People Will Hate You If You Do Some Of These 10 Things In The Gym

People Will Hate You If You Do Some Of These 10 Things In The Gym

If you are training in a gym there are certain unwritten rules everybody should follow to respect their fellow gym goers. Here are 10 things you should avoid doing if you don’t want people to hate you in the gym.

gym douches

Not unracking the bar after use

This is what annoys me the most when training in the gym , people that load up the bars and don’t unrack it.

Texting while “using” gym equipment

If you are texting in the bench on a monday while everyone is waiting for it, you might get thrown out of the gym.

Taking your shirt of and flexing

People are in the gym to train and not to look at your skinny fat abs in the mirror while working out.

Using multiple machines and dumbbells at the same time

Your circuit training is not welcome in a busy gym other people need to use the equipment and if you are using 4 machines at the same time people will not like it.

Grunting loudly while curling lightweight

I can understand grunting in a heavy squat set, but when you are doing lightweight curls you should probably leave it alone.

Teaching somebody bigger than you about form

If you are smaller than some random guy in the gym don’t give him advice even though he is doing something wrong, he won’t listen to someone smaller than him period!

Sweating without wiping it of with a towel

Nobody likes to sit in your dirty sweat, if you sweat wipe it off with a towel!

Chatting too much

If you know somebody in the gym limit the chat conversation to 1-2 minutes, nobody is in the gym to chat unless they are not serious about training.

Dressing like Zyzz in a nightclub

If you wear a stringer, short shorts, a watch and sunglasses in the gym and trying to look like zyzz. Just please don’t you will look like an idiot.

Doing a Crossfit workout in a regular gym

Crossfit have their own gyms for a reason, don’t be that person that’s doing kipping pullups and somekind of a weird crossfit wod in a regular gym.

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