4 Ways To Prevent Injuries While Training Everyone Can Do

4 Ways to Prevent Injuries While Training

Learning how to prevent injuries while training could save you a lot of time recovering. And any time you step into the gym you are at risk of getting injured.

Sometimes they are just flukes and there is nothing you can do about it – you were just unlucky. However, the vast majority of injuries are actually 100% preventable.

Getting injured sucks but it’s a lot worse when you know you could have easily stopped it from happening.

There are a wide variety of injuries you can get while working out – some more serious than others. While we won’t go into each individual one what we will do is give you some tips.

4 Simple Ways To Prevent Injuries While Training

Follow these 4 guidelines when you are training and you will drastically reduce the number of injuries you get during your lifting career.

Avoid Injury Tip #1 – Only Lift What You Can Handle

prevent injuries while training

Okay, before you read any further. Bare in mind that you OF COURSE have to push yourself and lift more in order to gain muscle mass. We only mean that you should be smart about it. It’s plain to stupid to think you can go from 220lbs bench to 270lbs within a week, however going from 220 to 225 is very much possible.

Everyone knows that high testosterone levels are the fundamentals for building muscle and getting stronger and there have been a lot of studies done on injuries that happen while training, simply because the lifter wasn’t strong enough.

While there are a variety of ways that we can hurt ourselves one of the most common and preventable ways is to try and lift a weight that is too heavy for you. This is particularly risky on the bench press where you can actually drop the weights on yourself (and yes it does happen… a lot!).

While it’s good that you are committed to overloading the muscles you want to make sure you are doing it progressively and sustainably. If you are loading up a ton of weight just to try and impress other guys lifting at the gym the only think you will end up doing is embarrassing yourself.

If you’ve been lifting at the gym long enough you’ve probably seen some guy calling for help as the weight is stuck on his chest.

In addition to dropping the weights on yourself and looking like an idiot you are also setting yourself up for a potential injury. Lifting heavy weights can put a lot of stress on your joints.

Also people tend to use bad form in order to move weights that are above what they can normally handle. As a result they are at risk of picking up an injury.

Remember to slow things down and progressively overload the weights slowly.

Yes, you might have to wait longer than you would like before you can attempt to lift that heavy weight – but do you really want to risk being out of the gym for a few months?

Avoid Injury Tip #2 – Do a Proper Warm-Up

Way too many guys ignore this step. Nobody is too good for warm-up. Listen mate, I don’t give a f*ck how much you bench or deadlift. You are NOT and will NEVER be too good for a proper warm-up.

We understand you are busy and have limited time to spend in the gym. You don’t want to waste time warming up when you could use it doing an extra hypertrophy exercise.

However, by warming up you will be able to lift heavier weights and you will reduce your chance of ending up with an injury.

Do a proper warm-up routine (no static stretches!) to get your body ready for the types of lifts you will be doing. Studies have shown that warm-ups dramatically reduce your chance of getting an injury during your workout.

Next time you go to the gym take 5 minutes to get your body ready!

Avoid Injury Tip #3 – Use Proper Form

Chances are you see a lot of guys in your gym that don’t use proper form.

They round their backs on squats (if they even do them), they use momentum to move weights, etc. Generally speaking as the weight we lifts get heavier our form tends to deteriorate.

This is for two reasons:

  1. because we need to compensate for the heavier weight and find a way to move the weight any way possible.
  2. because we become comfortable and tend not to focus as much on making sure our form is solid.

This is particularly dangerous on the compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and bench press where the amount of weight being lifted is very heavy and can therefore do more damage.

Chances are you aren’t going to hurt yourself too severely while curling 15lb dumbbells – but that bar loaded with 400lbs you are about to deadlift?

That can do some serious damage to your back.

Avoid Injury Tip #4 – Listen to Your Body

Don’t ignore your body when it tells you something is wrong.

If you feel that you aren’t getting stronger with every passing week there might be something wrong with your training or testosterone levels. If you think it’s because of low-t then you might want to check this guide out here.

If you are in the middle of a set and something doesn’t feel right – stop! We can all tell the difference between discomfort from working hard and pain from a joint or tendon.

Some people seem to think it’s better to just work through that pain and plow through the set.

However, this is actually one of the dumbest things you can do in the gym and will almost certainly end up with an injury down the road. What’s the point in powering through that set?

It’s only hurting you and if it causes you to miss a couple months worth of workouts then you will set yourself way back.

If something feels off just stop the set and figure out what went wrong. If you think you might have pulled a muscle then it’s time to end the workout.

While it might suck to have to stop you’ll be glad you did if it means avoiding a serious injury.

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