The Most Ridiculous "Broscience" You Have Ever Heard

The Most Ridiculous “Broscience” You Have Ever Heard

We have all heard it bro’s giving broscience tips in the gym with no scientific research to back it up. We found this thread on reddit and put together the best responses.

  • “My friend that got me into bodybuilding once told me that doing more than 3 excercises per muscle group was useless, since after the 3rd my muscles was already fatigued enough. Or how quickly i would go “catabolic” if i didn’t eat food right after my workout, I remember him eating cold chicken breasts in the sauna… dat smell…”
  • “You can get an effective back workout doing “towel rows” – Mike Chang, sixpackshortd*cks”
  • “That if you don’t take your protein shake within 30 minutes of working out there’s no point in taking it”
  • “Haha I saw some kids talking outside the gym after their workout, and one of them says “I better get going, I don’t want my anabolic window to close.” Rofl.”

Wait wot, this next one, they can’t be serious?

  • “That you should eat the part of an animal that corresponds to the body part you want to grow. Chicken breast for chest, thigh for legs etc. Can’t even be mad, it’s just a really funny misunderstanding of how food works.”
  • “My step dad told me the more muscle you gain the smaller your penis gets…and that I need to make a choice.”
  • “If you don’t workout after eating protein you’ll get fat. My family dropped this on me when I let my younger bro have a sip of my shake. It was like, the smallest sip ever. And its just protein, they even said pop is better for you than the shake”
  • “That testosterone is just “sitting” in your legs and you can free it by squatting… The overhead conversation at the gym, “Yo bro. You know you have all that testosterone just sitting in your legs. You’ll feel like shit doing it but bro that next lift will be huge I promise!””
  • I heard one trainer say “if you work chest more than once a week you won’t make any gains” it was really hard not to laugh out loud as soon as I heard it”

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