How To Reduce Food Cravings

How To Reduce Food Cravings

Ah, the dreaded food cravings. That feeling we get in our stomachs when we think about our favorite foods. Unfortunately for us, most of those foods are not at all compatible with a bodybuilding lifestyle. While the occasional cheat meal is ok, having them multiple times per week is simply not acceptable if you want to make great gains.

When it comes to cravings, there are multiple strategies to deal with them. Some people like to have a very small amount of whatever food it is that they are craving. We are completely against this method as, anyone knows that one does not simply have a single cookie, or a few chips. It always escalates into many more and before you know it your diet is ruined. What’s worse is sometimes these binge eating sessions turn into binge days or even binge weeks, resetting weeks or even months of progress.

Instead, stick to your cheat meals and find alternative ways to deal with your favorite food cravings. Typically people will crave a particularly type of food. While having that food might not be possible, one way to deal with those cravings is to eat something that tastes similar. While not an exact substitute, it will at least give your body some of what it is looking for without messing up your daily macros. Check out some of the most common types of foods people crave and what alternatives you can look for to satisfy those cravings.

Sweet Foods

We all get that craving for chocolate foods from time to time. Instead of ordering up a piece of cake for dessert, try looking for an alternative that has a comparable taste without all the sugar and calories. For example, there are tons of protein powders and protein bars out there that are chocolate flavoured yet are still low in sugar and calories. While they might not be as tasty as a Mars bar, the fact that they are low in sugar will prevent you from screwing up your diet and putting on extra fat. In fact, a chocolate-flavored protein bar is actually good for you just as long as it isn’t loaded with added sugar.

Salty Foods

Movie theater popcorn, chips, etc. Many people in fact prefer the taste of salty foods over sweet ones. However, before you open up a bag of Lays try making some homemade popcorn. It’s relatively easy to do and is actually very low in calories – not to mention it won’t be loaded with all that crap found in movie theater popcorn (don’t even get us started on the butter).

Chewy Foods

Mmmm cookies. These are our personal favorites. Don’t think you need to waste your cheat meal on a bag of soft-baked chocolate chip cookies though. Homemade protein cookies are easy to make, inexpensive and will actually help you hit your daily macro goals. If baking isn’t your thing there are tons of new protein cookie products hitting the market that will give you the protein you need.

How To Suppress Your Appetite (and Cravings)

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you to avoid ruining your diet is to reduce your cravings from the start. No, we aren’t kidding, it’s actually possible. The way you can achieve this is through a high quality fat burner. Now, most people don’t associate fat burners with being helpful at making you eat a better diet. In fact, when most people think of fat burners they picture some late-night infomercial targeted at fat people eating ice cream while they watch TV. We’re glad to say that the industry has come a long way since then and that it’s time to educate yourself on what’s out there.

Fat burners will help you in three main ways. First, they increase your metabolism. Second, they boost your energy levels. Third, and most importantly for this article, they will help suppress your appetite. That means you won’t feel hungry nearly as often which means fewer food cravings. Think back to your last food craving – were you hungry when it happened, or full? Typically food cravings happen when we are hungry, so by taking a fat burner that suppresses your appetite you will be far less likely to crave junk food.

If you aren’t sure which fat burner to take, don’t worry, we’ve put a lot of research into finding the best product out there. Click here to check out our dedicated fat burners page. It outlines the types of ingredients you should be looking for, the effect it will have on your diet and performance and most important, the top products currently on the market.

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