OxyShred Review – Does It Work and Help Burn Fat?

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Oxyshred fat burner

OxyShred did not make it to the list of best fat burners; See complete list here


  • Contains some proven ingredients
  • Good dose of acetyl-l-carnitine
  • Powdered form with good flavour easily mixed with water
  • Contains proprietary blends
  • Might come with side effects

In this OxyShred review, we will talk about this fat burner called OxyShred.

OxyShred by EHP Labs is a powerful fat burner and one that sets it apart from many on the market in that it’s a flavored powder rather than a capsule.

For those who hate swallowing capsules, this could make this particular product very appealing.

What’s this fat burner all about?

Let’s go over the details in this honest OxyShred review.

We will also share in this review what happened when we tried OxyShred.

oxyshred ingredients

OxyShred Ingredients

OxyShred is going to give you several different ingredients, many of which are unfortunately listed in a proprietary blend.

But let’s get back to this OxyShred review, here’s what you’re getting: a good dose of vitamin C at 133 mg (222% of your daily needs), some Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, as well as vitamin B12.

In addition to that, in their hyper-lipolysis compound, which is designed to give you powerful fat-burning effects.

This compound is made from

  • L-Carnitine
  • Inulin Fiber
  • Conjugated Linolec Acid
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Guggul Extract Powder
  • Irvingia Gabonensis Seed
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Oleuropein
  • Higenamine HCL
  • Chromium Picolinate.

Many of these ingredients have been shown to help provide fat-burning effects.

How Does OxyShred Work?

L-Carnitine can help to increase energy levels while also helping accelerate the breakdown of fatty acids from fat cells, allowing those fatty acids to then to be burned off for energy.

Green Coffee Bean extract has also been shown to help boost your resting metabolic rate and can help to accelerate the fat loss process along. It may also offer antioxidant benefits as well, so it could help to combat the oxidative stress being placed on the body during the dieting process.

You’ll also get an immunity booster with the OxyShred product, which contains L-Glutamine as well as more vitamin C. This is a nice added benefit that you don’t see in other products.

The product comes with a Mood Enhancer blend, consisting of

  • 1, 3, 7 Trimethylaxanthine (caffeine)
  •  Taurine [2]
  • As well as L-Tyrosine

As a lower mood is a common side effect of fat loss dieting, you may find this brings you excellent benefits.

One thing to note however, is that this does mean that you are likely taking in a fair dose of caffeine per serving, given the fact this blend contributes 1.25 grams to the product per serving.

Finally, you’ll also get a vitamin blend with this product, providing vitamin.

  • B1
  • B2
  • B3
  • B5
  • B6
  • B12.

B vitamins are well-known to help boost natural energy levels in the body in those dealing with fatigue, so this can help give you that added boost you may be looking for.

Update: We simply forgot to mention that OxyShred contains ingredients that have a thermogenic effect. These include vitamin b and chromium.

A thermogenic effect is when your body raises it’s internal temperature and increases metabolism. This will help with losing fat and burning calories.

OxyShred does not contain our main favorite fat burning ingredientsYou can see a list of the best fat burning ingredients by clicking here.


  • Is a flavored powder so more comfortable to take than capsule format
  • Comes in a variety of different flavors – guava paradise, wild melon, kiwi strawberry, pink grapefruit, and mango
  • Offers several blends, which sets itself apart from some other products on the market
  • Takes care of the mood, which many products overlook
  • Provides natural energy support through numerous vitamins included in the product
  • May help to stabilize blood glucose levels thanks to the chromium picolinate it contains
  • Mixes very quickly into the water
  • Will suppress your appetite, making it easier to follow a reduced-calorie diet plan


  • Is another product with a proprietary blend, which makes it very challenging to know how well it will work when used
  • Could have the potential to offer serious side effects due to the caffeine content it contains
  • Does not come with a money-back guarantee.
  • Is relatively high priced at over a dollar per serving
  • Some people may find the flavors a little too sweet (if you dislike sweet, pink grapefruit will be your best flavor to go for)
  • Does not contain some essential fat burning ingredients.
  • It Does not make it to our list of the top 3 fat burners in the worldsee the best fat burners here.


This product is in powder form, and it can be unconventional at times as it is much easier to consume capsules.

However, if you aren’t one for capsules, this product is a great choice and will give you a sweet-tasting beverage that might even help you get your water intake up.

This is what bothers me:

Unfortunately, this product does contain those proprietary blends as it makes it a struggle to know how it stacks up against other products.

It does contain the mood-boosting, immunity-boosting, and vitamin boosting blend, which is quite different from other fat burners on the market.

If those appeal to you, that could be one good reason to consider this supplement.

Here’s the kicker:

It is on the costly side, so if all you are worried about is fat burning results, you may be able to find similar results in a lower cost product.

This product does not contain all the essential fat burning ingredients and contains proprietary blends. Therefore you can’t say how much of each ingredient is in it.

It did not make it to the top 3 list of recommended fat burners.

OxyShred Review

OxyShred Reviews – What happened when we tried it

We managed to get our hands on two bottles of OxyShred.

When writing a complete review, we wanted to try out the product for ourselves to see if it works.

We are two guys about 30 years old, and we’ve been training for years.

Joes OxyShred Results:

What bothered me about this product is that it does not tell me exactly me how much caffeine it contains.

I know for a fact that it is not recommended to exceed 400mg of Caffeine per day.

I usually drink coffee, pre-workout, or energy drinks before training, but I couldn’t do that because there is no way of knowing how much Caffeine OxyShred contains.

What happened when I used OxyShred is that I felt more energized throughout the day (probably because of the caffeine).

What I also noticed is that I did not need to eat as much.

So I’d say that would be the most significant benefit.

One thing that I also liked is that it is in powder form and not tables. I liked the taste of OxyShred. It’s kind of like a pre-workout drink.

So the real question is, would I use OxyShred for losing fat?

I’d have to say no.

Just the fact that you can’t tell how much caffeine it contains bothered me too much, and if I took oxyshred late in the evening, I couldn’t sleep.

The real benefit of this product is that it eliminates hunger cravings other than that it’s just like a mediocre pre-workout supplement.

I honestly think you could just buy a pre-workout supplement that would work just as good as OxyShred for losing fat.

It might suit someone who needs an energy boost and needs eliminates hunger cravings.

Joes OxyShred rating : ⭑⭑⭑⭒⭒

James OxyShred Results:

Since I’ve tried many different fat loss supplements in recent years, I think I had a good idea of how well this product was going to work before ever trying it.

I decided to give it a shot, and I am going to share with you what happened when I used OxyShred.

OxyShred contains some pretty solid ingredients, but I must say they are missing a lot of the essential fat burning ingredients.

What happened when I used OxyShred is that I felt the energy it brings.

I liked that a lot, especially when training.

It must contain high levels of caffeine, even though you cannot tell how much exactly.

I am a firm believer in diet and training, and this product may work well for someone who needs that extra energy boost.

As for fat loss, I think there are some better options out there.

However, they have it in powder form which you mix with water, and it tastes terrific.

For a supplement that is labeled a fat burner, I think they should add more fat burning ingredients and lower the caffeine dosage.

This feels more like a pre-workout to me.

Honestly, I enjoyed using OxyShred, but I think the reason was because of the great flavor and the added energy boost.

I would not use it as a fat burner, though.

It’s not a bad product and will work for someone looking for an energy boost.

Since I liked the taste and energy it gave me; I am going to give it 3 out of 5 stars.

If they added some more fat burning ingredients into it, I would be comfortable to give it a higher rating.

James OxyShred rating : ⭑⭑⭑⭒⭒

So which are our favorite fat burners?

Since we both are supplement nerds and love trying out different products, we have created a list of the top 3 fat burners on the market.

This list is available here on this website and tells you exactly what to look for in a fat-burning supplement.

It would have been cool to have OxyShred on the list, but it simply didn’t contain the best fat burning ingredients and did not make it to our top 3 list.

Which is a shame because it tastes so good and you can choose from many different flavors.

See the top 3 fat burners available here.


OxyShred Side Effects?

So what are the side effects you can expect from the OxyShred product?

Because this product does contain caffeine, you may experience racing heart rates, anxiety, nervousness, and a feeling of jitteriness as well.

If you are highly sensitive to caffeine, you’ll want to start with the lowest dose first and then go from there.

This will help you recognize how your body is responding and adjust the dose as necessary.

The beautiful thing is that because this is a powder, you can easily take half a scoop (or less) depending on your response to it.

So you shouldn’t experience too hasty side effects of using oxyshred.

Where To Buy OxyShred 

You can purchase Oxyshred from the website at the cost of $69.99 for a 60 serving container.


Currently, it costs $69.95

We found out that you can also buy OxyShred from Amazon and other supplement websites. It is still not available in GNC.

How Do I Take OxyShred?

For best results with this product, you are to take it two times per day, preferably on an empty stomach and 30 minutes or more before consuming any meals or protein shakes.

This supplement can be used as a pre-workout supplement as well, in which case it should be taken about 15 minutes before you start your workout session.

Do keep in mind that you are best off taking this supplement at least six hours before bed to avoid any interference with your ability to sleep.

Does it come with a money-back guarantee?

Unfortunately, Oxyshred does not come with a money-back guarantee.

The only way to return orders is if you got supplied the wrong product or if the product is faulty.


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