Secret Tricks to Filling Out Those Biceps

Secret Tricks to Filling Out Those Biceps

Let’s be real guys, when it comes to building an aesthetic physique Biceps are at the top of the list for most bodybuilders. While a bodybuilder might look at your calves, quads, deltoids and lats when evaluating your physique, the average person who doesn’t know much about bodybuilding is going to look at your biceps first. That’s right, they are going to look right at those pythons – and if you can’t fill out your shirt sleeve you better believe they won’t be impressed.

One of the great things about biceps is that you can show them off easily without having to actually take off your shirt. In a casual setting you are typically going to be wearing a short-sleeved shirt which easily shows your biceps. Your abs, chest or lats on the other hand usually require you to be shirtless. That’s great if you are out of shape and want to hide your body, but for those of us who have worked hard to build up our physiques it sucks! I mean really, nobody looks good with all that extra fabric from the sleeves flapping around – fill those suckers out!

We’ve all tried the usual tips – mixing barbell with dumbbell training, doing supersets, training each arm independently but sometimes nothing seems to work! The truth is, if your biceps are stubborn you really need to get creative in order to get them to grow. Fortunately, you don’t need to inject yourself with synthol to get big arms (in fact, that will just make you look like a freak). We’ve managed to uncover some tips that aren’t so commonly used yet deliver great results!

1) When Using a Barbell, Focus on Using the Inner (pinky-side) Of your Hands

Typically when using a barbell guys will tend to push more with the index-finger side of their hand. While this might make it seem easier to lift the bar what it really does is put more emphasis on the outer bicep. While having well-developed outer-biceps is important, putting too much emphasis on them at the expense of the rest of your arm will lead to a lopsided and unaesthetic bicep.

Instead, next time you do barbell curls focus on pushing with the pink-side of the hand. This will shift more emphasis on the inner bicep and really help you develop that sought-after peak. It might feel strange at first so you will really have to focus on doing it. That means being present in your workout and not just going through the motions while you think about other things.

2) Change Where You Grip The Dumbbell

If you are like most guys you probably just grab your dumbbells off the shelf without giving too much thought towards where you are placing your hands. Next time, try to grip the dumbbell in such a way that your pinky up against the side. When you do this, it forces your hand into a more supinated position. This is important because most people have a tendency to turn their palms inwards while curling which turns the exercise into a hammer curl. While the hammer curl is a great exercise, it’s more focused on the outer biceps and is not what we are aiming for.

When your palms stay supinated you can focus on lifting the weight rather than your hand placement. Again, this might seem trivial but this minor adjustment can be all you need to turn a mediocre exercise into a great one. The extra emphasis on the inner bicep will help bring out that peak!

3) As You Lift the Dumbbell, Focus on Supinating Your Wrist

You are probably noticing a theme at this point. When you are doing your dumbbell curls and the weight reaches the peak, make sure you squeeze the bicep as well as supinate those wrists as much as possible. Most people don’t realize that the bicep muscle is actually involved in supinating the wrists (turning them outward). As a result, your bicep will get extra work without having to change much.

4) Make Your Exercises Effective

The above three tips showed you ways to make regular exercises more effective. You see, there are far too many guys that feel they need to do some bizarre drop set/superset in order to get an effective bicep workout. While these might hit your biceps well, the truth is in most cases they are totally not necessary – making some simple adjustments to the classic bicep curl can often be enough to unlock way more gains.


5) Create the Right Environment for Growth

While we are on the topic of making adjustments, it’s worth pointing out that no amount of training will do you any good unless you have your basics covered. That means being present in every workout (focusing on performing each individual rep with intensity), consuming a balanced and nutritious diet and most importantly making sure your testosterone levels are at their highest.

The fact that you are at the gym lifting weights means your testosterone levels are probably already higher than the average dude with a dad bod who spends his free time drinking microbrews while playing video games. However, in order to unlock optimal gains you need to take a testosterone booster. These products are proven to optimize your t-levels so that you will gain muscle faster, carry less bodyfat, feel more energetic and recover faster from your workouts.

Consistency is Key

Now that you know how to improve your bicep workouts, make sure you apply these tips every time you train arms. It’s possible that it will take a few weeks before you really start to see these adjustments pay off. However, if you are listing with intensity, have optimized testosterone levels and truly emphasize the inner portion of the bicep you will definitely see some great results in the near future. Now stop staring at every other dude’s biceps and start focusing on making yours as big as possible!

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