Phil Heath Get's Extremely Defensive When Fans Point Out That Has The GH Gut

Phil Heath Get’s Extremely Defensive When Fans Point Out That Has The GH Gut

Phil Heath 4 times Mr Olympia recently posted a video on his opinion about what he thought of the comments Arnold Schwarzenegger made about the GH gut and “pregnant bodybuilders” in the sport of bodybuilding today. We made a post about it which you can see here (if you have not already seen it) : Phil Heaths opinion about Arnold comments

Arnold said some things about bringing the aesthetics back into bodybuilding and he said nobody will look at the top bodybuilders today and say “I wanna look like that”. The judges need to start rewarding guys with physiques that are pleasing to the eye ,guys like Frank Zane, Flex Wheeler and Lee Haney, those are the guys that people should be looking up to.

“All this stomach sticking out, you know, it doesn’t look right anymore”

Phil Heath got extremely defensive in the comment section on his facebook page when people pointed out that he had a GH/Insulin gut. Phil responded to many of the comments on his page and he did definitely not agree on the points people made.

phil heath gets extremly defensive

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