Safest Fat Burners In 2020 – Top 3 That Actually Work

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If you’re looking to drop the excess pounds—whether for overall health benefits or during a cutting cycle, you require the safest fat burners.

Here’s the issue.

There are numerous effective weight loss pills on the market—but, separating the safe products from those that are simply dangerous is tough.

Recent years have seen many supposed fat burners being banned—as they included illegal ingredients and posed a severe hazard to health. Possibly meaning that you avoid them entirely, considering the risks too high.

You’re with me on that, yeah?

The truth is, safe fat burners can be a highly useful weapon in our armory—making dropping unwanted weight simple. Yet, how do you separate the risk-free medically proven weight loss supplements from the dangerous?

Here’s the deal.

I’ve put together what I believe to be the safest fat burners on the market today that actually work. These awesome products will leave you looking lean and mean—and not wreck your body.

Safest Fat Burners

1. Leanbean (Best Safe Fat Burner for Women)

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Whether you’re a girl looking for an awesome beach-body or aiming to trim down to show off some incredible definition—this is simply the safest and best fat burner 2019 for women.

This weight loss supplement is designed exclusively with the female physiology in mind—and that’s extremely important. Science has illustrated that the way male and female bodies create, store, and shed fat is different between the two sexes.1

leanbean before after
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Hence, Ultimate Life Ltd, the UK company behind the brand has concentrated on using only ingredients which are most effective on the female physique. Thus, giving you the peace of mind you’re getting a product that will drop fat while remaining one of the safest fat burners money can buy.

Leanbean Ingredients

Not only are the active compounds in Leanbean 100 percent safe, but they’re also proven to assist with weight loss.

Here are some of the phenomenal and potent ingredients:

  • Garcinia cambogia—this fruit extract has two powerful fat-shedding effects, being able to suppress the appetite and inhibiting fat-producing enzymes.2
  • Glucomannan—a fiber compound which studies have indicated alleviates hunger pangs and prevents you from consuming excess calories.3
  • Green coffee—this ingredient includes high levels of chlorogenic acid, which is known to inhibit the absorption of fat, burn unwanted pounds, and stabilize blood sugar levels.4 5 6
  • Turmeric—a compound found in the most natural and safest fat burners—it elevates the internal temperature of the body, boosting the metabolism and burning fat.7

In total, this natural fat burner contains 12 ingredients—all of which are both safe and have been shown in studies to help with weight loss.


  • Safe diet pills, designed specifically for the female body.
  • Respected and well-known UK manufacturers.
  • Includes fat inhibitors, appetite suppressants, and calorie burners, covering all the bases.
  • Vegetarian-friendly.
  • Recommended by model and surfer, Bree Kleintop.
  • Suitable for both athletes and more sedate females.
  • Completely side effect free.
  • Considered by many to be one of the most powerful fat burners for women on the planet.
  • No illegal compounds.


2. Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner (Best Safe Fat Burner for Men)

Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner
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While Leanbean was for the girls, this supplement is truly a guys’ product.

It’s completely hardcore. This fat burner has been formulated by ex-members of the elite British fighting unit, the SAS. These are guys who take it to the extreme on the battlefield—yet equally, make their own safety a priority.

This is mirrored in their fat-burning pills. Manufactured by the renowned Battle Ready Fuel, this product contains only the most effective pound-shedding compounds for men—and can be considered the king of safe fat burners.

Battle Ready Fuel Fat Burner Ingredients

Battle Ready Fuel has stripped things back to basics—no fillers, proprietary blends, or dubious compounds. It packs in just three ingredients—but they are some seriously potent elements with their doses ramped to the max.

  • Garcinia cambogia—one of the best all-rounders—with the capacity to burn fat through thermogenesis, suppress the appetite, and inhibit the fat-creating citrate lyase. 8 9
  • Citrus aurantium—sometimes known as “legal ephedrine,” this extract from bitter orange has been shown in studies to act as a metabolism booster and lipolysis (fat breakdown) enhancer.10
  • Guarana— a truly potent ingredient which increases the metabolic rate to burn calories and provide additional energy, allowing you to hit the weights or machines harder.11

With a proven and side effect free formulation, this has to be one of the best safe fat burners for guys—whether you’re going through a cutting cycle or just wanting to shed a little weight.


  • One of the safest fat burners for guys.
  • Manufactured by the astounding Battle Ready Fuel.
  • Powerful doses of the three ingredients.
  • Back-to-basics formula—contains nothing but the best scientifically proven weight loss compounds.
  • Ideal for the bodybuilder looking for that ripped appearance.
  • Designed for the “big boys”.
  • Possibly the best fat burner for belly fat.


3. Transparent Labs Stim Free Fat Burner

Transparent Labs Stim Free Fat Burner
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Even safe fat burners can induce unwanted side effects—despite them being completely legal. More often than not, this is due to the inclusion of caffeine, which some people don’t tolerate very well—leading to headaches, nausea and stomach cramps.

Hence, this is what makes this supplement from respected nutritionists Transparent Labs so attractive. I consider it one of the safest fat burners for those who react badly to stimulants—as it contains none.

However, make no mistake—this is still one of the proven fat burners that work, due to its solid formulation.

Transparent Labs Stim Free Fat Burner Ingredients

Its safe and stimulant-free formula includes:

  • 5-HTP—an effective and proven appetite suppressant.12
  • Rhodiola rosea—an ingredient which has shown to reduce binge eating by relieving symptoms of stress.13
  • Cayenne pepper—boosts weight loss by raising the metabolism and increasing fat oxidation.14
  • Fucoxanthin—inhibits the creation of new fat.15

A solid and gentle supplement that’ll have no more stimulating effect than household fat-burner foods—yet still giving effective weight loss benefits.


  • One of the best weight loss pills 2019 for people looking for a stimulant-free solution.
  • Safe, natural, and scientifically proven fat-busting ingredients.
  • Manufactured by trustworthy dietary nutritionists, Transparent labs.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.



Just because a weight loss supplement appears effective—doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Let’s face it—you could inject yourself with heroin every day and lose the pounds, but you’ll probably be dead before you get a chance to enjoy your slimmed-down figure.

Recently, too many supplement manufacturers have been castigated by the FDA for using both illegal and highly dangerous compounds in their weight loss pills.

To ensure you’re safe, and get the physique you’re after, only select a fat burner which you know is completely without risk.

The bottom line.

Whether a girl looking for a beach-ready body, a guy wanting a totally shredded look, or someone who needs to steer clear from the stims—select one of the three supplements listed above.

You’ll look amazing, and have confidence knowing you’ve selected one of the safest fat burners on the planet.



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