Rich Piana Is Being Trolled Excessively On The Internet - Here Are The Funniest Trolls

Rich Piana Is Being Trolled Excessively On The Internet – Here Are The Funniest Trolls

Rich Piana the huge bodybuilder who is not afraid to speak his mind about subjects others don’t even talk about which obviously has created controversy around him. For the last couple of weeks people have trolled him excessively by creating memes and writing comments about him on his videos.

Here are some of the funniest trolls:



Some of the comments are priceless

  • “You’ll never be big”, “Just give up”, “You’re skinny for life, bro”…the whispers I hear in my head torment me throughout my workout. I’m only half way through my 16 hour arm session, but my arms already look considerably larger than they usually do at 11 inches. Exhausted from my 5 pound preacher curls, I reach over to take a sip of Real Food from my 5% jug, but it’s not where I left it. I head back to my previous location, thinking I may have forgotten it by the 5 pound dumbbells, but it’s nowhere in sight…”Looking for this?”, says a mocking voice behind me. I turn around to find Jimmy Struthers glaring at me, with my 5% jug in his hands. I feel my buttocks clench, knowing I’m about to get the shit beat out of me, when suddenly a massive figure, larger than life itself, approaches the scene. His heroic BP oil arms are unmistakable. It’s Rich! In the presence of my hero and mentor, my voice begins to tremble. “R-Rich!, what a-a-are you d-doing here?” In his sexy gruff voice he replies: “Just doin’ whatever it takes”. Then, in one quick movement, he picks up the nearest 45 pound plate, and with the strength gained from years of natural bodybuilding, he hurls it like a frisbee, directly into the face of Jimmy Struthers, killing him instantly. Dumbfounded from what had just occurred, I slowly reached across Jimmy’s lifeless corpse to retrieve my 5% jug, and by the time I turned around, Rich was gone. A tear rolled down my face as I said to myself: “He’s the hero 5%ers deserves..but not the one we need right now. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector..he is the best natural bodybuilder who ever walked this earth.”
  • Yo Rich I want to be a 5%er. I weigh 250 lbs with 5% bodyfat. I eat 55 meals per day and sleep in my gym for another 15 hours. I also a got a tattoo on my balls that says 5%. On top of this I eat Ben N Jerrys every night. I was about to come down to fill the application when one of your associates asked what my cock-to-ball ratio was. I was shocked by the question and asked for a ruler because u know “whatever it takes” i have a big dick so i wasnt worried. I told the guy my ratio was 4:1 he told me to get the fuck out because to be a 5% er u must have a 5:1 cock to ball ratio. Does anyone have any tips on how to increase my ratio thx.
  • I am a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I sit patiently in the supermarket freezer, hoping the Piano will pick me. My emotions soar when he finally approaches the freezer and grasps me with his firm grip. I ride home with the Piano in his Bentley, eagerly anticipating what will come next. I am in the Piano’s kitchen now. Tenderly, he removes my lid, and I expose my delicious creamy interior. He jabs a spoon inside of me, and takes a huge bite. I feel ecstatic, knowing that a part of me is now inside of the Piano. I lose myself at the thought of the ice cream gently caressing his tongue and mouth, and eases its way through his intestines. I am now one, with Rich Piano.
  • Hey Rich can I be in your 5% club ? Here is my résumé. I eat 37 meals a day. Once every 17.37 minutes to be exact ( so I dont go catabolic). I also drink 13 “the shake” shakes which I use 5 scoops of mass gainer ( because I can’t be like everyone else and use 4). I drink as well as inject a gallon of synthol twice a day. I only wear adidias. I have 2 porches, a Bentley, as well as a prius. I hate nikes. My girlfriend chugs protein shakes as she drives doing 90 in the commuter lane. I NEVER train legs because lets face it, who wants a 5 dollar trophie when you have 32 inch arms! My entire body is covered in tattoos. I also only wear black tank tops and Capri shorts ! So what do you think Rich !?

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  1. Avatar
    Cornelius Craven

    my favorite personal entry:

    been Rick’s biggest fan ever since he turned vegan. Because of my age,
    Im not able to do 8 hour arm workouts anymore but I apply many other of
    his principles to my life. For instance, every morning I stretch my
    weiner out for 10 minutes and dip my balls in ice water. I find that
    this makes the ideal dick to balls ratio. I call this trick “Pianoing”.
    Sometimes I get sad that I will never have 32 inch biceps, so I play
    his self titled song “The Piano Man” and cry myself to sleep at night.

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