Sadik Hadzovic Vs. Frank Zane: The King Of Aesthetics

Sadik Hadzovic Vs. Frank Zane: The King Of Aesthetics


Frank Zane… 3x Mr. Olympia winner and considered by many to be the founder of the aesthetic movement and to have one of the best physiques of al time. He was one of the first to show that it’s not all about just pure mass and who’s the biggest, but about proportions, symmetry and presentation of the physique!


Frank was born in Pennsylvania back in 1942 and was originally a teacher by trade, specialising in both math and chemistry…


For many, he was the poster on the wall, the one. bodybuilder they truly aspired to be like… He really was a different kind of bodybuilder to everyone else that was about at the time.

Frank, not just being a dumb bit of muscle but actually have a very high level of intellect, has written 9 books on the topic of bodybuilding of which we highly recommend! In an industry so full of myths and rumours, it’s a breath of fresh air to have some science based, quality information written by a guy who really knows what he’s talking about!


Nowadays bodybuilding is just a freak show… A true test of who can bring the biggest, most disgustingly shredded package to the stage. But obviously, this physique doesn’t cater to everyone and many people prefer a physique along the lines of what Frank brought to the stage. And so the birth of “Physique” and “Classic” catagories physique were born.

Which nicely takes us on to Sadik…

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Sadik is considered the modern day figure of aesthetics within bodybuilding! He used to compete in the “Physique” division in the Mr. Olympia show where he was runner up in both 2014 and 2015… However, in 2016 he made the jump to the newly introduced “Classic” division in the Olympia, where he came in 3rd, however in all fairness to the guy, with this being a completely new category, no one was completely sure of what kin d of package the judges were wanting for this class, so the true test will be in the years to come as the division becomes more established.


Sadik got the ball rolling on is competing career back in 2011, swiftly earning his pro card in 2012 and going onto take first place in the IFBB Arnold Sports Festival. He’s undoubtably up there with the best in the world, but we still think that there’s much more to come from this guy!


One a side not, did you know Sadik used to train with the UFC fighter Jon Jones?? Sadik helped the fighter to pack on some serious muscle to allow him to take his fighting to the next level. Wonder if Jon showed Sadik a MMA thing of two? Either way, doubt you’d want to find out haha…

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