Rich Piana Speaking About Death Before He Passed Away

Rich Piana Speaking About Death Before He Passed Away

In case you don’t know

Richard Eugene Piana was a famous person in the bodybuilding and fitness circles on the internet.

He was a famous bodybuilder and a businessman, largely recognized for his sheer size.

Rich Piana has competed in a variety of bodybuilding shows and owned a nutrition product line called “5% nutrition”.

In this article, we will give you a glimpse at Rich’s opinion on steroids and the risks it brings.

Are steroids cheating?

Rich piana steroids

According to Rich Piana himself, this depends on the context. For example, in his opinion, using steroids and participating in a natural bodybuilding show, where steroids are prohibited is indeed cheating.

However, if you compete in a show where steroids are not regulated or are just using them for your own goals, then it is not really cheating.

“Bodybuilding is about pumping iron, not just injecting. But over the years, injecting has become the main subject of this sport.”

-Rich Piana

Rich also mentions he is not for steroids but he is not really against them also. In his opinion, it is mainly a matter of personal choice.

That is unless of course, you are a young kid/teenager. Rich highly recommends younger trainees to stay away from performance enhancing drugs.

And that makes sense. If you decide to use steroids, it would be best to first max out your natural potential.

In doing so, you will gain more in the longterm, as the body will not completely shut down the natural testosterone production.

If on the flipside you start early on, if or when you eventually stop, you will have low natural testosterone levels.

Low testosterone is man’s worst friend, as it leads to laziness, lack of sexual desire and many other side effects that ultimately hinder your progress and quality of life.

Synthol use

rich piana synthol


Rich is a man that tried many things and he isn’t afraid to admit synthol was one of them.

“To be honest with you I used synthol 12 years ago and I didn’t like it. It blurred my muscles and made them look weird and it was painful. It’s also hard to train with synthol.”

-Rich Piana

For those of you who are unaware, synthol is basically an oil. It is like male silicone, but with a “function”.

Supposedly, once injected, it stretches out the muscle fascia and allows the musculature to grow at a faster rate.

The fascia is sheet of connective tissue that connects and stabilizes muscles and other organs.

However, synthol, according to rich has no such function.

“You see, that’s the excuse of people that use synthol. They say “I don’t use it for cosmetic purposes, I just use it to allow my muscles to grow faster.”. But that’s false. It doesn’t do that. When you inject that oil, it blocks the blood flow to the muscle, limiting nutrient and oxygen supply.”

-Rich Piana

Common sense will tell you that if you block the feeding of the muscle, you will eventually reach the stage of atrophy.

The muscle cells will gradually die off and you will look smaller and weaker, making synthol one of the worst things you can use to “enhance” your physique.

Dying for your dream

Rich piana interview

Rich is well aware that bodybuilding nowadays has become more and more dangerous with the increasing drug use.

By the end of the video you’re about to see, Rich talks about the story of his friend, who got told by the docs to STOP the steroids & other drugs he was taking, or else, he would die.

Despite the doctors’ recommendations, the guy’s dream was to compete at the Masters Olympia and he did, taking last place and passing away two weeks later.

Rich himself isn’t afraid to admit that steroids do have side effects not only on your bodily processes, but also on your personality.

He says that when he is on his cycle, he can get angry more easily, over literally nothing.

“Everyone who takes any kind of drugs is going to deny its side effects. You know, if you take an alcoholic, he’ll say ‘I’m not an alcoholic, I go to work and stuff’.

And me, I came out and told everyone the exact truth. The truth is, steroids definitely make you more aggressive.”

-Rich Piana

Bottom line

Do not allow your healthy habits to turn into unhealthy obsessions.

Becoming overly obsessed with how you look or how much you lift can bring you to stupid decisions, such as using steroids.

Even if you decide to do so, make sure to educate yourself on how to do it and how to properly recover post-cycle.

Ultimately, your best bet would be relying on your balls to produce your testosterone naturally.

Rich may look like a meathead, but rest assured, he was a very intelligent man, which he shows in the video below.

Check it out!

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