See Kai Greene’s Posing Routine at the Arnold Which Shocked the Bodybuilding World

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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The Arnold Classic proper has come to a close and now the remnants of fans and athletes are slowly making their way through the expo on the final day. The men’s open competition was a truly epic battle – mostly between Cedric McMillan and Kai Greene.

An early pre judging put many Kai believers into doubt. Could he actually be taken down by Cedric? All of these fears were put to rest later that night the moment Kai stepped onto the stage for his posing routine.

Like a blast of energy – Kai Greene completely blew the competition out of the water with posing that was not only spot on… but also so original that it made the other competitors look like stiff boards.

And now you can relive it all in the video below, thanks to Generation Iron. Watch and be amazed.

Oh and btw. Do you think Phil Heath is scared now?

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