Shawn Ray Tries To Explain Himself After Criticising Kevin Levrone's Olympia Return

Shawn Ray Tries To Explain Himself After Criticising Kevin Levrone’s Olympia Return

Shawn Ray the legend bodybuilder was one of the guys who criticized Kevin Levrone’s return to the Mr Olympia.

Kevin has already shocked the bodybuilding world by his amazing progress preparing for the Olympia.

He will definitely not let his fans down.

Kevin is known for having incredible genetics, he can pack on lean pounds of muscle in a matter of weeks before competitions.

Kevin is pretty much the only bodybuilder who can do this.

Even though he is 52 years old and it has been 13 years since he last stepped on stage he cannot be ignored.

Kevin is a real threat to the all the top guys competing.

You cannot predict what kind of a package he will bring.

Shawn Ray tried to explain himself in a recent video and says he will be very surprised seeing Kevin in top 10.

He may be right be if Kevin will be able to crack top 6 he will have to eat his own words.

Watch the video below:

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