Powerlifter Gives the Most Powerful Pre Workout Speech Ever

Powerlifter Gives the Most Powerful Pre Workout Speech Ever

Most of you already know Mark Bell. He’s an American Elite powerlifter and a former wrestler. His brother also filmed him in the popular documentary about steroid culture –Bigger, Stronger, Faster*. These two brothers have always been an earnest and honest voice in the bodybuilding and lifting community. Basically, they’re just real people. They don’t ignore the problems and drugs that happens behind the scenes of professional lifting. But they also don’t demonize it like the mainstream media. Mark Bell loves lifting. He loves sculpting the human form. And he has no qualms being as blunt and honest about every single aspect of it.

That’s what makes this video we’re about to share that much more motivating. This isn’t a glamorized Hollywood speech or a random video of bodybuilders lifting. No, this is a different kind of motivation. The kind of motivation that comes straight from the heart. “Who the hell are you?” Mark Bell states clearly. “What will you be remembered for?”

Life will always have different plans than the ones you made – but that’s no excuse to lose your dreams and work ethic. But hey, if you find yourself a little down or maybe feeling a little weak or defeated. Watch this video before you hit the weights. It’s inspiring. It’s powerful. It’s one hell of a damn good motivational speech. [Words via GenerationIron.com]

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