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Ronnie Coleman Leg Workout – How He Grew His Legs

Ronnie Coleman 8 times Mr. Olympia champion is one of the biggest mass monsters that has ever competed in bodybuilding.

At his heaviest he was around 300 lbs of pure muscle mass and he was so big in his prime that he made other bodybuilders look small.

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What is interesting about Ronnie’s training is that he isn’t complicating his workouts too much, he likes to train hard with the basic movements.

Basically, for me, I train alone because I get a better focus by myself, and training is basically in the heart so I just use whatever I am comfortable with. I am comfortable in a hardcore training facility doing old-fashioned exercises with basic movements not a whole lot of machines and stuff. Just basic free weights, freestyle, and a lot of hard intense training

Ronnie doesn’t complicate training too much, he relies on the basic exercises we all know but he trains very intensely and lifts heavy weights.

Ronnie Coleman’s leg workout consists of:

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  • Front Squats
  • Hack Squats
  • Lunges
  • Leg Curls

Ronnie goes heavy on the front squats and hack squats but a little lighter weights in the other exercises.

In today’s day and age we see so many people overcomplicating training, if you just look at how Ronnie does it is that he relies on the basic exercises for his leg development and focuses on training them in an intense fashion.

If it worked for Ronnie it will probably work for you too.

Ronnie Coleman Leg Workout Video

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