RAD140 (Testolone) Review: [2019] Results and Side Effects Exposed

RAD140 (Testolone) Review: [2019] Results and Side Effects Exposed

The current hype is all about Testolone RAD140—a drug that’s purported to act like testosterone—but without the dangers.

Is it too good to be true?

Testosterone is one of the most potent steroids. Yet, many guys avoid this synthetic as they know the awful side effects it can cause.

You agree, right?

It appears that guys using RAD140 have witnessed incredible improvements to their training returns. Mass piles on, recovery times drop, and unwanted fat is shed.

This Testolone article brings you the undiluted truth about this “wonder drug”. If you’re prepared to discover the unnatural results it can provide and the insane secrets it hides—then let’s get down to it.

What Is Testolone?

What Is Testolone

Scientifically known as RAD140, this drug is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). That is, a drug that’s designed to target particular aspects of human physiology while having little effect on other areas.

Developed by Radius Health (hence the RAD140 name), it was originally conceived back in 2010 as a treatment for both muscle wasting diseases and breast cancer in postmenopausal females. [1][2]

Studies and research on this drug are extremely limited—it wasn’t until 2017 that the first phase of human testing began to take place—with the experiment not expecting to conclude until 2020.[3]

However, the ability of this drug to boost muscle strength and mass are of most interest to the bodybuilder. While in research circles it may be known as RAD140—the lifting community often simply refers to it as Testolone—for reasons we shall soon discover.

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“Is RAD140 a Steroid?”

No. Steroids (anabolic) are basically synthetic hormones created in a lab that derive from testosterone.[4]

RAD140 (Testolone) is a SARM which binds itself directly to muscle receptors. In doing so it stimulates anabolic building, promoting growth.

You could say it’s akin to steroids in that it promotes mass and size—but targets muscles directly (instead of affecting the entire physiology).

As mentioned, this drug is still undergoing the first stages of human testing. This means its use hasn’t been approved, even under prescription from a health practitioner.

However, research still needs to take place—allowing Testolone to be legally sold for research purposes. Hence, if you’re a biology and chemistry boffin you can legitimately get hold of this compound.

Yet, for guys like me and you, it’s not legal. The FDA hasn’t allowed this ingredient to be included in any dietary supplements (even though some companies tried to).[5]

Furthermore, WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has included Testolone (RAD140) on its latest prohibited list—meaning it’s not allowed in sporting competition.


RAD140 (Testolone) Benefits – What Is it Used For?


If successful, naturally the treatment of breast cancer with Testolone should be welcomed. However, I’m guessing that’s not what’s on your mind when you’re pushing out those all-important final reps.

Hence, here are the main RAD140 benefits that make Testolone attractive to the bodybuilder.

Increases Total Muscle Mass

In 2010, an extensive study was conducted, under the direction of Radius Health, to investigate the physiological effects of RAD140 on monkeys and rats.[6]

This research noted a powerful correlation between Testolone and muscle growth. Scientists found that as the dose of this drug was increased, muscle growth elevated at the same rate. And these primates weren’t undertaking resistance training.

What this study also indicated was that while muscle size and weight were heightened, RAD140 didn’t induce fat gains.

Reduces Fat Stores

Users of Testolone often report that not only have they witnessed lean gains—but also their fat percentage begins to fall.

The 2010 study showed that some monkeys did lose fat during the trial. Research has proven that serious muscle growth does induce pound shedding. This is due to the fact that muscle cells are more metabolically energy-demanding than fat cells.[7]

Hence, to sustain these muscles, energy, in the form of fat, is burnt.

Elevates Mental Focus

Experiments in 2014 found that RAD140 has a positive effect on the brain. Working out isn’t all just about the muscle—you need full concentration and determination to really push out the heavy iron.[8]

What’s more, this study discovered that Testolone can actually protect brain tissue and cells (well, in rats anyway). As we age, our testosterone levels fall and this can have an effect on brain function—even leading to Alzheimer’s disease.[9]

The study concluded that further research is required to see if RAD140 could prevent the onset of this terrible condition.

Raises Stamina, Power, and Strength

Guys who have used Testolone on a full cycle have experienced improvements to endurance and strength which they claim is equal to that provided by the steroid testosterone enanthate.

After just a few weeks of use, reps are increased, extra plates are added, and they find that they could work out for longer than before.

Furthermore, this increase in workload naturally leads to greater muscle gains and enhanced fat loss.

May Protect Against Adverse Steroid Effects

If you’re a seasoned juicer, you know that steroids are potent tools to really elevate returns in your training. But, you’re also aware that they can severely damage the liver and enlarge the prostate.

The 2010 study investigated the adverse effects of high doses of RAD140 on monkeys. It was discovered that both their prostates and livers were relatively unaffected by this drug—and may even have preventative effects.

Suitable for Female Bodybuilders

By targeting muscle receptors, and not affecting other parts of the body, Testolone doesn’t induce unwanted androgenic effects in females.

Consequently, the oft-reported issues of adverse hair growth, deeper voice, and an enlarged clitoris are avoided.

So, how do these Testolone benefits relate to real-world use? Let me explain.


Testolone Results: Before and After Rad140 Cycle

Before and After Rad140 Cycle

Despite the fact that it can only be purchased for research purposes—this hasn’t prevented determined bodybuilders from experimenting with this powerful SARM.

Let me take you through the RAD140 before and after results that guys using Testolone have experienced.

Although it can be stacked, let’s assume that you’re using Testolone as a standalone supplement.

RAD140 is generally used on an 8-week cycle (although some guys appear to have tolerated it well without building resistance for up to 12 weeks). If this is the first time using this SARM, it’s worth starting with a low dose—experienced users can take between 20-30mg per day.

At the beginning of the cycle—chances are you’ve got fairly good tone, but nothing that’s going to turn heads in the street. Furthermore, you’re not overweight—but you really want to improve the muscle-fat ratio.

Users often report that the first difference they notice on a Testolone cycle is that both focus and stamina begin to increase. It may only be a few days into usage and the physique hasn’t changed—but training definitely takes on a whole new aspect.

Determination is heightened, you push yourself harder and you’re beginning to consider racking up one extra plate.

The first visible results are often noticed by the end of week two. We’re not talking massive gains here—but guys often remark how their muscles are definitely more pronounced and “full”. Importantly, this isn’t fluid retention. RAD140 isn’t a SARM that’s going to fill you with water.

It’s around weeks four to five that guys really remark on the impressive power of Testolone. As long as you’ve been teaming up your dosing with some serious training—the returns are obvious.

Not only are gains being made at “unnatural” rates—the excess fat that was hiding your definition has already begun to fall away. This isn’t just bulk—this is clearly outlined lean muscle that’s promoting an awesome physique.

However, towards the end of the cycle is when most guys are astounded by RAD140. Unlike some steroids such as Anadrol—this SARM doesn’t just deliver returns in the first few weeks and then tail off. It continues to build size and drop fat throughout the entire cycle.

This is what tempts many guys to extend their usage past the eight weeks—although I wouldn’t recommend this for first-time users.

The Testolone cycle ends with users exhibiting a tight, sharp, and defined physique. Gains of 20 pounds aren’t unheard of—and that’s muscle, not fat. Your excess poundage has disappeared, leaving behind a ripped and vascular figure.

Many users have remarked that the Testolone before and after results exceed those from testosterone.

Amazing, right?

Well, before you throw your T-boosters and testosterone vials in the bin—slow down. RAD140 can undoubtedly produce impressive results. However, there are also the downsides that a lot of the guys will not talk about.

RAD140 Side Effects Exposed

RAD140 Side Effects Exposed

Testolone gained its common name due to one main factor—RAD140 provides many of the same benefits as the steroid testosterone. Recent research has remarked upon its remarkably similar properties—with one important difference:

It provides much fewer side effects.[10]

Common issues relating to steroid use such as an enlarged prostate and hepatotoxicity are avoided.

However, some of the less serious side effects caused by steroids are still suffered by users. Although milder, they can include:

  • Aggression.
  • Headaches.
  • Stomach upsets.
  • Migraines
  • Oily skin.

Yet, one of the most significant problems that testosterone and steroids can induce is still present. Your balls are going to suffer, bro.

While there’s no evidence that RAD140 will shrink the testes as testosterone can—its effects on natural T-production is very similar. The Testolone results from the 2010 research illustrated that sex hormone levels are severely depleted.

The average testosterone level in monkeys is the same as in human males— around 600 ng/dL. After 28 days of RAD140 treatment—the monkeys’ T-levels dropped to an alarming 200 ng/dL. In humans, this is considered a very low count and likely to be deserving of treatment.

Remember, this study was conducted over just 4 weeks at a low dose—bodybuilders are likely to use higher quantities and for a longer period of time.

This means, after a Testolone cycle—PCT (post-cycle therapy) will almost certainly be required to return T-levels back to normal.

Testolone vs Testosterone

Testolone vs Testosterone

Testosterone is the original steroid. Whether used as a sole supplement or as part of a stack—it’s always been part of the dedicated juicer’s armory.

Testolone shares many similar characteristics as testosterone as they both:

  • Have anabolic properties.
  • Elevate the rate of muscle growth.
  • Increase fat loss.
  • Heighten mental focus.
  • Improve strength.
  • Impair natural testosterone production.

However, there are some important advantages that RAD140 has over testosterone, in that it’s:

  • Taken orally—hypodermic needles aren’t a requirement.
  • Pain-free—there’s no T-sting that can be associated with testosterone enanthate.
  • Has milder androgenic side effects of hair loss and acne.
  • Avoids damaging the liver and enlarging the prostate.
  • Prevents estrogenic effects such as gynecomastia.[11]

Yet, bear in mind that testosterone supplementation has been researched for many years—its short and long-term effects are well understood. While the positive RAD140 results appear tempting—with just one clinical trial on humans—the downsides may yet to be discovered.

Where to Buy Testolone (RAD140) For Sale

As you will recall, Testolone is only legally available for clinical research purposes. Hence, trying to obtain this SARM to accelerate your muscle growth isn’t as easy as heading over to GNC or Walmart.

It’s true that there are many online vendors offering RAD140 capsules—but they should be treated with some caution.

The first issue is that you’re never guaranteed a reliable product. In 2017, a study was conducted by the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory in Utah. They randomly purchased SARMs online which they sourced through Google searches.[12]

In total, they obtained 44 products which they tested for purity. They discovered that:

  • Only 18 included the dosage stated.
  • Four contained no active SARM drug at all.
  • 17 were contaminated with non-SARM unapproved chemicals.

The problem is further exacerbated by the fact the SARM bodybuilding industry isn’t regulated. Hence, not only may the alleged SARM not contain the dose promised—it could also include other ingredients that are dangerous to health.

Finally, you could just be pouring money down the drain. Online sites selling SARMs are very much here-today-gone-tomorrow. You might be giving them your hard-earned money yet receive nothing in return.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Testolone Questions

“How to Use Testolone?”

Testolone is taken orally. Guys dosing with this SARM for mass gains are typically using around 20-30 mg per day for around 8-10 weeks.

Women using Testolone should start at 5 mg per day. This can be increased to a maximum of 10 mg if it’s found to be well tolerated.

“When to Take RAD140?”

There’s currently no consensus on the best time to take RAD140—guys appear to receive the same benefits whenever it’s consumed.

What is recommended is that it’s taken at the same time every 24 hours.

“What is the RAD140 Half Life?”

The half-life of Testolone is 20 hours—that is, it takes this period of time for half of the dose to be expelled by the body.

“How to Dose RAD140?”

If you’re using Testolone as a stand-alone supplement, the usual dose is 20-30 mg per day. If used as part of a stack (for example with Ligandrol or Cardarine) it’s wise not to exceed 20 mg.

When using any SARM for the first time, always start with a low dose to ensure that it’s tolerated well by the body.

“How Long Does Testolone Stay in Your System?”

Although there have been no studies on detectability—users tend to allow 4-6 weeks for the drug to completely leave the body.

However, as SARM metabolites are known to be particularly difficult to expel—if you’re being tested for competition, it may be worth extending this period.

“Are SARMs Harmful?”

In some respects, SARMs are safer than steroids as the androgenic side effects are much milder.

However, depending on the particular SARM, some research has indicated that they can impair natural testosterone production, cause cancerous tumors, induce back pain, and damage liver cells.

“What Is Testolone Used For?”

Clinically, Testolone is being investigated for the treatment of muscle-wasting diseases and breast cancer.

In bodybuilding, guys use Testolone as an alternative to the steroid testosterone. This is because it has the ability to build muscle, enhance fat loss, and increase strength without many of the side effects steroids can invoke.

“Does Testolone Increase Testosterone?”


Using Testolone is not the same as using exogenous testosterone steroids—instead, it stimulates particular receptors promoting the same effects as increased T-levels.

In fact, studies have indicated that Testolone actually reduces natural testosterone production.


Summary – Testolone Reviews Conclusion

In many ways, Testolone could be considered a suitable alternative to the steroid testosterone.

It provides many of the same desired results of increased muscle mass, fat loss, elevated strength, and heightened focus.

What’s more, RAD140 doesn’t induce such severe androgenic side effects such as acne or headaches. Additionally, as this SARM cannot aromatize, there are no issues with gynecomastia or shrinking balls.

The problem is—like testosterone supplementation, it messes with natural T-production.

Research has indicated that even small doses dramatically inhibit testosterone—meaning more drugs will be required post-cycle to restore levels to normal.

What could be more concerning—is that there’s only been one human study. Its full effects on physiology are far from being understood.

Hence, using RAD140 is a gamble. Stick with the known and well-researched steroids—or take a risk with the new kid on the block?


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