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If you want to build impressive muscle but at the same time don’t wish to put your health at risk—you need to read this safest testosterone boosters article.


We’re all looking for that “edge”—supplements that can improve our gains, strength, and recovery—yet, not at any cost. Sure, we can get hold of some steroids that’ll skyrocket our physique—but, we don’t want to see our balls shrinking or our heart growing to five times its normal size.

You agree, right bro?

Problem is, sometimes, even when knocking back the non-steroid supplements, we can be left wondering—what exactly have I put into my body? The best testosterone boosters can take returns to unbelievable levels—but, even they aren’t all “safe.”

Here’s the deal.

This safest testosterone boosters article brings you the most powerful and side-effect-free T-boosters available. If you’re looking for the ultimate in enhancement products—but care about your health—you’ve got to read this.

Safest Testosterone Boosters in 2020

1. TestoFierce


TestoFierce was just created in 2019 and is kinda new to the market.

These guys have pushed their dosages and ingredients to the next level.

The formula contains the solid ingredients we are used to seeing in a testosterone booster such as zinc, magnesium, fenugreek, D-Aspartic acid, ginseng and boron.

With the inclusion of Ashwagandha, this becomes one of the most potent muscle building supplement aswell.

Generally, testosterone boosters contain 120 caps per bottle which gives you a daily dose of 4 caps per day.

The dosages in TestoFierce are so big that they have exceeded all limits and made their dose 7 caps per day or 210 per month.

A product that contains no fillers and is absolutely packed with all the scientifically proven ingredients is hard to beat.

Which is the reason why TestoFierce sits comfortably in the #1 spot here in 2020.


  • The most powerful testosterone booster available in 2020
  • Includes no proprietary blends
  • Completely free of side effects, making it one of the safest testosterone boosters.
  • Biggest dosed T-booster on the market.
  • The best testosterone booster for muscle gain.
  • No bullshit ingredients.
  • Good package deals


Want to learn more about TestoFierce? visit their official website.

2. TestoFuel

See best price for testofuel

Although not in the #1 position, TestoFuel is still a solid supplement—and also one of the safest testosterone boosters currently available.

Ingredient-wise, it’s very similar in formulation to that of the all-conquering Testofierce. This supplement includes the amazing T-boosting compounds of zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, d-aspartic acid and fenugreek.6

While many of the ingredients are similar in dose, there’s an important distinction to be made.

The quantities of both d-aspartic acid and vitamin B6 are vastly lower in Testofuel. While they will still have some T-boosting effects, they will not produce such dramatic results as those delivered by Testofierce.

Additionally, TestoFuel delivers a couple of novel compounds, vitamin K2 and oyster extract. I have to stress, that these are two perfectly safe ingredients which will not cause any adverse health effects.

Yet, their efficacy as T-boosters is somewhat debatable.  Although vitamin K2 has been shown to heighten testosterone in rats, no human studies have so far replicated this result.7

Furthermore, oyster extract may contribute to an improved T-count, but only because it contains zinc. More than anything, this ingredient is a libido enhancer. 8 9

In short, TestoFuel is one of the best natural testosterone supplements for men and the safest.

Where to Buy TestoFuel?

If you’re looking for TestoFuel testosterone pills for sale you’ll only find them on the official TestoFuel website. It costs $65 for one bottle (120 capsules which is one month’s supply).


  • With numerous proven ingredients—it will raise testosterone (but not to the heights of Testofierce).
  • One of the safest testosterone boosters that money can buy.
  • No proprietary blends—it’s safe to consume.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Solid customer reviews.
  • The official website offers worldwide shipping.


  • Only available from the official TestoFuel website.
  • Includes a couple of unproven (although completely safe) ingredients.
  • It could include higher doses for more astounding results.

3. Prime Male

Prime Male
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This is one of the safest testosterone boosters for guys who are of a slightly more mature age. While the incredibly powerful Testofierce is formulated for serious bodybuilders looking for the ultimate in training returns—this supplement has been designed for the older generation of bros.

While other T-boosters concentrate on building immense muscle mass and raising strength, this product centers on male health and vitality. It aims to obliterate the middle-age belly spread, elevate cardio health, and restore sex drive to younger levels.

It accomplishes this through its formulation of testosterone -enhancing ingredients. All of the respected compounds are here, including zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and d-aspartic acid.10

However, as this is a supplement designed for health and not monster-like proportions, the quantities are much lower than in the hulk-building Testofierce. So, while assisting in promoting well-being, this will not provide massive training returns.

Prime Male does contain an ingredient that is specifically for the more senior guys—linoleic acid.

As we age, testosterone drops and estrogen raises—which can lead to some “feminization,” including the really awful man boobs. Some studies have indicated that linoleic acid can inhibit estrogen production—avoiding the need for a brassiere.11

Hence, not an ideal supplement for guys looking for astounding mass, but still one of the safest testosterone boosters for the mature generation.

Where to Buy Prime Male?

If you’re looking for Prime Male testosterone pills for sale, they can be found only at the official Prime Male website. They retail at $69.00 for one month’s supply of 120 capsules.


  • One of the safest testosterone boosters for older bros looking for health enhancement.
  • Proven testosterone-boosting compounds.
  • Will provide no adverse health effects.
  • No proprietary blends included.
  • 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Endorsed by Dolph Lundgren.


  • Not ideal for bodybuilders looking for serious muscle mass.
  • Only available from the official Prime Male website.

What Do Safe Testosterone Boosters Do?

The three best safe testo boosters listed above are designed with one main aim—to increase testosterone. Instead of delivering this hormone directly into the body (as steroids do), they heighten T-levels through three actions:

  • Encouraging the testicles to ramp up their production of testosterone.
  • Releasing testosterone that otherwise could be bound by SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin), rendering it impotent.
  • Reducing aromatization—the natural process where muscle-building testosterone is turned into the gain-diminishing female hormone estrogen.

But, why do we need to do this?

Firstly, your current T-levels could be inadequate to deliver the returns you are looking for from your gym work. Not only can our lifestyle (stress, diet, and health) have a negative impact on testosterone—but equally our age and genetic profile.12

Some guys are blessed with more testosterone than others—if you’re one of the unlucky ones with a low T-count, blame your parents, bro. But, even if you have more of this anabolic hormone than the average Joe—the truth is your T-levels are dropping, possibly while reading this article.13

As we get older, our testosterone levels fall—making it harder for us to achieve gains in the gym. Taking a testosterone booster can restore your T-count to edge back towards its previous highs.

What Happens When You Increase Testosterone Levels?

The best safe testosterone supplements can take T-levels off the scale—and that’s a phenomenal position to be in.

Testosterone is probably the most potent compound for the bodybuilder looking for incredible returns and for overall male health. Here’s what happens when you elevate your T-levels.

  • Strength massively increases—research has indicated that raising testosterone improves strength and power—allowing you to push yourself harder and ramp up the plates.14
  • Muscles grow faster and larger than ever before—testosterone is required for muscle protein synthesis—the basis of bodybuilding gains.15
  • Risk of disease is lowered—high T-levels can prevent metabolic syndrome, coronary heart disease, and type II diabetes.16
  • Determination and energy are boosted.17
  • Fat drops, leading to a more highly defined physique—the better your T-production, the faster the rate of lipolysis.18
  • Sex drive is raised—turning you into a bedroom machine.19
  • Erections turn into towers of power—if your boners lack the rigidity of your teen years, or you simply want a harder and more impressive penis, testosterone is the answer.20
  • Bones become stronger—as we get older, our bones weaken, which can be an issue with the demands you place upon them with serious lifting.21
  • Post-exercise recovery times are reduced—allowing you to hit the gym again sooner.22

Using safe testosterone boosters can provide all the above incredible effects—without wrecking your health. But, not all testosterone boosters are without issues.

Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Taking testosterone supplements that are safe means you can take them as part of your training program without any concerns.

However, sadly, not all T-boosters on the market are designed with your wellbeing being in mind.

Here are some alarm bells to watch out for, together with the side effects they can cause.


Probably the most dangerous way to elevate T-levels and definitely not the safest testosterone boosters.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re highly effective and will increase bodybuilding returns. But, they’re also illegal and have the scariest side effects of all training enhancers.

These include:

  • Liver poisoning.23
  • Leukemia.24
  • Ball shrinking.
  • Hepatitis
  • Man boobs.
  • Tumors
  • Impaired natural testosterone production for life—or even complete cessation.
  • Death.25

A natural testosterone booster doesn’t overload the body with external testosterone (or its derivatives). Instead, it encourages the body to make more—with no side effects.


Be careful what you consume—if there’s an ingredient that you’re unsure of, research it first.

With heavy penalties from governmental departments for including banned substances, the likelihood of selecting a supplement containing dangerous compounds has been reduced, but the possibility still exists.

One of the most serious to watch out for is DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). While banned in competitive use by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), it’s perfectly legal to include in dietary supplements and drugs.26 27

However, this is an ingredient with some awful side effects, including:

  • Acne.28
  • Greasy skin.
  • Unwanted hair growth.
  • Fatigue.
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

What’s more, even “safe” ingredients should be monitored. For example, zinc is a potent and effective T-booster, but too much can cause respiratory issues, prostate cancer, skin lesions, and vomiting. Never consume a supplement which contains more than 40 mg of zinc.29 30

Selecting the safest testosterone boosters listed above can avoid these issues.

Unquantified Ingredients

It’s not always what’s in the supplement, but how much.

Many supplements will indicate on the label what they contain, but ingredients can be mixed into proprietary blends.

In these circumstances, numerous compounds are piled together into a “mix,” with only the overall quantity of the blend mentioned—not the individual amounts.

More often than not, this is done to hide ineffective doses. However, don’t always assume this. These compounds could be in amounts that are dangerous to health.

Even vitamins, when taken to excess, can cause some extremely serious health issues, including:

  • Liver damage.31
  • Hip fracture.
  • Lung cancer.
  • Vomiting
  • Hyperglycemia.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Speech changes.

So, to ensure you’re consuming safe testo boosters, select those in which every single ingredient is quantified.

Safest Testosterone Boosters Summary

We want the ultimate in bodybuilding returns—but we equally don’t wish to sacrifice our health.

Unfortunately, there are testosterone boosters on the market which can impact our wellbeing—sometimes for life.

Consuming products with undisclosed quantities or dangerous ingredients, or directly injecting steroids, can be dangerous. Yet, some of the safest testosterone boosters can provide phenomenal returns—with no adverse effects.

While all of the three products in this article are completely safe and effective, there’s one which stands head and shoulders above the rest—Testofierce

With its 11 proven T-boosting ingredients and at effective doses, you know you’re going to see results go stratospheric and remain healthy.

The bottom line.

For the ultimate in phenomenal and safe testosterone boosting power—only use Testofierce



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