Phil Heath Humiliates A 18 Year Old Fan On His Instagram Page

Phil Heath Humiliates A 18 Year Old Fan On His Instagram Page

We don’t know exactly what the fan commented on the Instagram page to 5x Mr Olympia champion Phil Heath and it doesn’t matter because a Mr Olympia champion and an ambassador for bodybuilding should never talk like that to anyone even though the fan might have been disrespectful to him. The response that Phil Heath wrote was totally uncalled for and he could have ignored the comment from the fan easily. How does he have the time to respond to comments like this?  This is not the first time we see Phil arguing and roasting fans on his instagram page. A while back we made a post about it when Phil was arguing with fans and Lui Marco made a video about it . You can see it here!

Do you think the Mr Olympia champion and ambassador for bodybuilding should behave like this? Let us know in the comment section.

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8 thoughts on “Phil Heath Humiliates A 18 Year Old Fan On His Instagram Page”

  1. Avatar

    Phil seems to have a great life. Posing on stage in his little posing bikini, while fighting with fans online. He must be so busy. haha

    1. Avatar

      I am not defending phil for what he did to that dude but to be honest he dose ALOT more than just posing on stage. Bodybuilding takes enormously of personal time it’s more than we can imagine.

  2. Avatar

    Why u gota be fake, phil has his right to say whatever, I like him for that, speaking his mind, maybe he’s right maybe he’s wrong, maybe he thinks such a negative comment will make the kid want to do better, maybe the kid is a dick, bro science, where is the kids comment? Probs hiding somewhere making this one sided. Whatever yo! #breakingbad

  3. Avatar

    Like Arnold pretty much aluded to: Today’s competitors don’t compare to decades past. Even as a powerlifter I knew and names of the greats (Schwarzenegger, Haney, etc….). I don’t even know who this clown is.

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