Powher Review (2020) - Do The ingredients work for women?

Powher Pre Workout Review – How Does This Pre-workout Supplement Work?

powher pre-workout for women

In this Powher Pre Workout review our objective is to get to grips with each and every aspect of this female workout supplement.

We’ll be answering the important questions like: how does this pre-workout work for women? How much does it cost? And can pre-workouts really speed up weight loss?

To get the answers to these questions we’ll research the company behind the product and study the product formula in order to see if it really is all it’s cracked up to be.

How does the Powher Pre Workout for women work?

If you have been finding that your workout regimes are far from productive, and despite all your best efforts you just can’t seem to lose weight, and tone up those irritating areas of fat. A dedicated pre-workout supplement might help you turn things around!

One of the biggest obstacles to women looking to get fit is often a lack of MOTIVATION, energy, and strength when training.

Powher aims to help you address these things by offering benefits such as:

  • Stable energy without size effects
  • Improved cardio output for faster fat burning
  • Greater strength to support muscle toning
  • Increased motivation and focus
  • Quicker metabolism

What’s In It?

Powher should arguably have a place in every fit girls supplement stack. That’s because this natural energizer uses a number of high quality ‘branded ingredients’ not found in 90% of pre-workouts on the market.

The other thing that really sets Powher apart is the fact that it is able to offer all of these energy and metabolism-boosting benefits, without having to rely on unhealthy doses of caffeine to do it.


powher ingredients

We kick off this section by identifying how much caffeine is in Powher. And the answer is: nowhere near as much as you’d think.

At just 100mg of natural caffeine, Powher contains far less of this well-known stimulant than you’d expect to see.


You might think that ‘an energy powder’ can’t be truly effective without including at least a hefty dose of caffeine. Right?


Powher’s secret lies in the fact that it uses some of the most powerful stim-free alternatives around to deliver a pre-workout that is far better suited to women.

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1. EnXtra

This natural spice is grown at altitude and cultivated in optimal conditions in order to ensure quality. Often referred to as Caffeine’s best friend EnXtra is wholly made up of the natural spice ‘Alpinia Galanga’.

This (Non GMO) botanical extract increases blood flow and amplifies the effects of caffeine, this means you can use far less caffeine but still obtain the same effect, this also greatly reduces the risk of jitters or a caffeine crash.

2. Natural Caffeine

Powher uses a small amount of Natural Caffeine that is derived from Green Coffee, this can be a great ingredient to supplement your exercise regime with, especially when paired with EnXtra.

According to Austrian research, Caffeine can help give you a mental lift for up to 45 minutes, and another study conducted in Spain showed that athletes burned 15 percent the number of calories whilst using caffeine and working out then without it.

At 100mg Powher doesn’t contain enough caffeine to make you worry about side effects.

3. Coconut water powder

This vegan-friendly ingredient which is naturally high in electrolytes meaning it’s a great way to replenish glycogen stores lost during intense exercise.

A natural isotonic, it contains essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, and vitamin c. This makes it a great immunity booster, that can also help to increase metabolism and improve digestion.

4. Oxyjun

Marketed as fatigue-fighting fuelOxyjun is yet another cutting edge, a branded ingredient used in Powher.

Clinically proven to improve exercise performance in several human studies, this natural bark extract has been shown to increase VO2 max (oxygen capacity) and power to the lower limbs.

In one eight weeks study 94% of athletes exercised longer without reaching exhaustion when compared with the placebo group.

5. Rednite

Rednite is a pure beetroot concentrate that includes 25x more natural nitrate than normal beetroot and 10x more antioxidants. Nitrate has been shown to improve neuromuscular efficiency during weight training as well as enhance resistance to fatigue.

6. L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is found in fruit like watermelons, it has been shown to boost nitric oxide production, something which improves blood flow in the body. L-citrulline supplementation has also been proven to support better endurance and improved sports performance.

In one 2016 study L-Citrulline improved the speed of cyclists during time trials and improved perception of muscle fatigue and concentration.

7. L-Tyrosine

Tyrosine is an amino acid that plays a central part in the production of several substances like Dopamine, Thyroid hormones, and Adrenaline. These all play a key role in the body and directly impact on things like mood, alertness, and metabolism regulation.

This all means that Tyrosine can be an effective ally in relieving stress and boosting energy.

Powher Before and After Review – 60 Day Results

To put Powher through its paces my girlfriend added Powher to her usual supplement stack for several months.

Here’s her results…

‘I’m not going to lie Powher had me really excited right from the start. I’d had some success using female-specific supplements in the past, most notably the female fat burner called Leanbean.

Whilst I’d found that supplement really helpful when it came suppressing appetite I was intrigued to see how a dedicated energy powder might work for weight loss too.

Prior to receiving my tub of Powher I’d already done some quick research around the ingredients, Powher is one of the more premium-priced products on the market so I wanted to make sure it was worth the extra investment first.

The one big difference with a pre-workout vs a fat burner is that you are likely to feel more tangible energy benefits with the pre-workout, and these should be more or less from day one. This was definitely the case for me whilst using Powher.

The main reason I decided to try it was down to the fact that high-Intensity exercise plays a big part in my weekly workout plan.

Whilst I have been working out for quite a few years now, motivation and energy are areas that I continue to struggle with.

Of course, I have tried some of my boyfriend’s pre-workouts in the past but I was always put off by the ‘macho’ branding and high stimulant content. In fact several of these products have had me sweating profusely and feeling uncomfortable after just a few minutes of my workout.

This is where Powher really did live up to its billing, as at no stage did I feel unwell or lightheaded after using it, if anything I just felt like I had a consistent glow for a lot of the day. I also felt a lot more alert during my training and even though I wasn’t necessarily training for longer, my sessions were definitely fuller and more intense thanks to my improved focus.

I also found that if I took my pre-workout to work it served as a great prompt to get myself motivated. Like everyone I’m just as guilty of shirking the gym at times depending on my mood. When I had Powher with me it really focussed my mind and going to the gym didn’t seem like such a wrench. As a result, I have consistently found that I’m training 5, sometimes even 6 times a week, rather than just 2 or 3 like before.

This is probably what has contributed to the improvement in my body the most, and coupled with the benefits of some of the metabolism-boosting ingredients I’ve managed to lose 7kg over the last 6 weeks. I’ve also found the added strength a huge help when doing taxing exercises like squats or box jumps.

When it comes to using supplements, I’ve found cycling fat burners for just a few months at a time to be quite effective. However, after using Powher for just a few months I can’t honestly can’t see a time when I wouldn’t be using it, I’ll definitely be adding it to my routine for the long term.

visit Powher website to try it yourself –

How Do You Take Powher

One tub of Powher contains twenty-five 10-gram servings. That’s enough for 6 workouts per week.

To get the best results from your Powher pre-workout simply mix up one 10 gram serving with 250ml of water, then drink around 30 mins before exercising.


Powher is definitely one of the more expensive pre-workouts out there.

However, that is also quite reassuring as the fact is you won’t find many of Powher’s ingredients in cheaper energy supplements.

The other slight negative is that you almost certainly won’t find Powher coupon codes or discount offers. It isn’t all bad though, as you are rewarded with promotions and free product when you buy more than one tub.

Another thing to note is that there are more powerful pre-workouts available for a similar price. You can check out our article on the best pre-workout supplements to find out more.

Powher Prices

1 month – $49.99 + postage

2 months – $99

Ultimate Powher Pack (3 months + 4th month free) – $149


It is about time to conclude this Powher review. We’ve scrutinized a ton of pre- workouts before but never one so carefully formulated for women.

Energy powders are without a doubt amongst our favorite products, that’s because they really can help you get the most out of your body.

The thing we really love about Powher is that it achieves way more than some of its cheaper rivals and yet it is also much safer too.

Some of the ingredients in this pre-workout are genuinely pioneering in scientific terms, meaning that extra energy in the gym no longer has to come with the cost of side effects.

Powher is ONLY available through their website >

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that our Powher review is coming to an end, I understand you might have some more questions. So here we have answered the most asked questions, quickly and effectively.

What does Powher taste like?

Taste is a key factor for many people deciding on a protein powder or pre-workout supplement.

Powher is unique in that it has been launched with just one flavor. Pink Lemonade. Having tested it we can see why the makers chose it, not only does it taste great but it is likely something that nearly everyone will like.

We particularly liked the fact that it wasn’t too sweet or sickly like some supplements can be. Neither is there any bitterness or aftertaste like you get with some BCAA supplements.

How quickly does this Powher Pre Workout supplement work?

You should start seeing the benefits of Powher within 30 minutes of taking it. Key benefits include; improved energy, strength and concentration during exercise.

Will Powher help with weight loss?

Like any supplement you are going to have to improve your diet and put in plenty of exercises. The beauty of Powher is that it should help make that last part that much easier. More intense, productive workouts will 100% lead to faster results.

Can I take Powher with other supplements?

Yes, you can, although we would recommend pairing it with other low stimulant options.

How do I store Powher?

Like nearly every pre-workout on the market, Powher will need to be kept in cool, dry conditions with the lid on.

That’s because pre-workout supplements are very sensitive to moisture. If you leave a product like this in warm, humid conditions it is susceptible to going hard. So always keep it in a cool, dark spot.

You may find that your pre-workout develops small clumps over time, this is quite common and nothing to worry about, most of the time these can be broken up easily with a fork or spoon.

Are there side effects with Powher?

The advantage of a pre-workout like Powher is that it avoids large quantities of stimulants. You won’t find any suspect or banned ingredients either. It is also specially dosed for women!

All of these things mean that you should have a pleasant experience whilst using Powher.

Can I buy Powher on Amazon or Gnc?

From this Powher review you should know that you can only find the genuine product direct at their website:



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  1. This product is a total scam. I ordered the product a month ago – haven’t recieved anything. I tried to contact them in every way possible, but heard nothing and my email to them bounced. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.

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