See What Happened To This Father Who Overdosed On Diet-Pills To Become Shredded

See What Happened To This Father Who Overdosed On Diet-Pills To Become Shredded

An interesting news story has been going viral on the web. About a man overdosing on so-called “diet-pills”. Here’s the story:

A father who wanted the perfect ‘beach body’ nearly died after he overdosed on diet pills.

Lewis Brown, 25, became obsessed with building his physique and turned to steroids to pack on extra muscle.

The lab worker, from Harerhill, Suffolk, took diet pills DNP to burn fat over summer, but overdosed after taking eight pills, which pushed his body temperature to almost 42C.

‘I was so out of it about getting bigger that I thought I was unstoppable,’ Mr Brown said.

‘I just wanted to be better than anyone else.’


Doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge put Mr Brown into a coma and covered him with ice, but when his muscles started to die his family were called in to say goodbye.

Incredibly, Mr Brown recovered, but not before surgeons cut out of a chunk of dead leg muscle.

I’m getting back to my old self. My family are really relieved,’ he said.

‘The doctors have said I’m very lucky to be alive.

‘I’m going to go back to the gym because I like to keep fit, but I’m never touching pills or steroids ever again.’

This is exactly why we always tell people that you can’t speed up the fat burning process by taking MORE than the supplement directions say. It doesn’t work like that. Becoming shredded as f*ck does and always will require patience. See how we became successfully shredded in couple of months here.

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3 thoughts on “See What Happened To This Father Who Overdosed On Diet-Pills To Become Shredded”

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    I tried to gain muscle and get lean for years.. until I realised that I suffered from low testosterone.. I feel that this is one of the most under-addressed problems men face today..but you can do something about it. I managed to double my active testosterone naturally, gaining 15lbs of lean muscle by following The Man Diet.. I feel so much better day to day and I have even been able to get to 9 percent bodyfat. For those interested I found a helpful review on the program at I’m still eating the foods I love, but I am so much leaner.

  2. Avatar

    Perfect scare tactic story. haha Not sure what steroids have to do with his obsession with diet pills, but nice going, throwing that in there. haha

    1. Avatar

      I know you didn’t ask for a history lesson, but I promise this overview is worth the read.

      Dnp isn’t actually a steroid… It’s recognized nationwide as some of the following: a powerful insecticide, herbicide, insecticide, explosive detonator, wood paint ingredient, and photographic developer. Not your typical dietary aid ingredient… Potent and lethal.

      In the early 1900’s it was found to cause rapid fat loss because of its mechanisms within the body. Simply put – it doesn’t allow your body to store energy, speeds up your metabolism on average 50% and rapidly depletes carbohydrate and fat stores. Because of this volatile reaction, it can literally drain you to death – much like spontaneous combustion. When there is no energy stores left to burn, this effective (and literal) explosive starts to burn you from the inside out.

      It’s not a scare tactic. There are several thousands of reported deaths when this chemical initially was touted for weight loss. As awareness of the dangers (because of very unpredictable tolerance levels – 50mg to one could be as lethal as 800mg to someone else) death reports were steadily decreasing.

      It’s widely available as crystal powders and even capsules. I can not exactly support or deny its results. It’s only because of my chemical engineering background I understand this ‘drug’.

      Without proper scaling and mcg/mg/g weighing equipment you can easily overdose. This is not a chemical anyone should feel confident in ordering pre-filled capsules. I’ll admit I have done so before but I’ve always reopened capsules, weighed out exact, and tiered my cycles up to 8 days on 2-3 weeks off. I would never leave measuring to chance from a company online who may not have accurate equipment. This, more than any other supplement I’ve ever used, I ONLY trust myself preparing it.

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