Phil Heath Shows Off Impressive Physique -2023 Olympia Comeback?

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Bodybuilder Phil Heath is considered one of the greatest bodybuilders in history, the bodybuilding superstar has already won seven Mr. Olympia titles the same as the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger who also managed to win the competition seven times.

Phil Heath hasn’t competed in bodybuilding since he competed in the 2020 Mr. Olympia where he got 3rd place.

There have been speculations about if Phil Heath is going to come back and attempt to win his eighth title and go down in history with a record holding eight Mr. Olympia titles like Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney.

Phil Heath has not retired officially from the sport and judging from podcasts he has attended recently there is a chance we might see Phil Heath on the Olympia stage again as a competitor.

The 43-year old bodybuilding legend is still actively training and keeping himself in good shape, he may not be as impressive as he was a few years ago but a few months of hard work would probably get him stage ready.

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In the last few competitions Phil Heath was struggling with his gut, he revealed that he had to have a surgery to fix his hernia and now seems to be in perfect health and condition to prep for a show.

Phil Heath is also not that old for a bodybuilder, many bodybuilders have gotten their best results in their 40’s and some even competing in their 50’s at the highest level.

A great example is Dexter Jackson who remained one of the best bodybuilders in his sport all the way till he retired when he was 50 years old.

It will be interesting to see in upcoming months if Phil Heath has the desire to go on stage again, he already looks like he has been training consistently since his retirement and that could be a sign that he is keeping and open mind to compete again.

We often times see bodybuilders drop a ton of size once they retire, it seems like Phil Heath is keeping his options open by continuing to training hard if he ever decides to step back on stage.

Even though Phil is not super old for a bodybuilder he is not a young cat anymore, he doesn’t have many years to waste if he really wants to have a shot at the eighth Mr. Olympia title.

The Mr. Olympia is wide open after Hadi Choopan shockingly dominated the competition last year and was able to secure his first victory and Big Ramy placing 5th.

This goes to show that anything is possible in modern bodybuilding and Phil has a really chance of getting the eight title.

Watch the video below where Phil Heath shows how he uses cold water to better himself and in that video, he shows off his impressive physique:

Phil Heath Shows Off Impressive Physique -2023 Olympia Comeback? (video)

My new morning routine is getting into this 39 degree @coldplunge 💪🏽

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