The Risks Of Using Steroids (It's more dangerous than you think)

The Risks Of Using Steroids (It’s more dangerous than you think)

The risks of using steroids are definitely something that is very controversial.

Some people say it’s “harmless” while others say it can be really dangerous.

The ones that say it’s harmless are most of the time steroid users or dealers who are trying to convince other guys to start using to.

I think we all can agree on that personal opinions do not matter when talking about the risks of using steroids.

The only thing that counts is scientific evidence.

That’s the only thing reliable in this debate.

In this article we will discuss what scientific studies have found out about the risks of using steroids.

Or is it just as harmless as the steroid dealer next door tells you it is?

It’s no denying the fact that many guys are using steroids.

In some gyms there are a number of members using stuff and they do not all look like big bodybuilders.

So let’s clear the fog and talk about what science has found out about the subject.

risks of using steroids

The Risks Of Using Steroids

Of course there are many different varieties of steroids available on the market.

Some have more serious risks than others.

However they have all one thing in common, which is:

There is always a certain level of risk when taking in steroids

Of course some guys try to minimize the risk with low dosages and using milder kinds of steroids.

But there is still risk involved no matter how safe you think your cycle is.

It’s no secret that steroids are very effective to build muscle, recover faster and get stronger.

They work almost like magic in this regard.

However in turn it comes with serious risks involved.

  • Suppress in Natural Testosterone Production

Steroids suppresses natural testosterone production.

Your body will produce lower amounts of testosterone when using steroids.

This can have devastating effects especially once you stop using.

You could lose your muscle mass, sex drive and energy levels.

However in most cases the natural testosterone production comes back, but not for everyone.

  • Male Pattern Baldness

If you were going to get bald at some point in your life then steroids will speed that process up.

So guys that have male pattern baldness could lose their hair earlier.

Maby you have 10 or even 20 years left of your thick hair, steroids can take that hair away from you.

  • Testicular Atrophy

It’s no secret that the testicles shrink when using steroids.

That’s because of you will be producing less testosterone which is made in your testicles.

However in most cases the testicles go back to their normal size once steroid use is discontinued.

  • Increase in Bad Cholesterol

Steroids can lead to an increase in LDL(bad cholesterol)

Why does this matter?

The increase in bad cholesterol can lead to heart attack, stroke or worst case scenario death.

  • Weakening of the heart

Studies suggest that using steroids may weaken the heart more than previously thought.

This is especially a concern for those who already have a weak heart.

  • Liver Damage

Frequent use of anabolic steroid can lead to liver damage and cholestatic.

This can cause symptoms such as nausea, lack of appetite and jaundice.

  • Gynecomastia

It’s a well known fact that steroids can cause gyno or bitch tits.

Which means your breasts will get bigger and accumulate fat.

Steroids can suppress testosterone and raise estrogen production results in bigger breasts.

  • Severe Acne

Users may get severe acne on their face, back and chest when using steroids.

Steroids cause cause the sebaceous glands of the skin to produce more oil which results in more acne and oiler skin.

  • Can cause liver tumours

Steroids can cause liver tumours that cause bleeding and rupture in the liver.

However in most cases these are not cancerous tumours.

  • High blood pressure

Steroids can cause hypertension(high blood pressure)

This is especially a concern if you already have a high blood pressure to begin with.

A high blood pressure for a long period of time can lead to heart failure, stroke and chronic kidney disease.

risks of using steroids

As you know by now steroids can have harmful and dangerous risks involved.

But what if you could get the muscle building benefits of steroids without having to worry about the risky part?

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