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This PHGH review is going to be something of any eye-opener, so don’t go anywhere!

But first a question.

Have you ever thought your bedroom performance is a little less than perfect?

I know I have.

And it’s not a fault. As guys we simply want to be the absolute pinnacle of manhood, not just at the gym and at work, but between the sheets too.

It’s not all about us either!

Yeah, we want to enjoy those bedroom gymnastics, last for hours and have intense orgasms. But we also want to please our partner! We are generous like that!

You agree with me, right?

Problem is, often we don’t hit the high targets we set ourselves. Maybe the desire is lacking, the package isn’t working as well as it used to, or perhaps we just lack the stamina to please ourselves and the person (or persons!) we are with.

But it’s not all bad news!

Guys have found that by taking male enhancement supplements they have developed the libido of a professional! Erections are rock solid, orgasms are mind-blowing and stamina has taken the roof off!

But here’s the important question.

Is PHGH a male enhancement supplement that can actually make a difference to our sex-life?

Well bro’, in this PHGH article you are going to find out!

I am going to dive into the origins of PHGH – how it claims it works, what it contains and whether it will have any effect on you.

Let’s get right into this PHGH review now!

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PHGH Review

Broscience PHGH review PHGH

Let me kick off this PHGH review by asking you something personal.

Have you ever watched porn?

If so, you may or may not have heard of the man behind PHGH – John Lawrence. This guy is a retired pornstar. After all those years of getting his member out on screen, he decided in 2011 to create his own company, Lawrence Supplements.

(To be honest, I have not heard of him. For some reason I only know the names of female pornstars, not male.)

Anyway, the official website claims that Lawrence Supplements was formed to create the best nutritional supplements ‘for himself and his cohorts in the adult industry’.

The result?

The creation of PHGH as their first male enhancement supplement (later, they developed others such as PHGH liquid steel, PHGH power boost plus and Lawrence Supplements sx3).

PHGH claims to:

  • Turbo-charge sex drive
  • Maximize performance
  • Skyrocket libido
  • Improve erections
  • Enhance virility
  • Increase sperm count
  • Raise semen volume

It is made from 100% natural ingredients (more on that later in this PHGH review) that will encourage the body to gain all the above beneficial effects without health implications.

Lawrence Supplements also has an official website that appears quite well-maintained, so it does provide a little peace of mind.

That’s the product guys. But is it something you need?

Who Should Use PHGH?

phgh review

PHGH was apparently originally designed for people in the adult industry. So if that’s you, then I guess PHGH is a supplement you should be looking at.


I will assume for this PHGH review you are not a pornstar. PHGH is designed for guys who:

  • Are looking for a red-hot sex life
  • Have found their libido lacking
  • Suffer from disappointing erections
  • Need energy to power through all night marathons
  • Want more intense orgasms

Will it work? Maybe, we will look at that soon! But first, remember that PHGH is not for everyone.

Who Should Not Use PHGH?

I need to be honest in this PHGH independent review, after all it’s not a sales pitch!

So here goes.

PHGH is not for everyone!

In particular, PHGH should be avoided by:

  • Powerhouses in the sack – if you are already pounding away like a machine, possess insatiable desire and have phenomenal orgasms, you don’t need this supplement.
  • Women – this product is designed for the guys. There are some serious and effective female enhancement pills on the market instead.
  • Guys under 18 – study! Get an education first before obsessing with sex! No but seriously, you already should have enough desire and virility shooting through those veins!
  • Anyone who has taken a vow of celibacy.

If you find yourself in any of the above groups, steer clear of PHGH and any other male enhancement supplement for that matter!

Down to business!

Let’s see how PHGH works!

How Does PHGH Work?

Broscience PHGH review workings

I read through the entirety of the official website for this PHGH review. There is a (very) small amount of information on how this product functions.

Here’s the deal.

Using that, and by checking the ingredients it contains, I have listed below how it appears PHGH works.

Raises Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the male sex hormone, so it’s natural to assume that anything which can raise T-levels is a bonus in a male enhancement pill.

Get this.

PHGH claims that its natural formulation will stimulate the body into creating more of this important hormone.


There is no actual testosterone in this pill, just ingredients to kick-start the body into producing more.

In relation to bedroom performance, increased testosterone levels have been proven to:

  • Elevate libido and sexual desire – you will want to be in the bedroom all the time! 1
  • Improve stamina and endurance – to keep going and going. 2
  • Enhance erections – not only will the equipment work, but it will look damn impressive. 3
  • Raise semen volume and density. 4
  • Increase fertility – if you want kids. 5

This is important guys.

You can see, testosterone boosting is an essential function in male enhancement supplements. Whether PHGH can raise it sufficiently, we will examine later.

Enhances Blood Flow

Broscience PHGH review blood

If you’re alone, take a look at the package between your legs (OK, you don’t have to be alone but it probably looks less weird).

That equipment is probably just sitting there like a deflated automobile tire, unless of course you are finding this PHGH review particularly stimulating!

It’s like this.

Just like an automobile tire, it needs inflating for it to work properly. Tires use air, your man-gear needs blood. As your penis becomes engorged with blood, it stands firm and proud!

PHGH claims it can improve blood transportation, which means that your erections will not only be harder and longer lasting, but will respond much faster to stimulation.6

This is how.

PHGH promises that its ingredients will stimulate nitric oxide production. This gas can have the effect of dilating blood vessels and improving the blood flow. Think of it as basically widening a freeway to allow the traffic to move easily.7

But there’s more to it than just your love-rocket!

As circulation is enhanced, increased levels of oxygen can reach your heart and muscles. This improvement can raise stamina and power! You may become a steam train! 8

Boosts Libido

The natural ingredients within PHGH are claimed to boost libido.

When this occurs, desire and willingness to get between the sheets are increased – ensuring raised passion and intense love-making.

So what are the ingredients that claim to achieve these effects? In the next part of this PHGH review we will take a look!

PHGH Ingredients

Broscience PHGH review ingredients

No PHGH review would be complete without looking at what it contains.

On the official website, John Lawrence claims he has been ‘to all corners of the world to rediscover ancient aphrodisiac secrets’.


Or he could have just done a web search. The formulation contains fairly common ingredients found in many other supplements.

But there’s an issue.

All the PHGH ingredients are piled together in a ‘proprietary blend’ of 510 mg. Firstly, this means that none of the individual components are quantified, so it’s impossible to see how effective they are.

Secondly, considering there are 11 ingredients, 510 mg is a low dosage. Some of these natural constituents will be too weak to have any noticeable effect at all.

Briefly, here they are.


Boosts nitric oxide levels to improve blood flow – to the penis, muscles and heart.9


Broscience PHGH review tribulus

A proven testosterone booster. However, it is unlikely it is in sufficient quantities to make any difference in this formulation. 10

Eurycoma Longifolia

You may have heard of this ingredient referred to as Tongkat Ali. Which sounds sexual anyway. This plant can:

  • Raise testosterone 11
  • Elevate sexual desire  12
  • Enhance blood flow 13


Assists in boosting energy.14

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

Some of the testosterone in your body is ‘bound’ like a pair of handcuffs. It cannot affect libido or sexual function. DHEA can increase levels of ‘free’ testosterone, which can then be utilized.15


Broscience PHGH review bark

This bark extract from Brazil is used an aphrodisiac. There is little evidence that it is effective.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

Lucky goat, eh?

This plant can open up those important blood vessels to improve blood flow.


Commonly known as the maidenhair tree (!), this natural supplement has been considered as an aphrodisiac for centuries.

Whilst there are some positive results, there is insufficient evidence to say it is totally effective.16


The maca plant is thought to increase stamina and raise energy levels.

It can also enhance sperm fertility. 17

Muira Puama

There is some scientific proof that if you are a rat, this will improve your erections! 18

Studies on guys have not shown any definite improvement.

Black Pepper

Broscience PHGH review pepper

Can spice up your food and your sex life!

This popular seasoning can help drop fat and boost energy levels19

John Lawrence may have travelled the world looking for ingredients, but he has come up with something very average.

The positive.

Broscience PHGH review ingredients mix

The ingredients are OK. There are some proven testosterone boosters, libido enhancers and blood flow improvers in the formulation. They may possibly have some small effect.

However, there are more negatives.

Firstly, as I mentioned earlier in this PHGH review, the formulation is just 510mg with no individual ingredients quantified. Not only does this make it impossible to judge its efficacy, the low overall weight makes it clear this is a poor and weak supplement.

Secondly, there are none of the serious male enhancement ingredients I would expect to see in a potent enhancement pill.

Let me give you some advice:

Ingredients to search for and how PHGH performs

The ingredients below are what you should be searching for in an effective, safe and proven male enhancement supplement. I have illustrated how PHGH performs:

  • ✓L-Arginine HCL
  • ✘Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid
  • ✘MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
  • ✘L-Methionine
  • ✘Zinc (as Citrate)
  • ✘Cordyceps
  • ✘Niacin (vitamin B3)

Not very impressive. Only L-Arginine is included and you should be looking for a dosage of 600 mg of this ingredient alone! All the ingredients in PHGH together only amount to 510 mg!

Want to see the ingredients that actually work? Visit our ultimate guide to Test Boosters here.
I would have liked to see Ashwagandha in this formula.

PHGH Side Effects

Broscience PHGH review side effects

I have been unable to locate any side-effects for this PHGH review.

If you did a PHGH vs Viagra comparison, you would find PHGH is much more safe. As all the ingredients are natural (and in really low doses!), it is unlikely to have any adverse effects on the body.

PHGH Before After Results

The official Lawrence Supplements PHGH website does not include any before or after images.

Instead, I checked customer reviews to see what kind of results guys were achieving. Here is a fair representation:

“this product is really what it said it is. I tried it and it worked

-Derrick Dunn

Did not work at all! It is too expensive for not working.”

-Sherry Guzman

“This product does absolutely nothing. I wouldn’t even give it one star if that was an option. Don’t waste your money on this garbage.

-Edward Griffin

I had 0 gains so what a bottle of crap. I don’t believe the positive reviews that some people have put down for this product”


“It’s amazing this sort of product makes it to the market place….live and learn…don’t waste your money.


The results are overwhelmingly negative. Check for yourself! (Although be careful, some websites confuse PHGH review with Virectin reviews.)

The vast majority of guys have witnessed no results at all from using PHGH. But considering the weak nature of the product, it’s not surprising.

Where to Buy PHGH?

To ensure a complete PHGH review, I checked with as many retailers as possible to see who sells it.

It is available from the official Lawrence Supplements PHGH website, but also from Amazon and eBay.

PHGH Review Conclusion

phgh review

Our #1 recommendations is TestoFierce. Click here to read our TestoFierce Review

If this supplement is designed for adult movie stars (as the official website claims) then they are going to be fairly awful porn flicks.

It’s like this.

The product does contain some testosterone boosters and vasodilators which are definitely important in a male enhancement pill. Most of them are somewhat average to say the least, but they have some tiny effect.

Although, that might not be strictly true.

It’s apparent that with just a 510 mg formulation, the proprietary blend cannot contain sufficient amounts of any of the ingredients to affect your sexual performance.

Even the essential ingredient L-Arginine doesn’t hit the required amount of 600 mg to have any potent power. It’s really disappointing.

And there’s more.

Don’t just take my word. The customer testimonials show that guys have received virtually no positive results. It’s a waste of time.

But some good news!

There are male enhancement pills on the market that can rocket your sex-life to a whole new level! Look for the important ingredients I mentioned earlier in this PHGH review and you will become the bedroom beast you wanna be!


How to Take PHGH?”

Take two capsules per day with a glass of water.

“How Much Does PHGH Cost?”

The more you buy, the cheaper it becomes:

  • One Month Supply – $39.95
  • Two Months’ Supply – $67.00
  • Three Months’ Supply – $89.00

But for a supplement that appears ineffective, it’s quite expensive.

“Is PHGH Safe?”

There appears to be no side-effects reported by using PHGH.

“Where Can You Buy PHGH?”

Currently PHGH is available from the official Lawrence Supplements website, Amazon and eBay.

“Does PHGH Really Work?”

Customer reviews tend to indicate that this product has little to no effect. The product ingredients are also weak, so it would be surprising if any benefits were found from this supplement.

“Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

Lawrence Supplements offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

How Long Do You Have to Take PHGH Before Seeing Results?”

The website indicates as little as 60 minutes!

Looking at customer testimonials for this PHGH review, it appears that taking this product will yield few results. Even a PHGH12 month course will probably not make any difference.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

Currently the official Lawrence Supplements PHGH site ships worldwide. Please check with other vendors for their policy.



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