Ronnie Coleman Reacts To Larry Wheels Heaviest Lifts

Ronnie Coleman Reacts To Larry Wheels Heaviest Lifts

Ronnie Coleman is one of the best bodybuilders in history, winning the prestigious Mr. Olympia contest eight times in his career.

Even though Ronnie competed in bodybuilding, he still had a background in powerlifting and used to lift hefty weights when he was a bodybuilder.

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Ronnie is probably the strongest bodybuilder that has won Mr. Olympia.

Ronnie was recorded:

  • Deadlifting 800 lbs for 2 reps,
  • Db incline Benching 200 lbs for 7 reps
  • Bench pressing 500 lbs for 5 reps
  • Squatting 800 lbs for 2 reps

So Ronnie is no stranger to lifting some real heavyweights.

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However, when it comes to strength and powerlifting, Larry Wheels is another beast.

He focuses strictly on becoming stronger, and he is one of the world’s best powerlifters.

Larry Wheels has lifted some impressive lifts in his career that have been recorded on camera.

In a compilation with the best Larry Wheels lift, Ronnie Watched it and reacted to it, measuring the strength he had in his prime vs. the strength Larry Wheels has now.

It turns out that even though Ronnie was massively strong, Larry is stronger than Ronnie was in most of the lifts.

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Ronnie Coleman Reacts To Larry Wheels Heaviest Lifts (video)

Watch the video below where Ronnie Coleman is impressed by the crazy heavy lifts Larry Wheels has performed in the last few years.

Even though Ronnie was super strong, he admits that Larry is much stronger in some exercises.

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