Ronnie Coleman Biggest Shape Ever 330 lbs in the offseason

Ronnie Coleman Biggest Shape Ever 330 lbs in the offseason

Ronnie Coleman is one of the best bodybuilders in history; in his competitive career, Ronnie won eight Mr. Olympia titles, which is the record.

Ronnie shares the most Olympia wins record with Lee Haney, who won the competition eight times in their careers.

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The biggest bodybuilder to compete in bodybuilding is Ronnie Coleman; in his prime, he out-massed everyone and dominated bodybuilding for eight years straight.

His biggest rival was Jay Cutler, who kept pushing Ronnie, but it took Jay many attempts before winning the competition.

Jay was runner-up four times in the Olympia before securing his first victory in the 2006 Olympia.

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Jay brought a fantastic physique; however, Ronnie was aging and wasn’t improving.

It’s safe to say no one came close to Ronnie Coleman when he was in his best shape.

Ronnie Coleman was an absolute beast in the offseason weighing around 330 lbs, and he wasn’t that fat.

His competition weight was around 300 lbs, shredded to the bone.

Even though it has been years since Ronnie retired from professional bodybuilding, he is still very much involved in the sport.

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Ronnie has a podcast, youtube channel and is the owner of supplement company Ronnie Coleman’s signature series.

On his youtube channel, Ronnie shares his thoughts on bodybuilding, and shares clips from when he was lifting weights as a competitive bodybuilder.

Ronnie Coleman was one of the most muscular bodybuilders globally and was able to squat over 800 lbs and deadlift over 800 lbs when he was competing as a bodybuilder.

Ronnie Coleman Biggest Offseason shape 330 lbs (video)

Ronnie Coleman shared on his YouTube channel a video where he believes it was his most enormous shape ever.

Here’s what Ronnie had to say about that clip:

People always ask whats the biggest I’ve ever been? Well I came across this video and even my jaw dropped. I weighed about 330lbs. Not contest shape but I was well on my way to another Mr. Olympia victory.

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