Shredz Test Max Review – Does This Testosterone Booster Work?

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shredz test max

Shredz Test Max did not make it to the top 10 list of testosterone boosters; See complete list here


  • Contains a good dose of Fenugreek and Zinc
  • No proprietary blend
  • Missing most key ingredients
  • Doesn’t have the complete ZMA blend
  • Quite pricey considering quality
  • Many unnecessary ingredients

From the popular company Shredz, which has spokesmodels that there’s no question you’d kill to look like, you now can get Shredz Test Max, their natural testosterone booster designed to help get you lean, mean, and strong.

But is it all hype?

That’s why we did this Shredz Test Max review, to really find out whether it works or whether it’s a scam.

This natural testosterone booster attempts to help you increase lean muscle mass, enhance natural strength, lower your body fat, increase your libido, improve physical performance, and get you feeling like the man you used to feel like.

How does it stack up?

Let’s put Shredz Test Max under the microscope.

Note: this product was renamed and the formula changed slightly. Now it’s called Shredz Test Max we updated this review in 2020 with the current formula.


Shredz test max ingredients

Shredz Test Max contains 6 different ingredients and let’s see if they contain any of the top testosterone boosting ingredients to look for in a product like this.

  • X symbolD-Aspartic Acid
  • Check mark symbolZinc
  • X symbolVitamin B6
  • X symbolVitamin D-3
  • X symbolMagnesium
  • Check mark symbolFenugreek
  • X symbolAshwagandha
  • X symbolBoron
  • X symbolVitamin K-1
  • X symbolGinseng

It’s missing most of the key ingredients to look for in a testosterone booster.

On the bright side Test Max actually contains a good dosage of both Fenugreek and Zinc.

Overall this formula is lacking severely and missing too many ingredients to be taken seriously.

Ingredients Breakdown

Sadly, studies have shown that maca root has no impact[1] on circulating testosterone levels in men, but on the plus side, it can help to boost sexual performance.[2]

If that is an issue for you, this product can help.

There is some evidence that maca root may help elevate testosterone levels in those how are already low in numbers. Will it boost you if you’re normal? That isn’t quite clear but evidence points to no.

In other good news, Tongkat ali[3] can help to lower cortisol levels in the body, which puts you in a catabolic state, so this could prove to be beneficial in terms of increasing your overall rate of muscle building.

The one ingredient in this product that may prove beneficial for enhancing testosterone is fenugreek[4], with studies showing mild elevations in testosterone levels I men who are suffering from already low levels.

There are mixed reviews of this however, so note that any benefit you are likely to see will be minimal.[5]

We came to the conclusion when researching this Shredz Testosterone that it only contains a few of the world’s best testosterone boosting ingredients.

See our favorite testosterone boosters here


  • Can help to elevate natural energy levels
  • May help to increase sexual performance and stamina
  • Could help increase muscular performance and endurance
  • Should increase your natural libido level
  • The product contains all-natural ingredients, so the risk of side effects is quite low


  • The product is expensive and without the complete ZMA combination, one could question whether you will need to add additional supplements to it.
  • Those seeking large amounts of lean muscle mass results will likely be disappointed when it doesn’t deliver.
  • Contains a few of the best testosterone boosting ingredients available on the market right now.
  • It’s a bit pricy considering the product you are getting.
  • It does not come with a money-back guarantee.

The Verdict

Overall, this product seems pretty weak compared to many other testosterone boosters out on the market.

While it is good that it does contain all-natural ingredients, the problem is some key ingredients are missing.

One thing that is interesting about Shredz Testosterone is that it includes zinc, but does not include the other two nutrients that make up the effective ZMA combination, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

It’s this powerful formula that has been shown to help elevate testosterone levels, improve sleep quality, and enhance performance, so consider many other products do contain this combination, you may be better off looking to those.

Or, consider adding some magnesium along with vitamin B6 to this formula.

Unfortunately though, this is easier said than done as for optimal effectiveness, you’ll want to get a specific ratio of ZMA, which includes 6 mg of vitamin B6, 30 mg of zinc, along with 15 mg of magnesium.

It’s also quite apparent that the ingredients found in this product are more aimed at increasing libido levels than enhancing testosterone release, so that’s yet another big issue that users are likely to find.

With the high price tag, it’s likely not worth it if muscle mass progress is what you are after.

With that being said, we believe that there are better options available out there. See our top 10 list for testosterone boosters.


Q: Where To Buy Shredz Testosterone by Shredz

You can purchase Shredz Testosterone at GNC or directly from the Shredz website.

You’ll pay around $75 per 90 capsule bottle, making it a relatively high price point product.

This 90 capsules should last you for about one month, making it over $2 a day to use.

Q: Does Shredz Testosterone by Shredz Come With Side Effects?

Because this product does contain a natural assortment of herbs and minerals, you shouldn’t come into too many issues related to side effects.

Some men using this product may experience increased levels of aggression as they notice their testosterone levels changing, but generally speaking, it’s not something that will likely be uncontrollable by any means.

Q: How Do I Take Shredz Testosterone by Shredz?

For best results with this product, you are to take one capsule, three times per day, spread out evenly over the day.

No mention is made of taking it with or without food, so it appears that you should be able to take it whenever it’s convenient for you.

Q: Does it come with a money-back guarantee?

Many testosterone supplements on the market today come with a money-back guarantee.

What that means is if you are not satisfied with the results you got from the product you can return it and get your money back.

Testosterone by Shredz does not come with a money-back guarantee, all packaging must be unopened and in the original packaging to return it within 14 days of delivery.

Q: Is it the best testosterone booster on the market?

The product only contains a few of the best ingredients that boost testosterone levels.

We believe there are other options available that deliver better results.

That’s why would not consider it to our list of the top 10 testosterone boosters on the market.


Gonzales, G. F., et al. “Effect of Lepidium meyenii (MACA) on sexual desire and its absent relationship with serum testosterone levels in adult healthy men.” andrologia 34.6 (2002): 367-372.

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