Rich Piana's Old School Exercise For Huge Forearms and Biceps

Rich Piana’s Old School Exercise For Huge Forearms and Biceps

Rich Piana was a legendary bodybuilder and influencer and the popularity Rich Piana gained was not because of his impressive bodybuilding career.

Even though Rich Piana was a decent bodybuilder and won some shows including Mr. California that is not the reason he became one of the biggest influencers in the fitness community.

Rich Piana aspiried to be one of the best bodybuilders in the world but soon realized there wasn’t a lot of money to be made as a professional bodybuilder.

That’s when Rich Piana turned to social media and first gained attention when he was a sponsored athlete by Mutant, Mutant posted videos featuring Rich Piana and the videos went viral.

The reason is that Rich Piana was a breath of fresh air in the fitness industry, he wasn’t afraid to tell his opinion on anything, he was honest with his viewers and he used innovative training to get results.

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Rich Piana also quit competitive bodybuilding because he didn’t want to have the physique of a typical bodybuilding competitor.

Rich said in one of his videos that he didn’t enjoy having big legs, instead, he wanted to have bigger arms and be more athletic with his legs.

Rich Piana’s honesty was also something never seen before in the fitness industry, he openly talked about steroids even sharing his steroid stack with his followers.

Sadly Rich passed away in 2017 when he was only 46-years old, his loss was tragic to the bodybuilding community and at that time he had become one of the most popular influencer in the fitness scene.

Even though it has been years since Rich Piana passed away his legacy lives on and even now many people still watch his videos.

Rich Piana’s Old School Exercise For Huge Forearms and Biceps Zottman Curls

One of the things that differentiated Rich from other influencers was his outside-of-the-box thinking, Rich Piana wasn’t afraid to try anything out to see if it worked for him, he was also known for trying new things and coming up with new ideas such as his infamous 8-hour arm workout.

In one of Rich Piana’s videos, Rich shows an old-school bicep and forearm exercise almost no one ever does in the gym.

It seems like this gem of an exercise from the 60’s got lost somewhere on the way, however, Rich Piana picked it up, tried it, and shared his opinion on Zottman curls with his millions of followers.

Rich Piana’s conclusion on this exercise was that it is a great exercise to target the bicep and forearms at the same time, Rich explained that there are almost no other exercises out there that can accomplish the same stimulation this exercise can.

This exercise is really simple and very similar to bicep curls, the only difference is when you have curled the weight up you rotate your arms at the top so the downward motion of the exercise gives incredible stimulation to the forearm.

Rich Piana’s willingness to get better and try new things earned him one of the biggest pair of arms in the industry, Rich Piana was known for his incredibly large 23,5-inch arms.

Rich Piana had bigger arms than most professionals competing at Mr. Olympia, he did want huge arms and he got them with hard work.

You have to watch the video below and incorporate Zottman curls into your routine, this exercise focuses the biceps and forearms in a way you have never experienced before.

Watch the video below:

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