Phil Heath Finally Responds to the Kai Greene Ban

Phil Heath Finally Responds to the Kai Greene Ban

Like everyone already knows, Kai Greene won’t be competing at the Olympia this year to try and take the crown of Phil Heath. The fans have been waiting all year for their standoff.

At the press conference Phil Heath gets asked about the Kai Greene situation. At one point the talks about how hard it is to compete at the Mr Olympia and that many people want to give up and make excuses.

“It’s not easy. You know, people do want to give up at some point […….] and make excuses and stuff like that. But no one on this stage made excuses”

It’s hard to say if that was aimed at Kai or not but anyway you can be the judge of that, here’s his full response:

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3 thoughts on “Phil Heath Finally Responds to the Kai Greene Ban”

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    Kai Green would have definitely beat Heath, not Rami. Here is the rub Kai is a T.D. Jakes Christian who is oozing POWER but not God’s power through him so God called him on it. The Pope is in town an he like T.D. Jakes “Kai” are not looking to be perfected and able to manifest Jesus and God through themselves without any sin: Perfected thus God judged Kai. Hit him with a stupid stick like Pharoah, letting the Jews go free then with his entire army tried to punk God, Moses and the Jews. God ended his entire empire then and there,,Pride in Kai welled up and he contended with the Mr. O management and demanded special treatment. I and MY Boys are paying with big sponsor monies so we demand a free ad booth at the Mr. Olympia. God set Kai up to fail. He was refusing to sign the Mr. Olympia contract so they said NO SOUP for you. All in Christiandom like Kai and T.D. Jakes, Pray for the troops at the White House baby killer rah rah the troops are anti-Christ pimps under the Whore Popes. Pray and fast to stop the war Billy. No Christian can be in the military. Anyone who self appoints themselves to preach Christ in others is doomed. Jesus went into the desert to pray 40 days so he would not make that mistake. God is in charge of the church and salvation and God the Father is the one who comes at your Pentacost to dwell in you with evidence of speaking prophetically through you, God speaking your tongue his interpretation of His direction to help you over come all sin all the time just like Jesus. God is ONLY perfecting Christians through his hand picked ministers. No sin all others are under the anti-Christ or the Vatican, Pentecostals, Protestants, Baptists all fail to want to be perfected and preach loudly their doctrines especially: NO ONE IS PERFECT. So they are and probably you like Kai are punking God to his face. I am creating this and that as God does. I am creating with my godly power…No God through you. God said to David in this battle wait for the leaves to be russelled by the wind and then go, other wise you will go alone presumptuously and get everyone slaughtered. After a battle King David said lets count the troops to see how few men we needed to win. God said don’t take my glory and say YOU did it David but he did and immediately thousands of soldiers died. Comes 2,000 years of the Beast Governments whoring with the anti-Christ Vatican homo buys in red dresses raping your kids and killing all the perfected in Christ people of God who got it right and were not lazy and terrorized by the pope. The Pope is already deal making to be The Only religion after the US and Europe’s 2019 nuclear war with Russia, China, India and the rest of the world. Francis demanded the Jews be annihilated lest God keep his promise to put them back in favor seeing Jesus as God’s son. The perfected will be leaving as they have for 2,000 years for heaven. 2.5 billion will die in the Mason/Illuminati US beast and Vatican global nuclear war. The great judgment is at hand. Perfected by God in Christ in your flesh OR No one is perfect antichrist. You chose. Get out of the False Christian Church World.

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