Revboost Review - Supplement Expert Exposes Ineffective Ingredients

Revboost Review – Supplement Expert Exposes Ineffective Ingredients

I hope you’re ready for this Revboost review, as I think you’re going to be surprised!

But before we get into the truth about Revboost, let me ask you something.

Do you ever get the feeling you’re not getting the results you deserve from your hard work in the gym?

It’s annoying, yes?

We push ourselves hard through each session, take protein supplements to get those muscles ripped and carefully watch our diet.

But we just seem to have hit a plateau.

You agree right?

Well there is an answer!

Testosterone boosters can solve this problem! Guys have found after taking these T-boosters they are achieving up to 70% faster muscle gain! They are pressing more than they have ever done before and are literally shedding the fat! 

That’s a fact.

But be careful.

Not all T-boosters are the same! Some are incredible. Some are absolutely worthless.

In this Revboost review, I am going to tell you the whole truth about this supposed T-booster. I will explain exactly what it is supposed to do, what it contains and whether it does actually work!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

Warning! Dear Revboost reader: Click here to see why this booster did NOT make it to the list of Top 5 Test Boosters.

Revboost Review


Ok guys, let’s start with some basics!

It’s important, since then we can examine how and if Revboost actually works.

Revboost is a natural dietary supplement marketed as a testosterone booster. It’s supplied in capsule form to be taken three times a day.

Which means:

It’s designed to naturally raise the levels of testosterone in the body.

The market has seen a rapid rise of these T-boosters.


Because bodybuilders have been looking for legal alternatives to steroids such as Sustanon.

The benefit is they are not illegal and they come with little to no side effects.

Sounds good, right?

Testosterone is a freakin’ awesome hormone for bodybuilding. It is proven to:

  • Improve mood so you are more likely to hit the gym and work harder 1
  • Promote superfast muscle growth by improving muscle protein synthesis 2
  • Raise strength levels 3
  • Lower body fat 4
  • Increase sex drive 5

Revboost claims that through its own formulation, it will boost your testosterone naturally to allow you to achieve all these amazing results.

Well, stick with me in this Revboost review and find out if it is true!

Who Should Use Revboost?

revboost review


After reading this Revboost review, you may decide it is not for you!

But before we get there, let me tell you who Revboost is designed for:

  • Guys who want to build lean muscle fast
  • Guys wanting more strength
  • Bodybuilders who have hit a plateau with their muscle gain
  • Men wanting an alternative to illegal steroids
  • Guys trying to drop excess body fat
  • Men demanding higher libido

If any of the above sounds like you, then a proven testosterone booster will be the answer!

Who Should Not Use Revboost?

T-boosters in general are not designed for:

Steroid Guys

T-Boosters are the safe and natural way to supercharge testosterone. They are not illegal and do not come with nasty side effects.

If it’s steroids you want, go and see that dodgy guy on the street corner.

Lucky Guys

If you find you pile on muscle like a beast just from working out, carry no body fat and are an animal in the bedroom, your testosterone is probably already in overdrive!

Junk Food Addicts

Not only will junk food pile on the pounds, it will reduce your testosterone! 6

There’s very little point taking a supplement to enhance testosterone production and then ruining it all!

Plus, if you are not watching that diet, the calories are not going to help you shed fat.

Lazy Guys

man on sofa

Listen. This is very important.

Testosterone boosters are an amazing way to push your results to the next level.

It’s a fact that after taking proven T-boosters guys have seen massive improvements in muscle gain, energy and stamina. But they all had one thing in common.

It’s this:

They exercised hard and watched their diet.

There is no magic formula to gain muscle and drop fat whilst sitting on your ass.

But here’s the good news!

If you take a proven T-booster whilst exercising and watching your food intake, you will see your gym efforts rewarded 10-20 times over!

How Does Revboost Work?

This is where this Revboost review becomes really interesting.

Guys, let me be honest.

I take testosterone boosters. I’m continually amazed how powerful and effective they are. I’m also a bit of a geek.


After years of training, I know the best T-booster ingredients, the effect they have on my body and how they will boost my testosterone.

What’s more, I’ve lost count of the number I have reviewed!

But here’s the issue.

Even with all that experience, I have struggled to find a way that Revboost can actually be effective in boosting testosterone.


I have spent ages trying to figure out how Revboost can live up to its claims. I have come up with a couple of answers, but they are being very generous at best and may stretch credibility.

Even the marketing material for Revboost doesn’t explain how it works!

Boosts Energy

man running

The ingredients in Revboost (more on that soon!) can have some positive energy boosting effects. It is nothing to do with testosterone, but they can increase athletic performance by boosting the metabolism

Sheds Fat

Revboost could increase your metabolic rate, making the body work in overdrive.

Think of it as pushing your foot down on the accelerator in a car. The faster you go the more fuel you use.

Stay with me!

Your body is very similar. With the body working in overtime, it demands fuel which it finds in your fat!

The faster your metabolism the faster you burn those excess pounds.7

Increases Blood Flow

The ingredients within Revboost are proven to increase nitric oxide production.

That is important.

Increased nitric oxide enables the vascular system to dilate, and therefore promotes better blood flow around the body.8

But this is where it all gets a little tenuous!

Theoretically, it’s vaguely possible that testosterone could be boosted by:

Increasing Blood Flow to Testicles

tennis balls

As the blood is flowing more easily to your balls, oxygen and other essential nutrients reach them more quickly and in higher levels (it all happens in the Leydig cells if you’re interested!).

This means that your testes are healthier and have everything they require to produce more testosterone.9

But here’s the catch.

You would need really unhealthy balls in the first place for this to make any significant difference at all.

Improves Erections

Blood is what makes the package of yours wake up, stand proud and become hard.

If blood flow is improved, then the penis should be more easily gorged with blood to create a strong erection.

Improves Testosterone Delivery

I’m scraping the barrel here!

If your vascular system is dilated, testosterone can be more quickly and efficiently delivered to the muscles.

Think of it as a courier driver trying to deliver something to your home, and all the roads are empty of traffic.

If higher levels are delivered to the muscles, the quicker they will become ripped.

Builds Muscle to Create Testosterone


I am being very generous with this one!

The ingredients in Revboost will increase protein synthesis in the muscles (i.e. they will help muscle build faster).

Which means:

The more muscle you build, the harder you will work out and (possibly) the more testosterone you will produce.

Exercise, including resistance training, has been proven to boost T-levels.10

Or, you could just go for a run and hit the iron as normal.

It will probably have the same effect.

Let me make this clear.

Usually I can examine a supplement and see how it achieves its claims.


For this Revboost review, I have had to look at the claims and try to work backwards to figure out how it could possibly work.

It’s like a politician trying to put a positive spin on bad news.

I haven’t even convinced myself.

Revboost Ingredients

pill bottle

As the saying goes:

“Always read the label.”

And in the case of this Revboost review it is absolutely essential.

I’ll give you some free advice!

When you are looking for a powerful, proven and safe testosterone booster, some of the ingredients you should be looking for are:

  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Zinc
Want to see the ingredients that actually work? Visit our ultimate guide to Test Boosters here.

If they possess some or all of these, you know you are taking a T-booster which has been scientifically proven to raise testosterone levels.

Guess how many are in Revboost? None.

OK, but that may not be so bad! Maybe they have come up with something else that can raise T-levels?

Let’s have a look at the Rev boost ingredients!

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

This amino acid (they are all amino acids in this formula) has been shown to raise nitric oxide production and therefore increase blood flow.11

As mentioned earlier in this Revboost review, this might promote healthy testicles and faster delivery of testosterone. Maybe.

L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate

A proven exercise enhancer used in high intensity aerobic training.12

As you exercise, more testosterone could possibly be produced. But only a minimum amount. Probably no more than during your usual regime.

It also raises your metabolic rate, so you could shed fat.

L-Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate

This amino acid has been shown to increase the production of human growth hormone (HGH).13

Obviously for us guys that is great, as HGH helps to build massive muscle.

But get this.

It has nothing to do with boosting testosterone levels. In fact, it’s the other way round.

Testosterone promotes HGH production, not vice versa.14

L-Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

The fourth and final amino acid in this formula prevents protein degradation in muscles.

Which is important because:

The proteins remain longer in the muscles allowing them to rebuild stronger.15

Again, nothing to do with testosterone.

So that’s all the ingredients!

Seasoned bodybuilders may have noticed that Revboost is just made out of amino acids. It appears more like a muscle builder supplement than a T-booster.

Here’s a further issue.

The ingredients are listed on the bottle as ‘proprietary formula 742 mg’. It is impossible to even see how much of each individual amino is contained with the supplement.

Let me put this into perspective.

The most useful amino in this supplement is L-Arginine. Even if we assume that all 742 mg of this supplement is L-Arginine, you would get more of this amino by eating a few walnuts.

And that’s a lot cheaper too.

Revboost Side Effects

heart attack

This Revboost review has shown that the only ingredients in the formulation are common amino acids that you may already be supplementing with.

They are perfectly safe, especially considering there is only a tiny amount of 742 mg spread across four acids.

Therefore there are no Revboost side effects.

Revboost Before After Results

revboost review

After everything you have read in this Revboost review, you are probably expecting me to be really harsh on Revboost here!

Well, I’m full of surprises!

I’ve looked at online Rev boost reviews and found they are a pretty mixed bunch of positives and negatives!

For a start, guys have said:

“I first noticed a big change in my natural energy! It’s not like if u take a diet pill but it’s like clean energy and a lot of it… I started noticing muscle growth this first week also

Steve Padgett

“I have used Rev Boost for about a week. During this time there has been recognizable changes.”

But on the downside, guys have reported:

“Tried the dosage recommendations, and thus far it seems like I’m taking a placebo. Have not received the results as others claimed. Very disappointed.”

Earl Bedford

Haven’t noticed any changes in my energy whatsoever. Cannot recommend.

Dwight Wilson

Should have no stars. Like others with similar ingredients it does NOT work. Save your money”

Don Lee

Well, maybe there is something in it. But to be honest, I tend to trust instincts and what is scientifically proven to work.

To me, this isn’t.

However, where the reviews are positive they tend to indicate increases in muscle and energy. All of which can be attributed to the amino acids.

Where to Buy Revboost?

I have been unable to find any official website for Revboost. The only place it appears you can purchase it is on Amazon.

Revboost Review Conclusion

revboost review

I want to make one thing clear.

Testosterone boosters do work! I can vouch for that!

There are some amazing proven supplements out there which have helped guys gain massive muscle, shed fat and increase stamina in the gym and the bedroom.

But I don’t believe Revboost is one of those.

I have been as thorough as possible in this Revboost review. The main thing I have discovered is that it appears to be nothing more than an amino acid supplement.

And even then it is very weak.

Despite the positive reviews, I cannot see any evidence of this supplement raising testosterone levels. It might work as a muscle builder, but if that is what you are after there are much more powerful ones on the market.

When choosing your testosterone booster, look for the ingredients I mentioned earlier in this Revboost review.

By buying a T-booster with scientifically researched and proven ingredients, you can attain the awesome results that other guys have already achieved!

Our #1 recommendations is TestoGen. Click here to read our TestoGen Review

Revboost Review FAQ:

“How to Take Revboost?”

It’s advised that you should take three tablets, once daily with breakfast or lunch.

Which is a little strange.

The bottle contains 60 tablets, so you are only getting a 20 day supply, not one month which is standard.

How Much Does Revboost Cost?”

One bottle of Revboost (60 tablets – 20 days supply) costs $29.97.

Where Can You Buy Revboost?”

As there does not seem to be a Revboost website I could locate for this Revboost review, the only place to purchase it appears to be Revboost Amazon.

So, if you’re looking where to buy Rev boost, remember there is no Revboost at GNC.

Does Revboost Really Work?”

There are positive reviews online claiming that it works, and others that it does not.

There is no Revboost free trial to take advantage of either.

As I examined earlier in this Revboost review, I struggled to find any strong evidence how this supplement could boost testosterone to any great extent.

Personally I would look elsewhere for a product which contains scientifically proven ingredients.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

I could not find any evidence of a money back guarantee.

How Long Do You Have to Take Revboost Before Seeing Results?”

Some customer reviews have indicated a few days. Other guys have taken them for three months and still not see any change.

My advice would be to find an alternative proven testosterone booster, where good results can be seen within the first month.

Do They Ship Worldwide?”

They ship to many places in the world but not all countries. Check on the Amazon listing to see if your country is covered.



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