Does Protein Impact Testosterone Levels? 

Does Protein Impact Testosterone Levels?

Unlike fat and carbohydrates it seems like nobody is out to bash on protein. It’s widely regarded as a crucial ingredient whether you are looking to gain muscle or cut fat.

In fact, many old-school bodybuilders will recommend cutting down both your fat and carb intake in order to put back more protein – just because it’s so great!

While protein might be important for building mass and holding onto it but when it comes to testosterone production it’s actually the least important.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Protein is the least important nutrient when it comes to increasing testosterone production. Unlike all those big companies that sell whey protein supplements might disagree we here at BroScience keep it real with you guys.

Protein and Testosterone Production

protein impact on testosterone levels

A lot of guys preach high protein diets – funny thing is the same guys also happen to sell whey protein powder or they receive sponsorship money from a company that does.

Other guys tend to focus more on eating healthy fats and carbohydrates, while monitoring their total calorie intake to make sure they reach their target level. That’s not to say they don’t eat protein – they just figure out how much their body needs in order to build muscle and stick with that.

You see, studies show that fat and carbohydrates play a crucial role in testosterone production. As a result, if you are consuming a high-protein diet your testosterone levels can suffer.

One study for example divided people into two groups. The first group ate a low protein high carb diet and the other group ate the opposite. The total calorie intake as well as fat intake was the same for both groups.

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After two weeks the group that was on the high protein diet showed higher cortisol levels and lower testosterone levels. Another study found that men who consume lower levels of protein tend to produce less sex hormones – however men in this study were older, between 45-65.

As a result, low protein diets might not be ideal for men in this age group. Another study showed that for men who are involved in strength training – diets that were low in protein tended to increase testosterone levels.

Similarly, another study showed that consuming protein right before a strength workout lead to lower testosterone levels.

As a result you can see that unless you are in the 45-65 age group you are better off consuming a low protein diet and focusing more on healthy fats and carbs. It’s not that protein is bad for you – quite the opposite, in fact.

It’s just that by consuming tons of it you don’t leave any room for carbs and fat and those are the nutrients that really drive testosterone production.

In terms of protein sources, animal sources are ideal particularly if you are looking to build muscle. They tend to boost testosterone more than the plant-based sources.

Aim for about 30% of your daily calories to come from protein – most of which should be animal sources.

As for protein powders, while they might be convenient they are not as effective as actual, whole food. P

eople seem to think they need to consume protein powder in order to grow and this is not the case. In fact, you can do very well without it. They are only meant as a supplement – meaning if you can’t get your daily content from food you can try the powders.

Just make sure you are using a high quality product that doesn’t contain additives and chemicals that boost estrogen.

Soy protein in particularly should be avoided as it is linked with lower testosterone levels in men and women.

Testosterone Boosters

If you DO NOT want to add pounds of lean muscle mass to your frame in the next couple of months, then please leave this article right now, this is not for you.

This is only for those that are serious about building muscle.

Some people really do thrive on high-protein diets but that doesn’t mean they should have to let their testosterone levels suffer. There are a number of great products hitting the market that can naturally boost your testosterone levels!

They use all-natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels. Ingredients like Vitamin B6 and B12, Vitamin D, Oyster Extract and Magnesium are the ones you will want to look for. – See how to spot the scammers in our guide here.

Avoid any “proprietary formula” where they won’t actually tell you what’s in the product – that usually means it’s crap and not worth your money.

So many guys are falling for scammers, so we decided to put together the ultimate guide to testosterone boosters. It took us more than two months to put it together, and for that reason we’re thinking whether we should start charging guys a small fee for reading it. Simply because it will save you hundreds of dollars anyway.

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Even if you aren’t someone who likes to go high-protein you can still benefit from the effects of higher testosterone levels. Symptoms of having strong t-production include more muscle mass, less body fat, higher energy levels and better mood.

So even if your levels are already high you would benefit from increasing them. While a lot of the ingredients in a quality testosterone supplement can be obtained naturally doing so is a lot of work and most people just don’t have the time.

Instead, look for a convenient, high-quality product to give you the nutrients you need. Just make sure you don’t get a cheap product or you will be wasting your time and money. Be prepared so that you won’t get fooled by big supplement companies and read our short free guide here.

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