NLA For Her Shred Her Review – Does It Work Quickly for Weight Loss? – Side Effects

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NLA for her shred her

Shred Her is ranked in 6th place out of 8 fat burners; See complete list here


  • Contains some proven ingredients
  • Cheap
  • Missing many key ingredients
  • Doesn’t have appetite suppressants
  • Hefty caffeine dose can cause side effects

With the huge number of weight loss pills on the market, it’s time for a Shred Her NLA for Her review. Will it step up to the mark and be ranked among the best, or is it just best left forgotten?

Here’s the deal:

In this Shred Her NLA for her, we will find out exactly how good this fat burner is and if it is worth buying.

We have examined the ingredients and formula we found out very interesting things about it.

Make sure to read this science-based review if you are thinking about using Shred Her NLA.

Shred Her NLA for HER Review

Let me kick off this Shred Her NLA for Her review with a little bit of context.

Shred Her is a female fat burner manufactured and marketed by the guys at NLA for Her – which does make the full product and brand name a bit of a mouthful!

Listen up:

NLA for Her was founded back in 2012 and is based in Los Angeles. These guys make a number of supplements for dietary, performance, and beauty use.

NLA for Her has apparently formulated Shred Her specifically for the female body – claiming that their product is not as harsh as the male supplements out there.

Shred Her NLA for Her states that, as a fat burner, it will:

Increase energy levels

Rapidly speed up fat loss

Control the appetite

Give you the physique of your dreams

Sounds impressive, right?

Well, any supplement can make the claims! A real fat burner delivers results. Further on in this Shred Her NLA for Her Review, we will see if this fat burner is effective!

Shred Her Review – Who Is It For?

Specifically, Shred Her NLA for Her is designed with the female body in mind.

This fat burner is for women who:

Find weight loss difficult

Require more energy to exercise and hit the gym

Need a way to keep the appetite at bay

Have plateaued out in their weight loss regime

Want a body ready to hit the beach

Are looking to drop fat whilst retaining muscle tone

Eat healthily and are active

See that last point? That is really important.

The best supplements women’s weight loss is amazing and can yield results better than you can dream of.

But this isn’t a miracle pill. There is no such thing in the world. Fact.

Sit on your ass, eating donuts, and watching TV all day, and popping a pill will not help.

But if you eat sensibly, get some exercise, and supplement with a proven fat burner, you will soon be looking damn gorgeous!

So let’s get down to the real detail! In the next part of this Shred Her NLA for Her review, we will look at how this diet pill claims to work!

How Does It Work?

For this Shred Her NLA for Her review, I researched how this supplement claims to function.

Here’s the detail:

Raises the Internal Body Temperature

Sounds a bit scary, but it’s not!

The ingredients in Shred Her claim to raise the internal body temperature (thermogenics).

Why is that important?

It’s like this. When at rest, your body is basically just ticking over – much like turning on the ignition of an automobile. While it is in this state, it burns a small amount of energy keeping all your body functions working.

This is your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

If your internal temperature increases, this raises your BMR and pushes your body into overdrive! It’s working harder and demands more fuel.1

This means you burn more calories as energy and the fat drops!

And just to put your mind at rest:

This temperature increase is internal, you will not be dripping with sweat!

Suppresses the Appetite

You know the deal.

Take in fewer calories than you expend, and your weight falls.

But it’s not that easy, is it!

Whether on a calorie-controlled diet or not, there is always the temptation to snack between meals!

Let me tell you a fact:

Recent studies have shown that women are much more likely to snack than men. It’s genetic. Apparently, this is because the ‘reward’ feeling, i.e. gaining pleasure from eating food, is much higher in females.

That’s why eating is fun!

Shred Her NLA for Her contains appetite suppressants to alleviate these cravings. In a female supplement, obviously the more the better! 2

Increases Energy

We all need that little energy kick from time to time, right?

When looking at weight loss, it’s essential. Having energy, and therefore being active, promotes weight loss.


If you are watching the calories, you can feel moody, irritable and lethargic. This is not the right state of mind to then go for a run or hit the gym.

Shred Her NLA for Her claims to have ingredients that will leave you feeling bright, bouncy, and energized.

You will be ready to do some exercise and drop the pounds!

In summary:

Shred Her NLA for Her claims to work in these three main ways to help that weight drop off. But do the ingredients have the power to do this?

Shred Her NLA for Her Ingredients

Shred Her NLA for Her Review ingredients

The power behind any supplement lies in the ingredients; it can literally make or break a product!

This is why examining them one by one in this Shred Her NLA for Her review is essential.

But before I go into each ingredient in detail, there is a negative to begin with.

Only two of the ingredients are quantified, the remaining eight are blended together into what they call a Fat Incinerating Matrix (basically, a mix)

If you cannot check the amount of each ingredient, you cannot ascertain its power.

And why would you hide the quantities?

Anyway here are the ingredients:

Vitamin B6 (10 mg)

This vitamin works as an antioxidant and can improve sleep.3

Although not directly related to weight loss, if you are sleeping well you are energized the following day and ready to hit the gym!

Pantothenic Acid (20mg)

Also known as vitamin B5, this ingredient is responsible for the synthesis of fatty acids.

While being deficient in this vitamin has health risks, some studies have shown that supplementing with vitamin B5 can result in fat gain! 4

Green Tea Extract

A great drink as it’s full of antioxidants!

It is also an impressive energy provider and can rev up metabolism – burning those calories! 5


I’m sure you know this ingredient as it’s really popular in energy drinks.

Surprisingly though, it’s not a stimulant.

Taurine works as a depressant. It’s included in many energy supplements to alleviate the unwanted effects of stimulants, like the ‘jitters’.6

That being said, it’s effectiveness is still under review. I assume it is included in Shred Her NLA for Her due to the high number of stimulants in the formulation.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Another stimulant and energy provider which will boost the metabolism through thermogenesis.

Although some studies have shown that it has some effect on appetite suppression, there are much more powerful suppressors available.6

Citrus Aurantium

Also known as bitter orange, this ingredient is a proven thermogenic.

By raising the internal temperature, metabolism is raised and fat is burnt.7

Green Coffee

Shred Her NLA for Her Review coffee

This coffee extract is unroasted (‘green’) which means more of the powerful antioxidant properties are retained.

Green coffee is also high in chlorogenic acid, which can:

Burn fat

Inhibit fat absorption

Control blood sugar

However, let me put this into context. Some of the most powerful weight loss supplements have a daily dosage of 6000 mg of this ingredient.

Shred Her NLA for Her does not have that quantity, even with all the other ingredients combined!

Raspberry Ketones

Shred Her NLA for Her Review berries

A nice ingredient to see in the formulation as it has been shown to assist in fat breakdown and suppress the appetite.8

Ursolic Acid

Found in apple skin, this acid is thought to reduce fat storage.

There is little evidence that it can promote weight loss.

Guarana Extract

Yet another stimulant – there seems to be a pattern here.

Incredibly, it contains four times the amount of caffeine as coffee.9

It will raise BMR and provide energy, but with all the other stimulants in Shred Her NLA for Her, does it really require any more?

Shred Her Ingredients Breakdown

Here’s the thing:

If this Shred Her NLA for Her review has shown one thing so far, it’s that there are lots of stimulants in this formula. More than I would like to see.

This fat burner may well be effective in raising BMR and providing energy, but it seems sadly lacking in the appetite suppressant area.

To be honest, it really does omit many of the best weight loss ingredients. I’m talking about:

These are the serious appetite suppressants, fat burners, and absorption enhancers you should be looking for.

Shred Her Results – What Do the NLA Fat Burner Reviews Say?

As I’ve already mentioned in this Shred Her NLA for Her review, so far I am not convinced by the ingredients.

But I could be wrong!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. So what are the NLA for Her reviews and testimonials saying?

Love this product and would definitely recommend” – Teybaby

“Love how awake and energize it makes me– Rich Morgan

“I was SOOO jittery that my heart felt like it was going to stop – Angel Woolf

“some days extra heart beats, wouldn’t recommend – DC

“I don’t see a difference in my appetite or energy level.” – Shannon

Made me sick..and dizzy” – Tabitha

“It has done nothing for my metabolism or hunger – Tracy

I think they say it all.

Shred Her Review – Does It Work?

First of all, let me make it clear:

However, I would like to say something positive in this Shred Her NLA for Her review.

Shred Her does contain some ingredients which may provide energy and boost metabolism.

But for me, it falls down on three major points:

Firstly, I think there are too many stimulants in the formulation, and it appears the customers agree, judging by the reports of dizziness, stomach pain, jitters, and headaches.

Secondly, even where the ingredients have been scientifically proven to be effective, their ‘blend’ makes it impossible to judge whether they are in sufficient quantities to provide results.

And thirdly, the formulation really is lacking in appetite-suppressing power. Using this supplement will have little effect on those hunger pangs.

The bottom line?

If you want the stimulating power of this formulation, you are probably better having an energy drink.

However, if you seriously want to lose weight, choose a fat burner with real fat-burning and appetite suppressing power that isn’t afraid to show you the ingredient quantities.


“Shred Her Side Effects?”

Shred Her NLA for Her Review side

Although this supplement is natural and should not cause any serious health implications, reported side effects to include:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Feeling agitated
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Migraines
  • Feeling jittery

These effects are probably down to the numerous stimulants and NLA Shred Her caffeine content.

Be careful.

Some NLA for Her stack reviews shows that, when combined with other stimulants, they can cause the heart to beat faster.

“Where to Buy Shred Her?”

For this Shred Her NLA for Her review, I searched for available outlets. The only two I found were the official NLA for Her website and Shred Her Amazon page.

There appears to be no NLA Shred Her GNC page.

It is available worldwide, with Shred Her Canada, USA, and Europe all being shipping options.

“How Do I Take Shred Her by NLA?”

Take one capsule when you wake up and another 3-6 hours later.

“What’s Better Than Shred Her?”

For real fat burning, carb blocker, and appetite suppressing action, the best female weight loss supplement on the market today can be found in our article the best fat burners for women.


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