Shredz Burner Max For Women Review – Does This Fat Burner Work For Weight Loss?

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Fact Checked

shredz burner max

Shredz Burner did not make it to the top list of fat burners: See the complete list here


  • Contains some proven ingredients
  • No proprietary blend
  • Low dosed formula
  • Missing many important ingredients
  • Not cheap

There’s been quite a lot of buzz recently around Shredz Burner Max for Women, but does this female fat burner stand up to serious scrutiny?

Soon you will discover the truth!

I know you’re keen to get down to detail, but first, let me say this:

Getting the awesomely toned body we want is darn hard work.

I know that you agree!

You’ve planned the diet, boosted your exercise levels, and been knocking back the shakes – all in order to obtain the beach body that you deserve.

But often the weight loss either doesn’t come fast enough or you hit a fat shedding plateau.

It’s frustrating, to say the least.

Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret.

It turns out, women using proven fat burners have seen their weight fall faster than they could have possibly imagined!

Warning! Dear Shredz reader: Click here to see why this fat burner did NOT make it to the list of Top 5 Fat Burners For Women

They have seen serious pounds shed in the first few weeks, energy has hit a whole new level and, finally, they are turning their figure into a serious state of gorgeousness!

It’s what we all want!

But a brief word of caution:

Not all the purported ‘fat burners’ fulfill their claims.

Is Shredz Burner Max for Women one of the best fat burners for women?

Well listen up:

In this Shredz Burner, Max Made for Women review, I will give you all the information you need.

You will discover how it functions, what its formula contains and answer the most important question of all – does it work?

Let’s get down to business!

Quick Summary

shredz burner max for women

So what’s the story behind this fat burner?

Well, Shredz Burner Max for women is marketed and manufactured by Shredz Supplements LLC, based in New Jersey, USA.

Get this:

This company makes a variety of nutritional based supplements for guys and girls, designed to help with weight loss and gym performance – including Shredz fat burner for him.

What’s more, they also offer workout plans, including the Shredz 30 day challenge.

Some reviews for these alternative supplements are ok, others, not so good.

Shredz Supplements LLC has been around for the last 6 years, and was built from the ground up by Arvin Lal.

But the actual product itself?

Shredz Burner Max for Women is a step up from their other female weight loss pill, Shredz Burner.

The difference lies, according to the official website, in that Shredz Burner Max for Women contains two clinically tested weight loss ingredients.

These pills have been specifically designed for women looking to lose weight. They claim it will:

  • Increase weight loss
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve workouts
  • Help you lose 2 pounds every week for 10 weeks

Those are the kind of results we want, right?

Well, stick with me and see if this is one of the best workout supplements for women.

Does It Work?

I’m going to give it to you straight!

The best fat burners on the market really do work! They are not scams!

The serious players contain scientifically researched ingredients that are proven to boost fat loss. These supplements can help you reach your weight loss goals, without any adverse health effects.

Here’s the truth:

By taking the RIGHT fat burner you will see quicker weight loss and more effective results. See Top Fat Burners for Women here.

The question is, will Shredz Burner Max for women have the power to seriously get those pounds to drop off? Will it get rid of cellulite?

To be honest, it’s not close to some of the top products, it may work slightly but it’s missing many key ingredients we’ll go into details on that later in the article.

Shredz Burner for Women Review – Who Is It For?

Although fat burners are phenomenal supplements, they are not suited for everyone.

Shredz Burner Max for Women is designed for the female physique. It is particularly suited for women who:

  • Desire more energy to hit exercise and train hard
  • Need a kick start to weight loss
  • Are looking to lose weight steadily week by week
  • Have hit a plateau in their weight loss
  • Want to retain lean muscle and lose fat
  • Are willing to watch the diet and exercise

I am just going to stress the last point.

To see the best results from any diet pill, you still need to control your food intake and remain active.

The Shredz women fat burner, and weight loss pills in general, are not going to help you drop the pounds if you plan on eating donuts and watching TV all day.


If you keep yourself physically active and ensure that you are eating healthily, fat burners will supercharge your weight loss and leave you looking freakin’ awesome!

Let’s get down to business and look at the workings behind this fat burner!

Shredz Burner for Women Review – How Does It Work?

Listen to this:

Any supplement out there can call itself a ‘fat burner,’ but for it to be effective, it has to have a scientific basis in its supposed function.

Shredz Burner for Women aims to work in 4 main ways:

shredz burner max for women work


This process is emphasized heavily by Shredz Burner for Women as its primary weight loss process.

Let me explain:

I’m guessing you’ve already heard of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), yeah?

Just in case you haven’t, here’s a quick overview:

Your BMR is basically a measure of how much energy you expend while doing absolutely nothing at all! As your body is continually working to keep you alive, this uses energy.

Even sleeping, or just thinking, can burn those calories! 1

Women, in general, have a lower BMR than men, meaning they are more likely to put on weight.2

Unfair, isn’t it!

But, if the BMR is raised, this results in more calories being burnt and weight lost. Not only does this mean while at rest, but if exercising too, then this pound shedding is supercharged.

Shredz Burner Max for Women claims that its ingredients raise the internal temperature of the body (thermogenics). This increased temperature boosts BMR, meaning that more calories are expended and weight loss follows! 3

But don’t worry!

You will not notice this increase in temperature. As it all happens internally, the only difference you will notice is dropping the weight! It will just rev up metabolism.

Sweat will not be dripping from your body – unless you’re knocking out a serious session at the gym, of course!

Boosts Energy

Sometimes the effort and stresses involved in trying to lose weight can put you on a bit of a downer – especially if you are not seeing the pounds drop as fast as you would like.

Listen up:

If you find yourself feeling less than perfect, it can seriously inhibit your weight loss plans, leading to:

Diminished desire to exercise and/or go to the gym

        Comfort eating – which doesn’t help with the diet!

Shredz Burner Max for Women contains ingredients which can boost energy levels.

More energy = more exercise = elevated mood = more weight dropped

Reduces Food Cravings

shredz burner max for women donut

There are two main enemies of weight loss – lack of exercise and consuming too much food.

It’s obvious!

And the food cravings are not your fault!

Eating food increases the level of serotonin in the body. This is the hormone which gives the feeling of pleasure and happiness, meaning that you feel ‘rewarded’ every time you consume some treats.

But there’s more:

These ‘reward’ cravings are higher in women than men, meaning the girls are more likely to reach for a donut than the guys. It’s genetic! 4

Shredz Burner Max aims to stave off these hunger pangs!

Improves Carbohydrate Absorption

Carbs can be both your friend and enemy.

If you’re bodybuilding, you need these to build mass, but too much and it’s converted to fat!

Shredz Burner claims to ensure that the carbohydrates are processed efficiently and used for energy, not fat!

Shredz Burner for Women Review of the Ingredients

shredz burner max for women ingredients

Want to see the ingredients that actually work? Visit our ultimate guide to Fat Burners For Women here.

I want to make something perfectly clear:

If there is anything that separates the good, the bad, and the ugly in weight loss supplements, it’s the ingredients.

This is the powerhouse behind any formulation – if they are ineffective, or at an insufficient dosage, then it renders the pills pointless.

Here’s the lowdown on the Shredz Burner key ingredients:

African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis)

The African mango comes from the West coast of Africa, particularly prevalent in the Congo and Nigeria, where it is traditionally consumed as a fruit.

The bonus behind African mango is that it’s high in fiber, which is great for keeping you regular!

But get this:

There is no proof that this fruit, whether in whole or extract form, can have any effect on weight loss. It definitely will not increase calorie burn.

Despite undergoing a systematic review at the University of Exeter, no trials provided any evidence that this extract can work as a fat burner.5

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is a nice ingredient to see in the Shredz Burner Max for Women formulation.

I’ll tell you why:

This fatty acid can vastly improve the way that the body deals with carbohydrates. In effect, it’s a carb blocker.

Here’s how:

Alpha-lipoic acid encourages the body to store carbohydrate intake as glycogen instead of turning it into unwanted fat.

This glycogen works as an energy store to fuel both daily life and serious workouts, not fat cells sitting on your belly and thighs!

A cross-study of ten trials on alpha-lipoic acid showed that it has a  significant effect on weight loss.6

Listen up:

If you are trying to build muscle too, it is particularly effective. Gaining any type of mass can mean taking on the carbs, so it is really useful for women trying to obtain a muscular body while losing the fat.

And there’s more:

This fatty acid is a really powerful antioxidant, so not only will you be dropping the pounds, but you will be cleansing that body too! 7

Yohimbe Bark Extract

A little strange to see this ingredient.

While there are some claims that Yohimbe bark can increase lipolysis (fat breakdown) and raise BMR through thermogenics, there is little proof that it is effective.8

What’s more, Yohimbe isn’t particularly known for weight loss. Usually, it is included in supplements to treat erectile dysfunction in men! 9

Green Tea

shredz burner max for women tea

This is a little more like what we are looking for!

Green Tea is a really powerful antioxidant, so is genuinely good for keeping you on top form.

But that’s not all:

This ingredient can boost energy and raise BMR – so you will be going out for that run and burning those fat cells! 10

Cacao Extract

Boom! This is a powerful ingredient!

Cacao has thermogenic properties. This natural extract will push BMR into overdrive ensuring that fat is lost.11

But get this:

Cacao can increase the rate of fat lipolysis, meaning that it is removed faster from the body!

And as a bonus:

Cacao is so powerful as an appetite suppressant, that not only eating but also just smelling it reduces food cravings!12

Other ingredients: biotin, pantothenic acid, choline, cissus quadrangularis, caffeine, L-carnitine

Shredz Burner Ingredients Breakdown

There are a few cool ingredients in Shredz Burner Max, and the emphasis is definitely on thermogenics.

But for my liking, I would like it to hit appetite suppressing much harder, and this is where the ingredients are lacking.

Ideally I’d like to see these ingredients that shredz burner is missing:

  • Glucomannan
  • Turmeric
  • Cayenne
  • Garcinia Cambogia

Having these ingredients in the formulation would really push this fat burner to another level.

Shredz Burner for Women Results – What Do the Shredz Burner Reviews Say?

Are customers seeing results from this fat burner?

Here’s what they are saying:

“really pushes me to my max and keeps my metabolism going – Nadine

“they give me that extra boost with my weight loss – Pamela Scott

“for my first month, I see results and feel great – Silvia

Does not work AT ALL! – DM

“It does not give me energy, does not suppress my hunger– Iluv

“No weight loss, no energy, nothing. Useless.”  – Tina L.

It’s a pretty mixed bunch of reviews.

Shredz Burner Max Review Does It Work?

So, is Shredz the ultimate fat burner?

Well, no. Shredz Burner did not make our list of the top 5 fat burners on the market for women.

This product does contain some proven energy boosters and ingredients to raise BMR, but for my liking, it falls down in one main area.

The really serious appetite suppressors are not in the formulation.

And that’s important.

The real players in the weight loss supplement market target energy, thermogenics, fat absorption, and, importantly, hunger control in one pill.

Weight loss is about more than one thing, we all know that.

And for me, Shredz Burner Max for Women doesn’t cover enough areas.

Customer testimonials are mixed. For some it works, for others it doesn’t.

The bottom line?

Find a potent fat burner that covers every aspect of weight loss; Shredz Burner for Women is not it.


“Shredz Burner for Women Side Effects?”

As a natural product, this supplement will not damage your health.

The only side effects I have found reported are headaches, dizziness, and sleep disturbances.

“Where to Buy Shredz Burner?”

Whether looking for Shredz UK or USA, Shredz Burner Max is available from the official website and Amazon.

There is no specific Shredz fat burner UK website.

“How Do I Take Shredz Burner?”

Take one capsule with a meal, followed by a second capsule 4-6 hours later.

“What’s Better Than Shredz Burner?”

For a seriously potent supplement that genuinely covers all areas of weight loss, the number one product on the market today is ShredFierce.



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