School Introduce CrossFit As Part Of Their Syllabus to "Ensure Children's Safety"

School Introduce CrossFit As Part Of Their Syllabus to “Ensure Children’s Safety”

indexOkay, hopefully we’re all thinking the same thing here, right? Introducing kids to crossfit to aid in their safety is like pouring a load of petrol on some logs next to a furnace to try and stop them setting on fire… just ludicrous, right???


Schools in America have already started introducing their students to crossfit, and yes, this is actually really happening, this is not a joke! We’re a bit split on the topic… crossfit and children just doesn’t sound like it will mix well and sounds like a recipe for disaster, but on the other hand, you can’t wrap kinds in bubble wrap, or thy just become super soft and don’t have any resilience! What do you think on the matter?

In the video below, Elgintensity, who is to say the least, slightly biased against crossfit, goes on a mad, hilarious and entertaining rant about the topic!

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