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With a successful fitness clothing empire, gym, and downloadable workouts—it appears that Regan Grimes was always destined for success in the bodybuilding world.

Yet, his entrance into the physique-sculpting sphere was more by accident than design.

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Here’s the remarkable story behind this online phenomenon.

Regan Grimes Wiki

Age:                           29.

Date of birth:            26th June 1993.

Height:                      5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Weight:                      235-265 pounds (106.5-120 kg).

Instagram:                regangrimes

Profession:              Bodybuilder, gym owner and fitness entrepreneur.

Nationality:               Canadian.

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About Regan Grimes

Regan Grimes was born in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, in 1993.

As a child, he had one main interest—bikes. His father, himself a keen motorcyclist, introduced Regan to the sport of motocross, and his son took every opportunity to watch it on TV and attend events.

It wasn’t long before the lure became too strong—and in his early teens, Regan Grimes began to compete in the sport.

While reasonably successful—he never made a massive impression. Regan Grimes felt that it was his lack of body strength that was the issue. His lean frame couldn’t adequately control his bike—in a sport which placed heavy demands on the arms, legs and lower back.1

Determined to improve, at the age of 17, he hit the gym. It was to change his life. Regan Grimes recalls,

“The reason I started training was to get bigger and stronger for racing motocross. I started lifting weights and loved it. Seeing results and changes in my body got me hooked!”

Motocross now took second place. Weightlifting became Regan Grime’s main focus of attention.

Using the Canadian IFBB professional Antoine Vaillant’s training videos as a guide—Grimes worked out intensely for a year—entering his first bodybuilding competition at the age of 18.

From that point, he has built a vast empire.

It started with the Regan Grimes YouTube channel, where he shares details of his day-to-day life and workout and training tips. This online platform gave him massive exposure leading to impressive sponsorship deals with Fusion Muscle and Do You Even.

But this wasn’t enough. At the age of 21, Regan Grimes opened the FlexPlex gym in London, Ontario. This was quickly followed by his online store, which retails his workout and diet plans, Regan Grimes clothing and training accessories.

Today, this Regan Grimes bodybuilder still competes in competition while running his businesses. He lives in Ontario with his wife, Victoria (D’Ariano).

Regan Grimes Net Worth

Regan Grimes Net Worth

The estimated Regan Grimes net worth is $1-2 million.

Bodybuilding Accomplishments

The Regan Grimes training routine has led to him being placed in competition. Here are a few of his more notable results:

2012               1st place        Fitness model, Ultimate Fitness Events

2012               1st place        Men’s bodybuilding middleweight, Ultimate Fitness Events

2012               2nd place      Junior bodybuilding, Ultimate Fitness Events

2014               1st place        Junior bodybuilding, Mississauga Luchka O’Brien Classic

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2014               1st place        Men’s bodybuilding middleweight, Mississauga Luchka

O’Brien Classic

2014               1st place        Men’s overall bodybuilding, Mississauga Luchka O’Brien


2014               2nd place      Men’s open heavyweight, Ontario Provincials

2014               2nd place      Junior heavyweight, Ontario Provincials

2017               2nd place      IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding, Vancouver Pro

2017               5th place        IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding, Wings of Strength Chicago Pro

2017               5th place        IFBB Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Tampa Pro

2018               8th place        IFBB Men’s Classic Physique, Mr. Olympia

Regan Grimes Workout Program

The Regan Grimes Workout routine is about one thing for the big guy—the pump.

He believes for the ultimate hypertrophic effect, the muscles must be engorged with blood. As such, he performs light-weight, high-rep warm-ups on his targeted muscles before hitting the heavy iron.


  1. Cable chest flyes                             3 sets                          10-8 reps
  2. Machine chest press (incline)       5 sets                          12-8 reps
  3. Nautilus vertical chest press          5 sets                          12-8 reps
  4. Dumbbell chest press                     5 sets                          12-8 reps
  5. Cable crossovers                             5 sets                          12-8 reps
  6. Bench cable crossovers                 5 sets                          12-8 reps.

Here’s Regan Grimes talking you through an insane chest workout:


  1. Reverse grip lat pull down             4 sets                          12-8 reps
  2. Dumbbell row                                   4 sets                          12-8 reps
  3. T Bar row plate loaded                    4 sets                          10-8 reps
  4. Close-grip cable row                       4 sets                          12-8 reps
  5. Reverse seated row machine        4 sets                          12-8 reps
  6. Deadlift on Smith machine                        4 sets                          12-8 reps
  7. Close-grip lat pull down                  4 sets                          15-12 reps

This video shows Regan Grimes with a couple of buddies preparing to return to Open competition with a killer back session.

Wednesday—Rest Day

Light cardio, if you require.


  1. Dumbbell shoulder press               4 sets                          12 reps
  2. Lying cable side lateral raise         4 sets                          12 reps
  3. Dumbbell front lateral raise                        4 sets                          12 reps
  4. Reverse pec deck machine           4 sets                          15-10 reps
  5. Dumbbell side lateral raise            4 sets                          10 reps
  6. Cable front raise                              4 sets                          12 reps

Here’s Regan Grimes taking you through a monster shoulder workout, just five weeks out from the 2019 IFBB Romania Pro.


  1. Lying hamstring curl                                   4 sets                          12-8 reps
  2. Leg press                                           5 sets                          12-8 reps
  3. Smith machine front squat             4 sets                          15-12 reps
  4. Seated leg extension                      4 sets                          15-12 reps
  5. Single leg hamstring curl               4 sets                          12-10 reps
  6. Smith machine stiff leg deadlift     4 sets                          15-12 reps

Don’t forget leg day! This is Regan Grimes explaining how to achieve enormous legs:


  1. Triceps pulldown with rope                        4 sets                          15-10 reps
  2. Bodyweight dips                              4 sets                          10-8 reps
  3. Bench press close-grip                   4 sets                          12-10 reps
  4. Skull crusher with EZ bar               4 sets                          15-12 reps
  5. Bent over cable push-down           4 sets                          15-12 reps
  6. Preacher curl with EZ bar              4 sets                          15-12 reps
  7. Alternating dumbbell curl               4 sets                          12-10 reps
  8. Standing barbell curl                       4 sets                          15-12 reps
  9. Preacher curl on machine             4 sets                          15-12 reps

If you want to know how to take your arms to the max with some serious pumps, have a look at Regan Grimes in action:


Use this day to work on areas that need more attention.

Regan Grimes Diet

Regan Grimes Diet

When bulking, Regan Grimes tries to hit around 6000-8000 calories per day.

He admits that while he tries to concentrate on eating sufficient protein, he pays little attention to his macros during this off-season. However, when cutting, the Regan Grimes diet is strictly monitored for carbs, fats and proteins.

Regan Grimes believes that healthy foods are important—but still often allows himself some junk cheat-meals during the off-season. Often, he will eat out twice a day, including his favorite meal of burger and fries.

Meal #1

  • Eight ounces of ground lean turkey.
  • Two cups of cooked rice.
  • One large apple.
  • Eight ounces of orange juice.

Meal #2

  • Double-Double Animal style (from In-N-Out).
  • Fries.
  • Strawberry milkshake.

Meal #3

  • Eight ounces of lean beefsteak.
  • Two cups of pasta sauce.
  • Five cups of cooked penne pasta.
  • One large banana.
  • Eight ounces of freshly-squeezed orange juice.

Meal #4

  • Teriyaki chicken.
  • Two cups of white rice.
  • Three buttermilk pancakes served with chopped bananas and chocolate chips.

Meal #5

  • Eight ounces of lean beefsteak.
  • Two cups of pasta sauce
  • Four cups of cooked linguine pasta.
  • One medium banana.
  • Eight ounces of apple juice.

Meal #6

  • Two scoops of whey protein isolate.
  • 120 grams of breakfast cereal mixed with water.

Here’s Regan Grimes on a full-day of eating. It includes his fast-food favorites and shows how he can consume 6000 calories.

Is Regan Grimes on Steroids

Is Regan Grimes on Steroids?

The Regan Grimes steroids issue only began to gain momentum around two years ago.

In 2017, he left Canada for a few weeks to train at the world-famous Oxygen Gym in Kuwait. This facility has turned the likes of Brandon Curry, Roelly Winklaar and Big Ramy from solid bodybuilders into world-beaters.

While there, the Regan Grimes social media machine started posting images of him apparently having gained massive muscle—claiming around 26 pounds in a couple of weeks.

It’s true, he put on weight. Although many of the images seemed to make him appear puffy—probably due to excess water rather than muscle mass.

Yet, this phenomenal increase in size, together with the somewhat dubious “anabolic chicken” diet that guys at Oxygen Gym undergo—has led many people to ask questions.

There’s no evidence that this gym is promoting ‘roids. But, it does have an uncanny ability to skyrocket mass in all who attend.

Regan Grimes himself has neither confirmed nor denied steroid use.

Regan Grimes Before and After

The Regan Grimes transformation story has been slow and steady—perhaps indicating that, at least for a lot of his career, it has been natural growth.

Here’s the toned Regan at 16 years, weighing in around 180 pounds.

Regan Grimes Before and After

Then, here’s Regan at 18 years after he’d completed just one year of training:

bulky Regan at about 225 pounds

A further three years, and we see an overall more bulky Regan at about 225 pounds.

regan grimes is 265 pounds

Finally, after spending time at Oxygen Gym, here’s the 265-pound behemoth:

Regan Grimes Supplements

Regan Grimes Supplements

As a brand ambassador to Primeval Labs, it’s no surprise that he claims they’re his go-to supplements.

Generally speaking, the types of product he uses are:

  • Whey protein powder.
  • Stimulant-free pre-workout.
  • Muscle pump enhancer.
  • Carbohydrate loaders.
  • Post-workout powder.
  • BCAAs
  • Multivitamin and mineral supplements.

Regan Grimes Quotes

Regan Grimes Quotes: Motivation and Inspiration

Here are some uplifting words from the man himself:

“Of course it’s hard…it’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it GREAT!

“When contest prep is getting down to those final weeks, and body fat levels are super low, this is what separates the men from the boys. You will feel uncomfortable in your own skin, irritable at times, and every step you take might feel like a chore. This is where you have to be mentally tough.”

Pump, man. It’s all about the pump. Nothing can beat the surge of explosive half-pain as your muscles swell to ridiculous proportions. Without the pump, there’s no growth.”

“What I enjoy most about competing is the self-discipline. Structure and dedication. This is the toughest sport out there in my opinion. It’s not for just anyone.”

“One bodybuilding secret I discovered is that there are two phases in bodybuilding. You are either bulking or cutting. If you are looking to make serious gains in the offseason, you have to let the fact of staying super lean go! You just won’t see the results!!”

“The rear delt, when it is developed, really completes the look of your shoulders! Usually, it’s one of the most underdeveloped muscles, probably because it gets the least attention! Don’t forget it!”

Regan Grimes Frequently Asked Questions

“Where Can I Find Regan Grimes on Social Media?”

You can find the Regan Grimes Instagram account here. Additionally, you can follow him on YouTube and Facebook.

“Where Is Regan Grimes Gym?”

Regan Grimes FlexPlex gym is located in London, Ontario, Canada. In the coming years, he plans to open more sites.

“How Tall Is Regan Grimes?”

The Regan Grimes height is 5 feet 11 inches.

“How Much Can Regan Grimes Bench?”

Regan Grimes has not indicated his maximum press, although he has posted images of himself on Instagram pushing out over 475 pounds.

“Why Did Regan Grimes Switch From Open Bodybuilding to Classic Physique?”

Regan Grimes has always had a passion for the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. His gym was established with the ethos of containing nothing but old school equipment, as used by Schwarzenegger.

His move from the massive size required in Open competition down to the more aesthetic Classic Physique was a continuation of this ethos. However, he is now planning to return back to the Open division.

“How Old Is Regan Grimes?”

The Regan Grimes age is 26 years.

“Where Did Regan Grimes Place Mr Olympia?”

He finished 8th in the Men’s Classic Physique category at Mr. Olympia.

Regan Grimes Summary

Regan Grimes Summary

Regan Grimes demonstrates that once you discover what you love in life—you should pursue it with a passion.

His first experience with bodybuilding was out of necessity, not desire—yet soon it developed into an overwhelming obsession.

He nurtured this love and turned it into a profitable business while still competing on the big stage.

He may not have reached the top accolades in bodybuilding—but aged just 26, there’s still plenty of time for him to attain his goal.


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