Ostamuscle Review(2019) - Does It Work or is It Dangerous?

Ostamuscle Review(2019) – Does It Work or is It Dangerous?

If you’re searching for an alternative to the traditional bodybuilding products on the market—don’t do anything until you’ve read this Ostamuscle review.

We all understand supplementation can push training and returns to unprecedented levels. And, when a new and seemingly effective product appears, our interest is naturally raised.

Yet, we also know that these “New Kids on the Block” can sometimes be nothing but complete duds—and may be damaging to our health.

At first glance—it appears that this supplement is a potent muscle builder. Some guys using Ostamuscle have declared mass gains similar to that of steroids. But, that’s not the whole story.

This Ostamuscle review reveals the shocking secrets hidden behind its seemingly innocent facade. Strap yourself in bro, ‘cause this is gonna be a rocky ride.

Ostamuscle Review

Ostamuscle Review

Let me kick off this Ostamuscle review with a quick outline of this product.

Ostamuscle is a supplement designed purely for the bodybuilding market. Supplied in pill form, it promises to boost muscle growth, increase bone strength, and improve recovery time.

Nothing new there, right?

In fact, just looking at the bottle, it has all the appearances of a general off-the-shelf nutritional product you’d pick up at Walgreens or GNC.

Bro, it’s not.

This supplement is simply a branded version of MK-2866 (sometimes called Ostarine)—a potent SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator).

If you’ve never come across SARMs before—these compounds are designed to have the same anabolic effects as steroids—but without the downsides.1

Instead of the blitzkrieg approach of typical synthetics—in that they not only build muscle but also wreck your balls, liver, and heart—SARMs only target particular receptors.

Theoretically, building muscle but affecting nothing else.2

Sounds ideal, right? An over-the-counter supplement that works like a steroid and doesn’t screw your body up. Sadly, it’s not that simple.

Later in this Ostamuscle review, I’ll explain how this product isn’t as safe as it appears. But first, onto its legality.

The truth is, it’s legal to buy a SARM product for research purposes. Hence, if you’re a scientist investigating physiological anabolism—you’re completely fine.

I’m guessing you’re not.

SARMs are banned for competitive use by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Furthermore, the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has castigated nutritional manufacturers for including SARMs in their supplements. Most alarmingly, it has declared their consumption as “life-threatening”.3 4

Hence, this supplement is illegal.

Furthermore, the Ostamuscle label makes some particularly concerning statements, including:

  • Ostamuscle isn’t for human use.
  • Side effects can include heart attack, stroke, paralysis, and death.
  • It’s not approved by the FDA.
  • Only to be used as a research chemical.

The bad news doesn’t end there.

The company behind Ostamuscle is Enhanced Athlete. This US-based firm retails numerous bodybuilding products online—but a little exploration reveals some shocking facts.

Firstly, the HSA (Health Service Authority) issued a warning stating that Enhanced Athlete was selling products which they considered toxic and could cause “serious harm”.5

Furthermore, the CEO of this organization pleaded guilty to retailing dietary supplements that were, in fact, nothing but plant fertilizer.6

Currently, it appears that Ostamuscle may have been withdrawn from sale. It no longer appears on the official Enhanced Athlete website.

How Does Ostamuscle Work?

How Does Ostamuscle Work

Ostamuscle relies on its sole active ingredient, MK-2866, for its physiological effects.

As mentioned earlier in this Ostamuscle review, this SARM product targets particular receptors. Usually, they react to naturally occurring hormonal steroids—such as testosterone or DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Ostamuscle replicates this action. Its MK-2866 ingredient binds to those which are associated with bone and muscle growth—stimulating them into anabolism.

Steroids work in a similar way. However, while attaching themselves to muscle building receptors—they also cling to those which cause many unwanted side effects.

Ostamuscle elevates the anabolic state of the body, which leads to increased muscle gain, greater bone density, and elevated strength.

Ostamuscle Ingredients

Ostamuscle Ingredients

As I’ve highlighted in this Ostamuscle review, this supplement contains one ingredient— MK-2866.

Not a very catchy name, right?

SARMs are usually referred to alpha-numerically. While MK-2866 is also known as Ostarine or Enobosarm, the majority are unnamed, as they are simply still research compounds, not products.

MK-2866 was initially developed (by GTX, Inc.) to help combat muscle and bone wasting diseases.7

For the bodybuilder, this ingredient can work equally as well during cutting and bulking.

Lifters looking for serious muscle gains will take a 10-20 mg daily dose. Although, research shows MK-2866 can deliver impressive returns even with just 3 mg per day.8

In a cutting cycle, this ingredient has a two-pronged effect. Firstly, its anabolic properties can help to ensure that muscle mass isn’t lost during a severe caloric deficit. Secondly, studies show that a dose of 5 mg of MK-2866 promotes fat loss.9

However, despite all its benefits, remember this—the ingredient MK-2866 is still being researched.

It hasn’t yet achieved clearance for human use—even under prescription. As I’ll explain next in this Ostamuscle review, using this supplement can have serious consequences.

Ostamuscle Side Effects

Ostamuscle Side Effects

SARM-based products are often said to have all the benefits of steroids but without the unwanted side effects.

Let me make something clear in this Ostamuscle review—that’s not exactly true.

These supplements do promote similar adverse health reactions to steroids—although they’re generally to a much milder degree. Users still report typical ‘roid issues such as:

  • Oily skin.
  • Acne
  • Headaches
  • Excessive hair growth.
  • Irritability.
  • Aggression.
  • Male pattern baldness (in those that are susceptible).

However, MK-2866 (the main ingredient in Ostamuscle), is not hepatotoxic. Unlike many steroids, it will not wreck your liver. Additionally, it doesn’t aromatize—preventing unwanted issues such as gyno, high blood pressure, and water retention.10 11

Yet, as with most steroids, Ostamuscle side effects can include screwing up your balls.

Research illustrates that products containing SARMs can dramatically reduce natural testosterone production. In some cases, taking two months for levels to approach “normal” again.12

Finally, a general warning.

The full effects of Ostamuscle’s MK-2866 ingredient on the human body aren’t understood. Remember, the FDA considers SARM compounds as life-threatening.


Ostamuscle Before After Results

This Ostamuscle review has illustrated that its key ingredient is a scientifically proven anabolic. Hence, you’d expect the Ostamuscle before and after results to reflect this.

Here are what genuine customers have been saying about this product:

Great results in 8 weeks. Great pumps. Kicks in after 12-14 days. Gains in muscle, loss in fat.”


“Good muscle surges and pumps. But sex-drive has hit rock bottom, feel tired, and joints really hurt. Gonna stop use.”


“Not bad. Easy to take and no needles. Seem to be putting on mass faster than normal, although it’s nothing stupendous at the moment”.


“I will purchase again. Happy with results and other products by Enhanced Athlete!”

Eg Omz

“I have been taking this product for two and a half weeks at 20 mgs, and I didn’t notice anything.

W Splash

“Real deal…Muscle pump at the gym is amazing. Twenty milligrams seems to be my sweet spot at 180lbs.”


“Saw some gains in muscle over two months. Although I feel sick most of the time and lethargic.”


When SARM-based supplements first hit the market—they were touted as the “safe” alternative to steroids.

As explained earlier in this Ostamuscle review—that’s not the case.

However, there is another option. It can deliver the awesome power of steroids, keep you on the right side of the drug-police, and importantly ensure your health isn’t damaged.

They’re called legal steroids.

These products mimic the muscle and strength building characteristics of anabolic synthetics—but with none of the side effects that they, or SARMs, induce.

While these supplements are made from 100 percent (and therefore safe) natural ingredients—they aren’t girly “well-being” products. Instead, they contain compounds that are scientifically proven to boost anabolism, power, and fat loss.

What’s more—just like steroids, these alternatives can be stacked.

Meaning, whether bulking or cutting—you can take returns to the absolute max. Plus, whereas piling steroids together can have awful effects on your organs—these natural supplements are risk-free.

Finally, they avoid the biggest problem of all—natural testosterone inhibition.

Whether using SARMs or steroids—invariably your balls suffer. This often results in a course of PCT (post cycle therapy) to restart T-production. Legal steroid alternatives only encourage testosterone creation—not restrict it.


Where to Buy Ostamuscle?

As I indicated at the beginning of this Ostamuscle review—the official Enhanced Athlete site no longer appears to retail this supplement.

Intermittently, this product appears on both Amazon and eBay. Generally speaking, it’s very difficult to obtain, and as such, it’s hard to find a definite Ostamuscle price.

Ostamuscle Review Conclusion

Ostamuscle Review Conclusion

You’ve seen in this Ostamuscle review that this supplement works.

It’s scientifically proven ingredient MK-2866 is effective at boosting strength, increasing muscle gains, and dropping fat.

But bro—it’s not worth the risk.

Remember that:

  • It’s illegal for performance enhancement.
  • The company behind it, Enhanced Athlete, has a murky history of court cases.
  • SARMs, the sole ingredients, are considered dangerous to health by the FDA.
  • The MK-2866 compound is under-researched—its full effects on the human body are unknown.
  • It can screw up your balls.
  • Even the Ostamuscle label says it’s not for human consumption and may lead to heart attacks and strokes.

The bottom line:

Forget this supplement—unless you want to gamble with your health. Instead, use a 100 percent safe and legal steroid supplement. Allowing you to make serious gains—without wrecking your body for life.

Ostamuscle Review FAQ

“How to Take Ostamuscle?”

Worryingly, there’s no indication on the label of how to use this product.

However, each tablet contains 10 mg of MK-2866. Guys using this SARM ingredient usually take between 10-20 mg per day.

“How Much Does Ostamuscle Cost?”

As it currently doesn’t appear available online—it’s not possible to state the retail price.

“Is Ostamuscle Safe?”

This supplement includes the ingredient MK-2866. This is a compound available only for research purposes and isn’t permitted to be included in nutritional supplements.

The FDA has declared SARMs (including MK-2866) as possibly life-threatening. Furthermore, the supplement label states that side effects can include heart attacks, paralysis, strokes, and death.

“Where Can You Buy Ostamuscle?”

Presently Ostamuscle isn’t available on the official Enhanced Athlete website. Although, it does sometimes appear on eBay and Amazon.

“Does Ostamuscle Really Work?”

Read any Ostarine review, and you’ll find this SARM (included in Ostamuscle) works. Research shows that MK-2866, the key ingredient in this supplement, can boost muscle gains and increase fat loss.

“Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

As this supplement is no longer available from the official Enhanced Athlete website—it’s impossible to say whether there’s a guarantee on this product.

Other retailers may have their own return terms and conditions.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Ostamuscle Before Seeing Results?”

Users of Ostamuscle have witness muscle gains within the first 4-6 weeks of use.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

While Ostamuscle is no longer available from the official Enhanced Athlete website—for their other products, they do offer worldwide shipping.


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