Olympia Competitor Was Setup & Stabbed With A Knife

Olympia Competitor Was Setup & Stabbed With A Knife

IFFb pro Shanique K. Grant had a dream of competing at the 2016 Olympia as it is the biggest bodybuilding show in the world.

It is probably the biggest dream of every bodybuilder to compete in the Olympia.

Shanique went through the unfortunate experience of being attacked prior to the Olympia show.

She was attacked be 3 females and stabbed in the hand making it impossible for her to train properly for the Olympia show.

Who would do something like this?

We hope Shanique will have a speedy recovery and bring her best on the Olympia stage next year.

Here is here statement:

So as some of you may know… Monday night, I was set up and was jumped by three girls… In the process of fighting them off one pulled out a knife and stabbed me 2.5-3 inches deep into my forearm, I lost almost 1 liter of blood by time I was officially stitched up (10 stitches). I’m currently suffering from moderate nerve damage, major swelling and torn muscle tissue so physical therapy will be needed very soon.

With that being said, I’m sad to say I will not be competing in my ultimate dream at 21 years old…the 2016 Olympia for I will not be able to train nor perform at my best due to my injury. Things happen, I’m not going to say I’m OK. But I am trying to cope with this in the most professional and calming way as possible.



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