Ronnie Coleman VS Phil Heath - Who Would Win?

Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath Comparison Reveals That Phil Heath Is Smaller or Not?

If Ronnie Coleman in his prime competed with current Mr Olympia Phil Heath who would win? In these comparison shots you can judge for yourself who you think would take it.

Considering the monster size Ronnie had, it would be hard to beat him!

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4 thoughts on “Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath Comparison Reveals That Phil Heath Is Smaller or Not?”

  1. Avatar
    Mathew Thunderhorse Williamson

    I don’t understand why someone would compare the size of these two athletes. Ronnie steps on stage at nearly 300lbs and Phil come in at a whopping 240 and they have the audacity to suggest that maybe Phil is going to somehow, magically be bigger at a 2 inch, 60lb deficit? smh

  2. Avatar
    Travis Michael Curry

    No comparison. What’s funny is, I think, Ronnie looked better at the 2001 Arnold. Now let’s compact those pics!

  3. Avatar

    Yes Ronnie was heavier and shredded. But Phil is so gifted, and he has something that Ronnie doesn’t have which is Roundness to his muscle bellies, plus his biceps and triceps are longe in terms of insertions. Also Phil’s back pops atcha. Let’s keep it real Ronnies back didn’t pop out like Phils. Phil’s calves are waay better as well. Body part for body part Phil is more complete. Phil’s muscle are so rounded that he doesn’t even look narrow anymore @ 250 something pounds. I like Phil better… Of course they will give it to Ronnie because Ronnie brings size and conditioning. I forgot Phil has way better forearms too and traps. Phil doesn’t even have a good midsection, but it is still way better than Ronnies. Phil looks better in side triceps, most muscular’ abs and thigh, back double biceps to me can go either way “just because Phil is so 3D” Ronnie just has him for sure on the front double biceps. Yes Ronnie has a thick chest in that side chest. But Phil fills it out better with his shoulders and arms.

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