Plus Size Model Wins Ms. Alabama Contest

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Sara Milliken, a 23-year-old from Atmore, Alabama, recently won the Miss Alabama title after competing for the third time over Memorial Day weekend.

This victory marks the culmination of an eight-year journey within the National American Miss program, a path that began when she was just 15 years old.

Early Beginnings in the National American Miss Program

Milliken first entered the National American Miss program as a junior teen. Reflecting on her early attempts, she noted,

“I competed once as a junior teen when I was 15, again as a teen when I was 16 and not placing that was really, really hard.”

Despite these initial setbacks, she persisted, embodying the saying, “Third time’s a charm.”

A Message of Determination and Self-Belief

At 23, Milliken’s perseverance paid off as she earned the Miss Alabama crown. She hopes her journey will inspire others, particularly young women.

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“I hope that they learn that no matter what your body looks like, no matter where you come from, you can do anything that you set your mind to,” she says.

Milliken’s experience underscores the National American Miss program’s mission to build confidence and foster a positive self-image among participants aged 4 to 24.

Preparation and Hard Work

Milliken attributes her success to rigorous preparation.

“I worked literally every single day for 365 days. There wasn’t a day that I wasn’t practicing my on-stage speech or introduction interview,”

she explains. Her dedication highlights the effort required to compete at this level.

The Broader Impact of the Program

Beyond the competition, Milliken speaks highly of the broader impact of the National American Miss program.

“It was honestly so amazing. I met so many amazing, just accomplished empowering women. That was definitely the best part,” she says.

The program provided her with valuable experiences and connections that extend beyond the pageant itself.

Public Criticism and Diverse Opinions

While Sara Milliken’s victory as Miss Alabama has been celebrated by many, it has also sparked criticism from some segments of the public.

Detractors argue that traditional beauty standards should be upheld in pageants, expressing discomfort with a plus-sized contestant winning the title.

These critics believe that pageants should maintain a certain aesthetic ideal.

Looking Ahead

Milliken will represent Alabama at the national pageant during Thanksgiving week.

Her journey reflects the diverse experiences and backgrounds of contestants within the National American Miss program, emphasizing the potential for success regardless of one’s origins or physical appearance.

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