Ostarine Review: Amazing Results But Shocking Side Effects Revealed

Ostarine Review: Amazing Results But Shocking Side Effects Revealed

You’ve heard about the incredible returns that Ostarine can provide but you’re left wondering—can it be completely safe?

I’m right, yeah?

The fact is, using the well-known SARM Ostarine can take both bulking and cutting results off the scale—much more than those provided by nutrition and training alone.

But, it’s not all good news.

This Ostarine review lifts the lid on this increasingly popular drug—bringing you the whole truth on both its immense benefits and alarming dangers.

If you want the facts no other review will disclose—read on.

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What Is Ostarine (MK-2866)?

Ostarine, sometimes referred to as Enobosarm, is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) manufactured legally by GTx Inc.—although some underground labs now create their own versions.

Originally developed as a drug to help combat muscle-wasting diseases and osteoporosis—its ability to promote anabolism has made it extremely attractive to the bodybuilding community.1

It depends on your point of view. Ostarine, and in fact all SARMs, aren’t considered legal dietary supplements—being banned by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).2

Additionally, Ostarine is prohibited by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) for use in competitive sports and in the US it’s currently being considered for classification in the same group as cocaine.3 4

However, Ostarine is legal when being sold and purchased for scientific research purposes. So, as long as you’re a scientist planning on investigating its physiological properties and characteristics—there are no issues.

“How Does Ostarine Work in the Body?”

Ostarine works by binding to selected androgen receptors in the body which are then stimulated to recreate the effects of heightened testosterone levels.

As a result, muscle mass, bone density, fat loss, and strength increases. By addressing particular receptors, and not hitting the entire body, Ostarine is known to have fewer side effects than its steroid counterparts.

Want to learn more about SARMs?

Ostarine Benefits

Ostarine Benefits

The Ostarine MK2866 benefits for the bodybuilder are immense. Its ability to provide faster and more impressive returns can make it a tempting choice for the bodybuilder.

Here are the key advantages:


One of the main attractions of this particular SARM is that it can both be used as an effective bulking supplement or an extremely potent cutting tool.

For muscle building, it may not compare to the most powerful steroids but gains can be made at impressively small doses.

In cutting, its power to hold onto muscle means that previously hard-earned gains are not lost during severe dieting.

Low Doses Yield Impressive Results

This isn’t a drug which requires massive loading to give pronounced effects. Many steroids require doses of 40 mg and upwards—results can be achieved from Ostarine with a much lower quantity.

Studies have indicated that even a dose as small as 3 mg can lead to gains—although serious bodybuilders will take around 15-25 mg.5

Effective for Women

Although Ostarine binds to androgenic (male hormone) receptors—rarely does it exhibit any unwanted male effects.

Unlike many steroids, it doesn’t metabolize into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which can otherwise lead to unfortunate masculinization of the female body.

Long-Term Gains

Users have indicated that when using Ostarine as mass-builder, gains are not lost once the use of the drug has ceased.

Promotes Fat Loss

Its ability to retain lean muscle makes Ostarine particularly suited to cutting—but, it’s also been shown to promote fat loss.

A study of 120 men was conducted in which each of these guys was dosed with less than 5 mg of Ostarine per day for twelve weeks.

Not only did they find that their muscle mass had increased—even this low dose had led to a reduction of 0.6 kg of fat.6

Improves Bone Strength

As age increases dropping levels of testosterone can lead to the weakening of bones.7

Not only can this be an issue in our daily lives—but when lifting the really heavy iron it’s essential our skeleton has the strength to take all the punishment. Studies have indicated that supplementing with Ostarine can improve bone density.

Assists Recovery

Many users have reported that using Ostarine helps to improve tendon and ligament recovery—areas which can suffer in weight training, especially during a cutting cycle.

Ensuring the body is working in top condition means that muscle gains can be made and fat is lost more effectively.

Elevated Strength

Although there have been no scientific studies on strength gains experienced when taking Ostarine—users have reported impressive returns.

It’s not unusual to hear of one-rep bench presses being raised by over 25 pounds when using this SARM—similar to the effects provided by steroids.


Although not completely safe (more on that later)—comparatively speaking guys experience fewer issues using Ostarine than when using anabolic steroids.

Ostarine Results: Before and After MK-2866 Cycle

The Ostarine results you can expect from using this SARM depend on your reason for usage—bulking or cutting.

Let me take you through both.

Ostarine for Bulking

While perhaps not the most powerful of all SARMs for bulking—that would possibly be either Ligandrol or Testolone—Ostarine can provide impressive clean gains for the dedicated bodybuilder.

Many users begin to utilize Ostarine when they have found that their current training and diet has produced both tone and mass—but either they have plateaued out or results are dramatically slowing down.

Typically, on a sole-supplement bulking or cutting cycle, this SARM is used for 12 weeks. Results don’t appear as fast as one could expect from using a steroid such as Anadrol. However, whereas these steroid gains tend to peak and then cease around week four—with Ostarine you can expect extended and constant improvements to size.

This means that using this SARM provides visible and satisfying changes to your physique continued throughout the cycle itself.

Between 7-14 days the first results will become noticeable. Tone is enhanced, and clearly defined mass rises. However, it’s in the following weeks that the real nature of this SARM becomes apparent.

Week on week, gains will be made (as long as you continue training). But, what’s most apparent, especially to new users of this SARM, is that the gains are pure and lean. Unlike many mass builders, Ostarine results in incredibly low water retention.

This means that even without attempting to cut, your definition, tightness, and vascularity are improving. Leading to a shredded appearance while gaining muscle weight—the Holy Grail.

Finally, one of the most frequently reported aspects of Ostarine by bodybuilders is that these gains are for keeps—not lost once use is finished. This is often why many guys use this as a steroid off-cycle treatment.

Ostarine for Cutting

It’s possibly the incredible effects of an Ostarine MK-2866 cutting cycle that has made this SARM so popular.

You know the scenario. You’ve been bulking up like an absolute beast—and that means two things—working like an absolute monster in the gym and loading up on the nutrition.

It’s a fact that for muscles to grow they require a calorie surplus. The issue is that while this is effective for physical growth—it can also pile on unwanted fat. Thus, leading to a body with impressive size—but lacking in definition.8

Ostarine works as a powerful tool during a cutting cycle. Typically, culling the calories during cutting results in not just fat loss, but muscle mass too. This SARM is phenomenal at retaining lean muscle.

Hence, when completing a 12-week Ostarine cycle for cutting—guys are astounded at the definition that occurs. Week after week, they witness the excess poundage dropping—leading to a tight and defined physique.

The fact that this is sustained throughout the cycle works to increase determination and satisfaction—providing visible results.

Yet, it’s not just its power as a muscle-protector that makes Ostarine a valuable cutting tool. As mentioned earlier, this SARM helps to heal ligaments, tendons, and bones while apparently raising joint fluidity.

Extreme dieting can often result in these areas becoming damaged, weakened, and painful—increasing the likelihood of injury and reducing time in the gym. Ostarine can prevent this from occurring, meaning that you can continue to work out like an animal even during cutting.

At the end of the cycle—guys are left with a totally ripped body—with a razor-edged physique that simply cannot be achieved through dieting alone.

The Ostarine SARM is hence a solid tool for bulking and a completely astounding cutting enhancer. So, using it’s a no-brainer right?

Before you head off on an online search for this potent SARM—hold on.

Nothing in life is free. While offering incredible benefits, these can come at a cost. In the next part of this Ostarine review, I’m going to take you through some of the disadvantages other guys will not mention.

Ostarine Side Effects Exposed

It’s increasingly heard in online forums and in locker room chat that SARMs, including Ostarine, are safe. Offering all the benefits of steroids but without the body-wrecking side effects.

Let me correct that assumption immediately—they’re not completely without risk.

To be fair, SARMs do possess some characteristics that may make them a safer alternative to steroids—simply through the way they function.

While steroids typically “carpet-bomb” the entire body with testosterone (or its derivatives)—the nature of SARMs to target particular areas and not the whole physiology can reduce the side effects typically associated with steroids.

This doesn’t mean however that using Ostarine will not promote some similar steroid side effects—just to a milder degree.

To be fair, its aromatization properties are extremely low—meaning that little testosterone will be converted into estrogen which can cause man-boobs, water retention, and high blood pressure.9

Furthermore, unlike many steroids, Ostarine is not hepatotoxic. This drug will not screw up the liver like the most potent testosterone derivatives can.10

However, some milder steroid-like symptoms have been reported by users including:

  • Headaches.
  • Oily skin.
  • Acne.
  • Hair growth (in women).
  • Irritability or slight aggression.

I have left one of the worst Ostarine side effects until last. It’s often reported that SARMs including Ostarine will not inhibit natural testosterone production. This is untrue.

Studies have indicated that SARMs still prevent the testes from producing the all-important male hormone. In some instances, this can take nearly two months to return to normal levels after use of SARMs had ceased. Some guys never recover. 11 12

Although Ostarine carries a relatively low-risk of testosterone suppression—it still occurs. Seemingly affecting some guys more than others. This may mean that some form of PCT (post-cycle therapy) may be required after a 12-week cycle.

Where to Buy Ostarine For Sale

As mentioned earlier, Ostarine isn’t a legal dietary supplement. This means that it cannot typically be bought off the shelf as most bodybuilding supplements. Getting hold of it is similar to obtaining anabolic steroids.

Ostarine can only legally be sold and purchased for “research purposes”—that is, for lab experts to use this compound for scientific evaluation, testing, and experimentation. Not for bodybuilding use.

The best place to buy Ostarine—in other words, the location where it’s most readily available, is online. But, you’re not going to find this at GNC or Walmart—it will involve searching the internet for e-stores that sell it.

Herein lies the issue. As this “trade” in Ostarine as a bodybuilding supplement isn’t regulated—purchasing from these online Pharmas can cause issues. The main ones being that:

  • Online Ostarine and SARMs are not tested for purity or dose—a recent study indicated that many of these compounds purchased online lacked any of the promised ingredients or were underdosed.13
  • Websites selling Ostarine disappear quickly—you may pay for your SARM but never see the product.
  • Without regulation you may not just receive a dud product—it could be dangerous.

Hence, when purchasing Ostarine, take every precaution to ensure you know what you are receiving for your money.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Ostarine Questions

“How to Take Ostarine?”

Taken orally with water, Ostarine MK2866 is typically used on a 12-week cycle whether being used for bulking or cutting.

For bulking, many guys use between 20 mg to 30 mg per day, while for cutting about 15 mg. Users have indicated that breaking up the dose into smaller amounts throughout the day offers no distinct advantages.

“What Is Ostarine Found In?”

Ostarine is most typically found in specifically purchased pharmaceutical grade products that are made purely for scientific research.

However, USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) has found that they’ve been included illegally in some bodybuilding supplements.14

“What Does Enobosarm Do?”

Also known as Ostarine, this SARM binds to specific androgen receptors in the body promoting bone and muscle growth.

“How Long Does Ostarine Take to Kick In?”

Typically, guys begin to see visible results from using Ostarine within 7-10 days of commencement of use. Returns then remain apparent for the remainder of the cycle.

“When to Take MK-2866?”

Ostarine should be taken daily at a dose between 15 mg – 25 mg at any time of day. A typical cycle lasts 8-12 weeks.

“How Long Does Ostarine Stay in Your System?”

Ostarine has a half-life of 24 hours. However, the exact amount of time it can remain within the body after a full cycle is not completely understood.

To err on the safe side, many guys cease use one month before any competitive testing.

“What Is the Best Ostarine Dosage?”

As with any new bodybuilding enhancement supplement—it’s best to work with a small dose initially (around 10 mg of Ostarine) and then build up.

For bulking, a 25 mg daily dose is common, while for cutting around 15 mg per day.

“Is Ostarine a Pill, Injection or a Liquid?”

Ostarine is most commonly found for sale online in pill form—although it’s also obtainable from some vendors as a liquid.

While liquids theoretically may allow for a more specific dose to be delivered—as the purity of both these forms online vary greatly due to non-regulation—this cannot be guaranteed.

“What Kind of Drug Is Ostarine?”

Ostarine is classed as a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) that’s been formulated to counteract muscle-wasting diseases and osteoporosis.

Increasingly, it’s been used by bodybuilders, sportspersons, and athletes to enhance performance and improve training results.


Let me put it to you straight.

Ostarine is possibly one of the most effective SARMs for the bodybuilder. Although a powerful muscle-builder, its ability to retain muscle, promote fat loss, lubricate joints, and assist with recovery makes it an extremely attractive cutting supplement.

What’s more, any gains or muscles retained don’t drop away once the use of Ostarine has ceased—which can occur with other enhancers.

But, although safer than most steroids—this SARM isn’t without risk.

Firstly, while milder, the typical steroid health issues are still there—such as oily skin, aggression, and acne. Luckily, heart and liver problems appear avoided.

Secondly, despite gym-gossip, Ostarine and SARMs in general still inhibit natural testosterone production. You may be piling on the mass and dropping the fat—but at the extent of your balls.

Finally, Ostarine for bodybuilding use is unregulated and under-researched. There’s no guarantee you’ll obtain a pure product and there’s no consensus on their long-term dangers.

The bottom line.

The outstanding results you can receive from Ostarine are undeniable—but the complete dangers are currently unknown.


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