with black hair. Others blonde. In the same way, some lucky men have bucket loads of testosterone, others have little at all. Blame your parents! 12

Here’s the key.

Whether through any of the above lifestyle choices, or just through genetics, low testosterone in 20s is a common phenomenon.

If this happens, it can put a real downer on your life.

But how do you know if your T-levels are low?

Signs of Low Testosterone

signs of low testosterone

Sometimes the signs of low testosterone are subtle, other times they can be quite significant. You don’t always need to have a testosterone level test to see if your T-levels are sub-optimum!

Here are the some of the symptoms that you should be looking out for:

Reduced Semen Volume

The next time you ejaculate, have a look at that semen. Seriously. If you notice that the amount of your man juice isn’t as plentiful as it used to be, you could be suffering from low T-levels.

Testosterone is responsible for this volume, the more T you have, the more you ejaculate.13


If you find that your general day to day energy levels have plummeted, or you’re finding it difficult to stir up the enthusiasm to hit the gym, this can mean low T-levels.

OK, we all feel a little idle from time to time. But if this is a common occurrence, it’s time to address the testosterone.

Testosterone increases vitality, energy and stamina.

Decreasing Muscle Mass

Just as testosterone helps to build muscle, dropping levels of this hormone can result in muscle size declining.

Usually it is first noticed in the upper arms and shoulders, so keep them in check!

Drop in Libido

One of the first signs of low T-levels is a drop in libido. If you were once up for bedroom action all the time, but now find yourself rather watching TV or reading a book, it could be time to get the testosterone sorted!

Not only will you get the benefit, but your partner too!

Increasing Body Fat

Many guys put that middle-age weight gain down to simply getting older!

But in most cases it is due to their testosterone levels falling.  If your lifestyle, diet and exercise remain the same, but still you are putting on the belly fat – that’s one of the signs of low testosterone.


It’s a bad cycle.

Low testosterone reduces your mood and general outlook on life, which can eventually leads to depression.

There’s more.

Depression then also reduces testosterone production, so the cycle continues. Feeling down may not be due to your job and life stresses, it could be the testosterone.

Feminine Traits

The appearance of belly fat  and gynecomastia (man-boobs) is one of the main signs of low testosterone.

As testosterone falls, the hormone balance with estrogen (the female sex hormone) changes. With estrogen taking the lead, breast tissue can start to develop. 14

Erectile Dysfunction

If that once rock-hard boner is not standing as proud as it used to, testosterone levels could be low.

When you become aroused, testosterone stimulates nitric oxide production, which in turn opens the blood vessels and allows that erection to become a mighty tower of strength!

Testosterone is essential for an impressive hard-on.15

Reduction in Bone Density

Guys with low T-levels experience a reduction in bone mass.

It’s quite difficult to spot, but if you are doing sport/exercise and find that you get a fracture easily, or those bones are aching more than usual,  this could be down to low T-levels.16

Difficulty Building Muscle

Without testosterone, muscle cannot build.

If you are hitting the gym like a monster, knocking back the protein and still the muscle will not grow – that could be low testosterone.17

Let me be clear.

The above are signs of low testosterone in 20s through to 60 years of age.

It can happen to us guys at any stage of our lives.

High Testosterone Symptoms

Broscience Signs Of Low Testosterone high

Since we have looked at the signs of low testosterone, naturally we have to look at the other end of the spectrum!

Guys lucky enough to have high testosterone symptoms experience:

  • The ability to gain muscle fast – testosterone powers protein synthesis which builds muscle
  • Impressive strength and power 18
  • High energy levels 19
  • Massive sex-drive
  • Firm and long-lasting erections
  • Low body fat

These are all traits we are looking for, it will be like reliving those teenage years!

But just one quick word of caution.

Through some extremely potent and invasive testosterone treatments (more on that soon), testosterone levels can be pushed unnaturally high.

Whilst rare, this can cause:

  • Acne
  • Shrinking testicles
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Sleep disturbances

So, let’s see how guys are getting those signs of low testosterone sorted!

Low Testosterone Medication, Supplements and Treatments

Broscience Signs Of Low Testosterone supplements

When it comes to addressing signs of low testosterone, historically there was only one low testosterone medication available – testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

In essence, TRT is very simple. Testosterone is low, so what do you do? Directly put testosterone back into the body!

This procedure usually involves testosterone entering the body through injections, skin pellets or creams. This method has become increasingly popular with some guys seeing it as a way to prevent the signs of aging.

But there’s an issue.

Overwhelming the body in this unnatural way with bucket loads of testosterone does come with some side-effects, including:

  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Raised likelihood of heart disease
  • Increased chance of prostate cancer

The risks associated with TRT are so serious, the FDA has undertaken a study to investigate the dangers of this invasive treatment.20

But this is unsurprising.

For many years, some bodybuilders have been using steroid testosterone injections such as Sustanon to aid with muscle gain. Long before the FDA committed to undertake this study into TRT, the serious side-effects of Sustanon were well known.21

And there is a further issue.

Directly injecting testosterone affects the body’s natural ability to produce this hormone.

Let me explain.

TRT will cause those T-levels to spike. That’s a fact. But just like smoking cigarettes, your body becomes addicted and relies on this testosterone hit.

With all that foreign testosterone surging through your veins, the body reduces its own testosterone output. It makes sense. Why should it work hard to create the hormone when it is already in the system!

Then one day, you stop the TRT.

Naturally your T-levels drop again as there is no hormone injection. But then it becomes worse. Your body has become so used to not producing testosterone, that it doesn’t kick start again!

Your T-levels will be lower than before you started the TRT.

TRT is fine (well apart from the side-effects) for the time you are using it. If you stop, your testosterone drops again. You are basically addicted to TRT.

But it’s not all bad news!

Firstly, a few lifestyle changes can give those testosterone levels a little boost, such as:

  • Eating healthily
  • Ensuring plenty of sleep
  • Exercising – especially resistance training
  • Avoiding stress

Just following the above steps will give those T-levels a little help.

But, if you are looking at making those signs of low testosterone a thing of the past, skyrocketing those T-levels and want a solution with no side-effects, testosterone boosters are the simple answer.

They are a natural low testosterone treatment!

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are the most sensible and effective way to alleviate signs of low testosterone.

Here’s the deal.

T-boosters are natural supplements which encourage the body to produce more testosterone. By using both safe and scientifically proven ingredients, these amazing products push testosterone production into overdrive.

Usually all it takes is a couple of pills per day, and then let the body do the rest! There are no side-effects!

Let me make this clear.

You are not injecting testosterone directly into the body, as you would when taking steroids or testosterone replacement therapy.

Instead, the well-researched natural ingredients stimulate the body into creating more of this vital hormone.

#1 Top rated Test Booster: Testogen

low testosterone supplements

The reason why Testogen is so popular is that it contains scientifically proven ingredients in generous dosages (read our full testogen review here)

There’s more.

As your body is making the testosterone, you are not taking away its ability to produce it!

A reliance on TRT or steroids basically wrecks the body’s testosterone producing function. With T-boosters you are encouraging it to work more!

Here’s the bottom line.

If you are suffering from signs of low testosterone, get yourself proven T-boosting low testosterone supplements. You will be back to your manly best in no time at all!



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